Tycho w/ Christopher Willits at Emo’s 9/20


Tycho is an ambient leaning musical project by a San Francisco based musician named Scott Hansen. In 2014, guys making gently looping bleepy-bloopy music is more common than ever. With tools as rudimentary (and included with your purchase of one macbook) as Garageband, almost anyone can lay claim to the title of electronic musician. How good you’ll be at creating music is another story altogether. Tycho is not one of these people.

Since he started releasing music in 2002, the Tycho’s sounds have undergone a healthily gradual transformation into the kind of nuanced post rock ambiance he is known for today. The musical complexity of Tycho’s latest and most acclaimed release, Awake, has necessitated that the project expand into a proper three-piece band.

In a press release, Hansen had this to say: “This is, in many ways, the first true Tycho record,” according to Hansen. Following 2011’s Dive LP, the San Francisco, California based designer toured extensively, accompanied by a full band on stage, his sound coalesced into a percussive, organic whole.

Zac Brown (guitars, bass) continued to join Scott on the road, but it was the particular addition of Rory O’Connor’s (Com Truise, Nitemoves) live drumming that ultimately sent Hansen back to the studio with a more precise vision for the future Tycho.

“After the tour, I decided that I wanted to capture the more energetic, driven sound of the live show on the next album,” Hansen recalls. Bringing musicians into Tycho’s creative process was a step towards expanding his own songwriting and advancing the project beyond its current incarnation.

With a massive world tour well under way, Tycho will bring its competent brand of post-rock inspired electronica to Emo’s on Saturday, September 20th. For tickets, as well as a chance to win free entry to the show click here.



Weekend Outlook: Hotel Vegas

149684_175898255758838_3861544_n (1)

On Friday night, as part of their two-night, two-venue shindig this weekend, Monofonous Press and Astral Spirit will present a FREE show at Hotel Vegas featuring The Rebel, Spray Paint, Ghetto Ghouls, Marriage, and John Wesley Coleman.

The hyped post-punk three-piece Spray Paint features members of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and Dikes of Holland. Benedict Roger Wallers (of the Country Teasers) is bringing his taboo lyrics and musical representations to the stage as The Rebel in lieu of his upcoming release.

“Spray Paint will have you on your knees begging for more/mercy. Chainsaw dual-guitars collide with brain-bashing drums and energy-packed gang-vocals for a no-bullshit, off-kilter yet tuneful taste of unrelenting Texas rock ‘n roll.” - Monofonus Press


On Saturday night, it’s Cold Lampin’s first birthday. Come out to celebrate 365 days of the hottest hip-hop dance party in Austin. DJs Shorty Stump and Second Liner spin classic hip-hop from 1983-1993, aka “the golden era”. They’ll also have live shirt screen printing and free swag for days. Catch all the jams for just three bucks at Hotel Vegas.


To see a full list of happenings at Hotel Vegas, check Do512.

2014 Texas Tribune Festival | September 19-21


This weekend The Texas Tribune Festival will be back again to discuss issues relevant to The Lone Star State. These issues have a direct effect on (you guessed it) YOU. Texans have never been ones to sit back and rest on our laurels when big things are going on. We’re a people that have a rich history of political, social, and cultural engagement. To put it bluntly, we do not bury our heads in the sand.

Attending The Texas Tribune Festival amounts to doing the exact opposite of taking it as it comes. It’s a three-day summit for issues that run the gamut of criminal justice, energy, the environment, health care, higher education, immigration, public education and transportation, and more. If you’re a person who cares about this state, you should be a person who makes their voice heard.


One of the ways to do that au gratis is to volunteer for a few hours. That’s right, by donating a couple hours of your time, you gain access to the festival for free. The Texas Tribune Festival is a pretty massive organizational endeavor, and they always need some people to help out.

This year is a big one for Texas politics. Whatever your political leanings may be, you’ve got to admit that Wendy Davis’ filibuster was a pretty big deal. With Rick Perry set to leave the Texas Governors seat, it’s looking to be an interesting campaign battle between Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott.

Before the Festival’s opening session, join us to watch the first general election debate of the 2014 gubernatorial race between Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis. The debate will take place in McAllen, but we’ll be bringing it to you live courtesy of our friends at the McAllen Monitor.

For a complete listing of events and speakers, visit Do512.com/TexasTribuneFestival.

Our Photo Recap from Float Fest 2014


We were more than happy to urge you guys to join us at Float Fest, so it’s only fair that we give you a little recap of the great time we had. It’s hard to put into the words the whirlwind of musical bliss that accompanied the festival, but we’ll do our best.

