Austin Aztex Season Opener! Saturday at House Park


It’s sort of looking like Spring has sprung, with the sun out and temperatures on the rise. And what better way to ring it in than with a little outdoor entertainment in the form of the Austin Aztex? This Saturday, March 28th the Aztex will host the Colorado Springs Switchbacks in their USL debut.

Having spent three seasons as part of the USL Premier Development League, the latter ending with a championship, the Aztex have earned a place in a higher division. Boasting last year’s PDL Coach of the Year and Most Valuable Player in Paul Dalglish and Kris Tyrpak, respectively, the Aztex look set to make waves in their inaugural season.

The new Aztex Beer Garden sponsored by Shiner is a neat little addition to House Park and another reason to get excited about watching a bit of football.

Visit Do512 for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the game. Or find season tickets here. And don’t worry, if you’re busy Saturday night, just stream the game on the Aztex Youtube page!

2015 Old Settler’s Music Festival – April 16-19, 2015

3c6s4RiPg7Ug1BfXdfnM4F4KziUsVXq_iU75vuoDUN2oMXDN639LDmATwLs_2jUEHj9cVTVZT7nesdGlUf4RpTtnTnP1cpfE-17sSqEbDOs1qV3KW1RVUr4v4N6Cjc7ozomOx2S6wcFn9HOC_7T_muPwRGo=s0-d-e1-ftIt’s kinda hard to believe that the Old Settler’s Music Festival is set to be in its 28th year of existence. If it were a person (and let’s PLEASE not get into the heated argument of whether or not festivals are people, it’s far too political for this blog), it’d likely be freaking out about turning 30 and watching too much Netflix on Friday nights. Anywho, the Old Settler’s Music Festival is back from April 16th-19th for its four-day long spree of music, food, camping, and general merriment.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending this well-loved music festival, we’ll give you some well-needed details. The festival grounds are located at the pristine Salt Lick Pavilion – Camp Ben McCulloch. Listen to this description of them: “It’s a landscape of shady trees and sunny meadows at the height of bluebonnet season. The music continues nonstop for four straight days, with concerts, workshops, and impromptu jam sessions all day and throughout the night, along with camping in the beautiful Texas hill country.” That sounds awfully nice, doesn’t it?

Now, you’re probably rightly wondering about what sort of lineup the Old Settler’s Music Festival has roped in for its 28th birthday. Here’s a list of links to the four days individualized lineups. It’s a lot of great bands, and we wouldn’t feel right cramming them all in this blog where they’d be squeezed up against one another.


Old Settler’s Music Festival Day One

Old Settler’s Music Festival Day Two

Old Settler’s Music Festival Day Three

Old Settler’s Music Festival Day Four


Now that you’ve had a chance to carefully peruse the lineup and decide which days to attend (though we of course recommend going the full monty and staying all four days), why don’t we tell you a little bit about the food and drink aspect of the Old Settler’s Music Festival? If you remember reading that this thing was hosted at The Salt Lick Pavilion, then you already have an idea of this deliciousness that’s in store for attendees. That’s right, we’re talking about barbecue, baby. Lots of it. There will also of course be options for vegetarians and folks who generally prefer something besides a plate of heaping brisket.

We think that about covers it for now, if you would like more information straight from the source, click here for the Old Settler’s Music Festival Website. They’ve got all kinds of extra tidbits of info that you may find interesting. Please, join the festival for its 28th birthday. It’s going to be a big one.





Do512’s Restaurant Of The Week: Highlights Gametime Grill


Baseball season is comin’! That means beer, wings, and lots of fried snacks. At least for us. And what better place to catch the game than at a sports bar, of course? It’s easy to throw a stone and nail the front door of a restaurant or bar in Austin, but it’s slightly more difficult to pelt one that really drives home what a perfect game time hang out should be. Opening its doors just under two years ago in Four Points at 620 and 2222 and most recently in Cedar Park close to Lakeline Mall, Highlights Gametime Grill is the ultimate spot to watch the game. With over FORTY televisions showing nearly any game imaginable, domestic and international, an expansive menu ranging from delicious chicken wings to grilled filet mignon, a beautifully furnished outdoor patio, and several bar games; you’ll be hard pressed to not find a good time. FIFA, NFL, NBA, MLB, ITF, ATP, WTA, PGA…eh, you get it. Any sporting event that’s airing, Highlights is showing it!