Down in a little town called San Marcos, big things were afoot. In fact, have some wonderful birds-eye-view footage of the Do512 Stage. w/ Bun B, Run DMT, Whiskey Shivers and more. (Thanks to Onion Creek Productions for the footage!)

Our friends Whiskey Shivers played a characteristically rowdy set, sending the audience into a fevered fit of stomping, clapping, and cheering. With the uncontrollable hoots, howls and hollers witnessed at Float Fest, these guys proved once again that they’re capable of doing their thing in any location possible, to great results.

Grouplove. What can you say about them? You could say that they rocked our world. Alternatively, you could point out that their set was one of the highest highlights of the entire damn festival. All of these things would be true. Something truly special happens when Grouplove turns it on.



Houston-based rapper Bun B made good on his reputation for being one of the most important hip-hop figures to ever come from Texas. He played a marathon set that included material from his halcyon days in UGK, as well as a slew of songs from more recent solo albums and singles. The crowd went wild when heb busted out the classic anthem “Big Pimpin’”. We think it’s safe to say that not a single soul was disappointed. All hail the king of trill.


Bun B

Now on to Portugal. The Man, a band who never fails to please. As if predicted in the stars, their set ruled through and through. In fact, we’re seriously starting to wonder whether these people are even able to play a show that’s anything less than stellar. Portugal. The Man continue to set the standard for how a live act should be.


Portugal. The Man

Did we mention the ride down?  We probably should. The Dryft Party Bus took us down to Float Fest in the coolest way possible. That is to say, we partied the whole way down. You haven’t quite lived till you’ve spent the duration of a car ride having the time of your life.


Dryft Party Bus

Float Fest ended up being just what the doctor ordered this September. The only thing that we’re unhappy about is the fact that it’s over. We hope to see you out there next year.

Photos by The Netted Pigeon. See more here.

Round Rock Express | Recapping the 15th Season

rr_express_logo_detailThe Round Rock Express had a heck of a season. They played some amazing games for their 15th season, from their triumphs to their losses. It’s worth noting that Round Rock Express President David Fendrick decided to retire after 15 years with the organization, and a total of 39 in professional baseball. It’s safe to say that he’ll be missed to no small degree.

On the retirement, the Round Rock Express said “Dave has been an essential part of the success the Round Rock Express has achieved over these past 15 years,” Ryan said. “In every position he has served, Dave has been an anchor and great mentor to our staff. We are excited to celebrate his retirement and feel blessed to have had him a part of our Express family.”

For those of you who weren’t able to make it out to any of the games, we feel the need to explain just how awesome their home stadium is. Since April 16th, 2000, Dell Diamond has been a haven for experiencing America’s Passtime. With a capacity of over 11,000, it serves as a more than ample spot to watch baseball in the supreme comfort it was meant for. Cheap beer, hotdogs and nachos complete the picture.

On to the games. The Round Rock Express clocked out the season at (70-74), unfortunately losing to Nashville (77-67) on their final game with a score of 13-6. It’s a bummer, but hey, that’s the world of competitive baseball. As they say, there’s always next year. The important thing is that the Round Rock Express had a good season, bolstered by the cheering of thousands of fans.


2014 also saw former Express infielder Guilder Rodriguez make his Major League debut for the Texas Rangers. Now playing second base, Guilder Rodriguez looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

We’re already excited for what the next season will bring. Thanks for coming out; with any luck, next season will be their best one yet. Stay up to date on Express baseball at Facebook.com/ExpressBaseball.

Do512 Restaurant Of The Week: Hai Ky


Despite being in the middle of Texas, Austin boasts an impressive array of Asian cuisine.  Fancy sushi dinners, Indian fare from both West and East, and quality Thai restaurants of numerous varieties; yet if you ask anyone where to get the best home cooked Vietnamese in town they will all say the same thing: Hai Ky.  For 15 years Hai Ky has been providing the best bowl of noodles in town and curing our ailments, hangovers, and cravings for quality dishes that leave us satisfied.

Opening 15 years ago, Hai Ky (translating roughly to Hai’s Place) was founded by a family of Vietnamese immigrants transplanted in Southern Austin.  The restaurant offered traditional Vietnamese fare in a neighborhood dominated by Austin newcomers.  Today, the Oltorf neighborhood is a growing area flush with students, musicians, and diverse communities in which Hai Ky has become the neighborhood go-to for quality staple dishes at a reasonable price. As Austin grew, so too did Hai Ky,  expanding to two further locations: Bee Caves and Spicewood. The Hai Ky menu has also broadened from traditional to Pan Asian with flavorful nods to a variety of Asian cuisines.  Today, Hai Ky is still family run.  Most of the staff has been working in the kitchen since they were old enough to see over the counter and credit Hai Ky’s success with their work ethic and devotion to the community.  So much so that local artists and musicians (often loyal customers) are invited to display and sell their art and music.  “We are committed to being part of the community.”


 That sense of community also plays into the food that they serve.  While their menu may have evolved to keep up with Austin’s growing appetite for Asian food, what makes Hai Ky famous is its ability to serve hearty, original dishes that leave you feeling satisfied.  Fresh local meat and vegetables, sauces made in house, and everything made from scratch plus a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options guarantees that everyone will find something they love.  Award winning Pho, vermicelli bowls, and the best iced coffee in town; there is a reason Hai Ky has become a cult classic.  Be warned though: come with an appetite.  The serving sizes are so generous you are guaranteed to leave full and with plenty of leftovers.


As long time fans of Hai Ky, we were happy to be invited to stop by to talk about Hai Ky’s upcoming 15th anniversary and taste some of their favorites. Accompanying their stellar menu, they’ll be offering $2 bottled beers everyday for Happy Hour from 3pm – 8pm at their Oltorf location. Can’t beat it!

Our first dish was a Do512 staff favorite: The #96 Hu Tieu Ap Chao.  A combination of chicken, tender beef, shrimp, and fresh veggies mingled in a savory sauce that lightly glazes each component of the dish.  What really makes this dish is the crispy pan fried noodles. Lightly seared, the noodles are crunchy on the outside and perfectly gooey on the inside.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

#96, Hu Tieu Ap Chao

The next dish we sampled was one of the house specials; #60, the Sate Beef.  What a perfect dish to showcase their tender beef.  The generous portion of beef is sauteed with chili peppers and green onions and served on a bed of lettuce with a side of rice.  Coated in a sweet and spicy sauce this just might be your go-to dish for every visit to Hai Ky.

Having enjoyed some of the more savory dishes, we decided to turn up the heat and sample the #72 Stir Fry with Hot Pepper Sauce. The tofu was perfectly crispy and paired beautifully with the fresh vegetables and rice noodles, but man oh man that sauce!  Just the right amount of spice resulted in a distinctive peppery taste lightly glazing each morsel.  Enough spice for those craving a seasoned punch but tame enough so you aren’t reaching for the water after each bite.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Clockwise from bottom: #72, #96, #60 Sate Beef

Up next was another popular dish, the Vermicelli Bowl. Delicate rice noodles topped with tender pork slices, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, dressed with a graceful fish sauce and accompanied with a perfectly crispy crunchy ‘oh my goodness’ spring roll, it is easy to see why this dish has amassed a cult following.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Vermicelli Bowl

Finally, we ended the trip with the award winning Pho.  Simmering for over 22 hours, the broth is created with beef bone, ginger, shallots, and spices.  The hearty broth was accompanied with succulent pieces of brisket, tripe, and tendon which slowly cook in the broth as you add the rice noodles and accoutrements of bean sprouts, herbs, and various delectable sauces.  This is the best Pho in Austin hands down and sure to cure any sort of illness, hangover, heartbreak, or hunger.

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Beef Pho


If you are looking for the best good old fashioned bowl of noodles in town, look no further.  Hai Ky offers a variety of Asian dishes sure to quell any craving and at a price you can’t be beat. Skip on over to Do512 for your chance to win a $25 gift card and start noshing on some of the best Asian fare Austin has to offer!



Party w/ Do512 & Pabst this Sunday at RVRB Records


This Sunday, September 21st, Do512 and Pasbst are hosting a great show and vinyl swap at RVRB Records (2404 East 7th Street.) The store spawned from the brain of The Reverberation Appreciation Society (producers of the annual Austin Psych Fest), who transformed a small, unassuming nook on Austin’s far east side into a one-stop shop for all things psychedelic.

Starting at 5pm this Sunday we are inviting a few friends to join us on their outdoor patio stage for a record swap and local show featuring Mirror Travel, Hidden Ritual, and Suspirians. Pabst Blue Ribbon will set up a bar to serve free cold beer, and will be raffling off packages of limited edition records & posters from the shop.

Included are the new Allah-Las album, a Velvet Underground and Nico Picture Disc, a Black Angels Record Store Day 10″, and more. Each package will also come with a limited poster, a RVRB tote bag, and choice of any t-shirt or tank available in the store. Guests will be handed a raffle ticket upon entry.