Highlights @ Four Points



With such a vast selection of games to watch, it’s imperative that you have the proper sustenance to keep you fueled up for the entire event. Highlights boasts over 27 drafts including several local brews (Adelbert’s Brewery in North Austin is their April “Brewery Of The Month”!), a huge variety of liquor and wine, and a terrific Happy Hour where folks can indulge in $3.25 Tito’s cocktails and margaritas, $1.50 off drafts and discounted food every day Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm. And for you service industry professionals, it’s service industry night every. night. at Highlights with discounted Jagermeister, Jameson, Coors and Shiner.


Most of your run of the mill sports bars and grilles will serve the expected burger and fries, wings and other fried delights, but the things that set Highlights apart are the high quality ingredients used and the way that the kitchen prepares dishes. Take for example, the chicken wing. A bar staple. A majority of wings are breaded and deep fried, but these wings are pressure fried for three to five minutes which means they soak in and retain all of the natural juices from the bird causing them to get larger for maximum nomming. Highlights is also gluten-free and vegetarian friendly offering gluten-free dough and gluten-free bun substitutes as well as a range of meatless dishes.


This past week we sat down with GM Marcus Cooper to dig a bit deeper into what Highlights menu is all about. We ordered up some restaurant favorites, went to town, and were more than surprised at how fantastic each dish was!

As expected, we felt it was necessary to start the meal off with the much talked about Chicken Wings. Available naked or dressed in one of their ten amazing sauces, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more delicious chicken wing. These wings come bone-in or boneless and are served with celery and house-made jalapeño cilantro ranch.


Bone-in Chicken Wings w/ Spicy BBQ Sauce

Next, we moved on to the Viper Burger. If you’re looking for a bit of kick in your burger, the Viper is the way to go. Made with roasted poblano and habanero mixed ground beef and topped with bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, jalapeno mayo and Highlights house-made signature barbecue sauce, this burger will require more than just a few napkins.


Viper Burger w/ Parmesan French Fries

PRO TIP: Don’t even hesitate on upgrading to the Parmesan Fries. It’s only $.99 extra and it really takes it up a notch. We can’t even imagine having just plain old french fries now.


Parmesan French Fries

The last dish we ordered up, on Marcus’s recommendation, was the Grilled Filet Mignon. Being that a sports bar and grille isn’t necessarily a place where we’d expect to find a decent filet, we were excited to see what the hype was about. This 6 ounce filet is not only tender and cooked to perfection, but the sauteed spinach and whipped potatoes are the perfect accompaniment, plus having that light drizzle of garlic jus gives the dish that extra sizzle.


Grilled Filet Mignon

Now that Highlights is on your radar, you’ll want to pay them a visit to take advantage of their awesome daily specials, lunches and brunches.

Along with Happy Hour, Highlights has killer mid-week deals:

If you’re working in the area, Highlights offers a terrific Double Play Lunch where $8.99 will get you your choice of soup or salad with the purchase of an entree. You can’t beat that deal!


And for the weekend warriors out there, Brunch is served from 11am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday where folks can indulge in $2.50 mimosas and $10 carafes. We suggest ordering up the Eggs Benedict or Highlight’s famous Super Bowl; Jalapeño-cheese grits, pulled pork, fried eggs, grilled sweet corn and roasted cherry tomatoes finished off in a habanero salsa.

Spring is here, the weather is perfect and the days are ripe for hanging with your pals. So whether you are trying to catch the game or just want to find a fun hangout serving great food and terrific drinks, pay a visit to Highlights. We’ve got a $30 gift card waiting for a lucky winner — ENTER HERE!

– Contributed by Matthew LoCoco –

We Interviewed Henry Rollins and Jason Krawczyk | A Conversation on “He Never Died” at SXSW 2015

10978555_388029221380764_5316429506586087582_n-1Courtesy of Alternate Ending Studios

When you get the opportunity to interview Henry Rollins, you say yes. You say yes despite the pangs of trepidation that fill your nervous little lizard brain. If you’re unfamiliar with why a person might be, at the very least, anxious about the prospect of having a conversation with Rollins, then you must be unaware of who he is.