The vinyl swap is up front, so even if the show is at capacity (which it’s likely to be), you can still check out all the records, and maybe grab a bite at Saigon Le Vendeur (the awesome vietnamese food truck out in front of the store). Space is very limited. If you’d like to join us, RSVP on Do512 and arrive early.

Sunday, September 21
Do512 and Pabst Present:

5:00pm – Vinyl Swap & DJs

Do512 RSVP Link

RVRB Records is located at 2404 E 7th



Suspirians is an all-female post-punk band who debut album is out now on Super Secret RecordsOVRLD called it “one of the most impressive debut releases to come out of the local Austin scene this year”, while the Austin Chronicle said “the local quartet’s disjointed guitars and vocal sass of frontwoman Marisa Pool recall impassioned Nineties femme punks Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile.”

Mirror Travel is a female-fronted psych rock band whose album Mexico was released last year via Modern Outsider. Their music is full of reverb, dream pop and psychedelia, recalling bands like the Black Angels, True Widow, and No Joy.

Local Bands You Should be Listening To | Vol. 4


Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, and every single night of the week, all over town, you can find local bands doing their thing. To highlight some of the great talent you should be out there supporting, we will discuss five local bands you should be listening to, and share a new list every week.

Read below to discover 5 Local Bands You Should Be Listening To. For last week’s entry, featuring T Bird and the Breaks, Latasha Lee & the Black Ties, The Ghost Wolves and more, click here.


Who: A. Sinclair

What: A fuzzy, garage-pop quintet. Check out their debut EP, Pretty Girls, here. The band recently signed to Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Minus The Bear) for the national release of the album. Read more about that here.

When: Their next local show is Saturday, October 4th at The ABGB.

“Sinclair sings like he has nothing to lose and no one to impress, slurring his way through gut-wrenching lyrics about life and pain with burnt-out, deadpan indifference. Roaring guitars cut through the fog like harsh morning sunbeams during a bad hangover. Stellar musicianship brings it all together.” – Guitar World

“Shedding the Frank Smith moniker under which he’s performed for more than a decade, Aaron Sinclair finds a more confident and convincing sound with his debut EP.” – The Austin Chronicle

RIYL: Minus the Bear, Ume, Frank Smith


Who: Hikes

What: A math-folk quartet with folk sensibilities. These guys recently released a 4-song, self-titled EP via Austin’s own Raw Paw Records. Check it out on bandcamp here.

When: They just performed at UTOPiAfest, and will play the upcoming Pecan Street Festival on Saturday, September 27 at 5pm.

“…if every long song were as interesting as a Hikes track, I would listen to a lot more of them. They describe themselves as Math-Folk, but don’t let that deter you. This is smart, challenging music that still has a heart. Hikes is going to release their latest, self-titled EP on Friday at Cheer Up Charlie’s, and we will be the first ones in line.” – OVRLD

“After seeing Hikes perform a few times, I’m convinced they’re one of Austin’s most exciting bands.” – Pop Press International

RIYL: Chipper Jones, Tera Melos, Maps & Atlases


Who: Hundred Visions

What: A post-punk trio that describes themselves as psychic taco rock. Be sure to check out their album Permanent Basement and take them for a spin on their bandcamp.

When: Their next local show will be at Friday, October 10th at Hotel Vegas.

“Not to say the band is even close to dance music—the loping guitar keeps things grounded in rock—but Hundred Visions are a band you can happily move your feet to even if you don’t know the songs ahead of time.” – FuseTV

“Whether or not you can make out what Ben Maddox {vocals} is saying, you’re head banging in time with him—this is the music that you can’t not move to, or it’ll move through you.” – Grateful Web

RIYL: Together Pangea, White Denim, !!!


Who: Boyfrndz

What: A post-hardcore psychedelic band. Be sure to pick up their sophomore release, Breeder, here.

When: Their next local show is Friday, September 26th at The Mohawk.

“The cover of Boyfrndz’ new album, Breeder, is…wow. A mixture of terrifying and baffling. Anyway, Breeder, the second album from the Austin band, sounds like as much of a trip as its cover. Boyfrndz drift into celestial spacey rock territory a la The Mars Volta. Perfect for putting on a certain mesmerizing screensaver and just tripping out.” – Noisey

“The instrumentals are complicated – the drumming is mind-blowingly fast and the guitars and bass play lines and riffs that sound as if they could be the soundtrack to an epic space battle between two lazer-laden hyper-speed flying ships – yet they also maintain an effortless sort of vibe.” – OVRLD

RIYL: Cloud Nothings, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead


Who: Think No Think

What: A psych-rock band with heavy use of fuzzy guitar and lots of reverb. See how they’re saving rock n roll here.