Henry Rollins is the former lead-singer of the legendary hardcore punk band Black Flag. He’s also an accomplished actor, a passionate activist to a host of political causes, a radio host, an international speaker, with a litany of skins on the wall that are too numerous to mention.

If none of this is ringing a bell, crawl out from under your rock and just Google search him. As it turns out we can add “Super friendly guy” to the list of things above, if our interview with Rollins is any indication.

Mr. Rollins and Director Jason Krawczyk were in Austin last week to talk about their gleefully gruesome film, He Never Died, which premiered at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival. Despite his extensive film background as an actor, this is Rollins’ first time in a lead role.

In the movie, Henry Rollins plays a bored, immortal curmudgeon named Jack. The character prefers to spend his days watching television and sleeping rather than entertaining any of the more sinister habits you might expect from a cannibalistic Super-Being. We sat down with the actor-director pair (Henry Rollins and Jason Krawczyk, respectively) to discuss the thin line between comedy and horror, mythology, and the finer points of eating human fingers.


Do512: He Never Died tows a careful line between comedy and brutality, was that a conscious choice from the get-go when you were writing the film?

Jason Krawczyk: Yeah, totally. There’s a lot of horrible things that happen in the movie but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be funny. Plus, that’s just kind of my thing. When something that is supposed to be funny just kind of fails miserably. Trying and failing is funny to me as long as it’s tasteful to a degree. This might not be the most tasteful movie when it comes to that, but yeah, that’s something I try to inject.


Do512: To that same point, Henry, it seems there’s a duality to the way the movie is written and your performance in it. Your acting ranges from kind of subdued, deadpan to complete insanity. Was that something that attracted you to the script?

Henry Rollins: Yes! I read the script and fell in love with it on the first pass. I read it on day one of this whole journey and met him (Jason Krawczyk) on day two. We both happened to be in New York; it was sent to me, I read it, and someone in my office said “You know, the team is in New York and they’ll come to your sound check.” I was doing shows. I met them in a coffee place up the street and said “This is a comedy, right? Or Am I totally insane?” And they said “Oh no no, you got it. The character is funny, or his delivery, his drollness, is funny.” I said “Yeah, I see this scene going like this” and they said “yep, you got him.” So I said I’m in and it got made. That’s the dynamic. Where he’s dispatching people with such incredible brutality, that’s so precise and efficient yet his face is like: *makes blank, unaffected expression*. He doesn’t hate anyone, he’s too bored. It takes too much analogue investment to hate anyone. But he’ll kill someone right now, because you’re keeping him away from his TV.

Do512: The film deals with themes that are biblical, vampiric, and historical. How did you decide to marry all three together?

Jason Krawczyk: There was some weird theory. I think it was in Dracula 2000, that tied in something with The Bible and I think that was a springboard in my subconscious, probably. I also wanted to keep in mind that The Bible is probably horribly off and there’s no history to it whatsoever, but I wanna keep in mind that those ideals spawned from some kind of reality. In having the vampire thing there… it’s not necessarily a vampire, because there’s a lot of other myths about these immortal guys like the Wandering Hebrew and all that jazz. There’s weird Jewish cults that believe that when they see a Sasquatch it’s some historical character that’s still alive. It’s odd, but I wanted to keep some of that mythos alive of where he came from. It’s never totally accurate to what we conceptualize now but it’s a stones throw away.


Do512: Do you see the main character, Jack, as ever being redeemed as a character?

Henry Rollins: I’ll go first! Redemption? I hope not. I like to think he’s beyond that. If we ever do more of these I think we’ll explore that. I don’t think he can be saved. He might even be open to it, but I don’t want him to ever become good. I want him to endure and do some really awful things. Say we get further into part two or whatever. I want to go into the part where “You are a freaking monster!”. I’d like to terrify people with some apathetic carnage, where there’s a room full of people and that’s you and you’re covered in blood and all you get is *makes bored grunt* and then he drives home. I want to explore that rather than “Aww, look! He’s going to his daughter’s soccer game!”.