When: Their next local show is Thursday, October 9th at Hotel Vegas.

“The local power trio wields fiery, twisted, colossal-amped jams that take Sonic Youth, The Seeds, and maybe The Jesus and Mary Chain along for the ride, with The Electric Prunes crammed in the passenger seat. There’s no better way to get the party started than with ribcage-rattling rock, all droney, fuzzed up and searing the eardrums. Hello, ThinkNoThink.” – Laurie Gallardo, KUTX

“Led by the curly-haired singer/songwriter/guitarist John Dowey, Think No Think delivers an uplifting sound of blues/rock filled with plenty of fuzzy guitar and exhibits their youthful energy on stage when jamming out.” – L.A. Record

RIYL: The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Mars Volta



Local Bands You Should be Listening To | Vol. 3
Local Bands You Should be Listening To | Vol. 2
Local Bands You Should be Listening To | Vol. 1


Phillip Phillips w / Christian Burghardt at Stubb’s


 Phillip Phillips.

This is a name you should know, and it sure is easy enough to remember. If you’re not already familiar, you may have run into Phillips’ music from his whirlwind American Idol adventure, his recent touring with John Mayer and Matchbox 20, or performance with Bruce Springsteen.

His second album, Behind the Light, was released this year as a continuation of his “rugged, rootsy rock-and-roll music”. His songwriting and singing are growing and intensifying with soul-searching lyrics and rich, ragged vocals.

In his bio, Phillip comments about his new album, “What I’m most proud of with this album is it really represents how I play live, it’s very jam-oriented and free and true to the rock side of things, and the band and I always just try to keep everything as organic and raw as we possibly can.”

Your chance to experience this live and in person comes on September 23rd at Stubb’s, when C3 Presents Phillip Phillips along with opener Christian Burghardt. Find tickets and more information on the show at Do512.

We Had an Amazing Time at UTOPiAfest 2014


An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

Last weekend at UTOPiAfest, imagination and perfection clashed and created the sweet sound of a successful festival. All sorts of sounds echoed in the hills outside of Utopia, TX for three days as 2,000 fun-seekers called the tiny town home for the weekend.

The Do512 crew left in caravans headed towards Utopia early on Friday afternoon, while others drove in on Saturday. Intermittent rain showers made entrance to the festival difficult on Friday, but kudos to the hard-working community of staff and volunteers who fought through the storm to keep the festival running. While some of our staff happily enjoyed the soggy festivities, others headed for a nearby cabin to spend the evening enjoying the beautiful surroundings of this cozy little town.

After arriving early on Saturday we were greeted by hundreds of happy campers, beautiful skies, with all sorts of colors and music filling the valley. The 1,000 acre Four Sisters Ranch is nestled in the heart of the hill country west of San Antonio, surrounded by lush rolling hills that make the drive a delightful experience in itself.

The music lineup on Saturday provided plenty of variety, featuring great sets from Cold War Kids, Warpaint, Kishi Bashi, Wild Child, Dan Deacon, Benji Hughes and more.


Benji Hughes

Late Saturday afternoon an airplane flew over the festival grounds and dropped a big surprise: panties. At first, reactions were slow and a bit confused, but by the 3rd flyover massive crowds were running in the direction of the colorful array of panties falling from the sky. As night descended you could see kids walking around with granny panties over their shorts, all too appropriately staying up to see Wild Child and Cold War Kids.


Wild Child

By the time Kishi Bashi and Dan Deacon took the main stage the kids had all gone to bed, but the adults and musicians alike spent the entire night dancing around with youthful energy and freedom. Music reverberated through the natural amphitheater of the surrounding hills and back through your bones, from the crooning of Benji Hughes to the electronics of Dan Deacon, from the melodies of Wild Child to the instrumental soundscapes of Kishi Bashi.


Dan Deacon

The music continued late into the night, from near and far. At 2 AM a silent disco brought either the best kind of awkward silence, or a small crowd singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the top of the lungs. From 2-4 AM, intimate acoustic sets were drawing people up towards the hills to a tiny, Christmas-lit stage. Whether you discovered magical music in the hills or donned the silent disco headphones to sing and dance, it was easy to have an amazing experience.


Festival Fun

On Sunday morning we woke up and reluctantly took a slow, scenic route back to Austin. Needless to say, we weren’t in a big hurry to leave our little Utopia. The fantastic music, intimate crowd, beautiful surroundings, laid-back environment, lights, lasers, and all sorts of hidden surprises are what make UTOPiAfest special, and keep us coming back for more, year after year.

For more highlights from this year’s festival, follow UTOPiAfest on Facebook.