Jason Krawczyk: I don’t think he’ll ever be redeemed and I never want to water him down, in any kind of way. There’s a version of Jack at the end where he’s not redeemed, and he doesn’t really care, but he does have a sense of maybe being able to enjoy a small modicum of life in some sense. There’s a twinkle in his eye somewhere.


Do512: Because of the cannibal angle of the movie, there are some fairly gross, realistic scenes of drinking blood and eating things like fingers. Can you tell us about your experience with that?

Henry Rollins: The composition of the fake finger was a hard gelatin wrapped around a pretzel. The fingernail, I forget what it was made of, but it was edible. The blood was chocolate flavored and completely unpleasant, and the combination of the blood and the finger which I ate a number of times was just pretty damn awful. But it looked good, which is important! So there was that one moment from the refrigerator where I hoover up a lot of blood, the crew said “just take a sip.” and I said “It’s his last meal of blood, don’t you think he’s going to really go for it?” So they said “Go for it, Chief.” and I went for it so hard. I gulped and gulped and was surprised how much I got up.

Jason Krawczyk: One take!

Henry Rollins: Yeah, that’s a one take scene. So I went home back to my little room with a stomach full of syrup. I don’t know how many vats of ice cream that is, but that’s a lot of sugar. I remember thinking I should just get rid of this and puke it, because it’s a lot. But then I went, “Nah.” and went to bed. I rode it out. It was one of those scenes where it tastes awful but let’s get the shot, because in that moment you forget. You know, I’ve eaten worse stuff.

Do512: Such as?

Henry Rollins: Rats, snakes, squirrels. Bugs here and there… Raw amphibians.


Stay tuned at He Never Died’s Facebook Page for updates on the film, and additional information on when the movie will see further theatrical release.

Contributed by Rory Jones

Win Weekender Passes to the Austin Food + Wine Festival | APRIL 24-26, 2015

The 2015 Austin Food + Wine Festival will take place April 24th-26th on the sprawling lawns at Auditorium Shores and Republic Square Park. Just when you thought Austin couldn’t get any tastier…

This festival provides something for everyone, whether you’re a chef, a foodie, or simply craving something delicious. There are intimate kick off dinners, taco duels, live music, presenters, professional demos, and over 70 food and lifestyle exhibitors with artisanal food, wine, beer and spirits that you can savor. You can enter to Win a Pair Weekender Passes right now on Do512.

This year there are a few additions to the fourth annual festival. They doubled the Fire Pits, due to popular demand. The Fire Pits offer an interactive experience that is more intimate than the hands-on grilling classes, but less structured than the demos, which give you a chance to do Q&A’s with some of Texas’ top culinary talent and enjoy their cuisine.

On Saturday, April 25, you’ll get the privilege to feast on a few bites from chef’s: Jack Gilmore (Jack Allen’s Kitchen); Jorge Hernandez & Paul Qui (Qui); Pat Martin (Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint in Nashville); Tandy Wilson (Nashville’s City House); and Andrew Wiseheart (Contigo & Gardner).

On Sunday, April 26, these culinary savants will be firing up the pit: David Bull (Congress); Thai Changthong & Paul Qui (ESK Thai-Kun); Terrence Gallivan & Seth Siegel-Gardner (The Pass & Provisions); and Jack & Bryce Gilmore (Barley Swine, Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Odd Duck).

Fire Pit chefs Andrew Wiseheart (Contigo/Gardner), Paul Qui & Thai Changthong (ESK Thai-Kun), and Tandy Wilson (City House, Nashville) and Pat Martin (Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint in Nashville) will also have three distinct cooking challenges. To enter, just pick a challenge, prepare the specific dish, and post to Instagram. Entry is open now until March 26th at

And there’s more. This year’s chef lineup is out of this world, featuring culinary talent from the likes of Andrew Zimmern, Hugh Acheson, Tim Love, Richard Blais, Tyson Cole, Paul Qui, Vilma Mazaite, Levon Wallace, Bryce Gilmore and Shawn Cirkiel, just to name a few! For a complete list of this year’s lineup, click here.

This will be an adventure your taste buds will certainly not want to miss. Buy your weekender passes now before they’re all gobbled up!