Red Bull Sound Select LAST NIGHT: Run The Jewels, LOEGz, The Outfit, TX, Baby Baby at Red 7


Run The Jewels are blowing up right now. There’s really no other way to say it. And we knew from experience that they were going to flat out nail it at Red 7 last night. What we weren’t prepared for was how impressive their opening acts were going to be. That’s the nature of Red Bull Sound Select shows.



Atlanta-based group Baby Baby took the stage by storm with an energetic blend of punk rock and crowd banter. Baby Baby is the kind of band that will force you to stifle any pre-conceived notions and just start moshing. Their frenetic performance was the definition of infectious, and the crowd loved it.  Baby Baby’s whirlwind of a set proved that the attention they’ve been receiving is more than well-deserved.



The League of Extraordinary G’z have a proven track record for consistently great rap shows in Austin, and Thursday night was certainly no exception. These guys are a musical collective in the truest sense of the word, with each member contributing their own slice of sonic accompaniment to the show. Intelligent lyrics with rapid-fire delivery are their tools of the trade, and it was cool to seem them do it for a big crowd of enthusiastic people.



The Outfit, TX have a distinctly Dallas hip-hop vibe, which makes a whole lot of sense considering that’s where they’re from. Production wise, their tracks almost come off as creepy. Or at least unsettling. All of which is not to say that they were abrasive, which was not the case. The Outfit, TX put on a spirited show, with dynamic rhymes and memorable hooks. Almost immediately after taking the stage, they changed the vibe to suit the particularity of their sound. The crowd was more than willing to accommodate.



You could cut the hype in the room with a knife by the time Run The Jewels hopped on stage. Something about the buddy-buddy vibe Killer Mike and El-P have together is irrestistibly endearing. They played off each other at every turn. From clever aside comments directed to one another and the crowd, to the brilliant interplay in their songs, these dudes are at the top of their game. It seems likely that if you didn’t see them at Red 7 on Thursday night, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing them on Saturday Night Live or The Tonight Show. And at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

Run The Jewels played songs from their self-titled debut, as well as a good chunk of material from their forthcoming album, Run The Jewels 2, to be released on October 28th. During their set there was the real sense that they were having as much fun as the audience. Sadly, there were no cat sounds to be heard. For more photos of Thursday night’s Run The Jewels show at Red 7, courtesy of Mike Cortez, click here.

Fashion Freakout 6: Tomorrow Night at Hotel Vegas

If you need a break from festivals, aftershows, and big, sweaty crowds, why not glam it up at a fashion show? Grab your glam gear and head over to Hotel Vegas tomorrow night for the Sixth Annual Fashion Freakout. Prototype Vintage Design, Charm School Vintage and Feathers Boutique will showcase styles of the vintage variety that influence the fashions of today.

Avant Salon and Spa will be there to conjure up some hair and make-up magic, while legendary post-punker Ian Svenonius, of The Make-Up, Nation of Ulysses and Chain and the Gang, hosts the raucous runway. The Freakout spotlights cutting edge talent every year, and this year an intermission set from Warm Soda will have you covered.

Find more details on Fashion Freakout 6 here!

Watsky w/ Kyle, Anderson .Paak | Oct 22 at Emo’s


When a rapper kicks off his career as a Grand Slam Poetry champion, you know it’s gonna be good. As a college freshman, George Watsky appeared on the final season of “Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry” on HBO and subsequently performed at over 150 universities across the country. His quirky persona, coupled with his uncanny ability to spit tongue-twisting lyrics at light-speed, earned him millions of YouTube hits and an invitation to perform on the Ellen show.

After Watsky independently produced a self-titled album in 2009, both his 2013 album Cardboard Castles and his recent 2014 offering All You Can Do reached #1 on the iTunes hip-hop charts. Watsky himself has a little bit to tell us about his current extensive tour.

He introduced Anderson .Paak, the drummer/producer/vocalist /singer/songwriter as well as Kyle, who has been summarized with one 4-letter word: dope. With the combination of these three creative souls, irresistible beats, and fresh lyrics, it may well just be as hyped up as Watsky implies.

Let’s see what the big deal is all about…

But really, all you can do is just come see it for yourself. Get more info and tickets here!


We Interviewed Brann Dailor of Mastodon


Courtesy of MusicRadar

Brann Dailor, Brent Hinds, Troy Sanders, and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon have been shaking the modern metal world with their incendiary attack of razor sharp riffs and a fantastic, intellectual approach to songwriting since forming in Atlanta, Georgia in early 2000. From their 2002 debut album, Remission, to the newest masterpiece, Once More Round The Sun, Mastodon has grown into one of the leading acts of the new era of American heavy metal.

Marrying the aggression of sludge metal and hardcore with the precision and creativity of progressive rock, the band has broken an infinite number of stylistic boundaries and become one of the most important genre-defying forces in today’s music scene.

On Monday, October 20, Mastodon will take the stage at Stubb’s Amphitheater, supported by French metal titans Gojira and Norwegian rockers Kvelertak.

This week, we caught up with Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor to chat about the upcoming tour, Mastodon’s new music, and what’s in store for the band in the future.


Do512: Hey, what’s going on Brann?

Brann Dailor: Oh nothin’. Just hanging out in Reno. Where are you?

Do512: We’re over here in Austin!

Brann Dailor: Austin-tacious! Sounds fun.

Do512: Indeed! So, last night was night one of the tour, in Boise. How do you like touring with Gojira and Kvelertak?

Brann Dailor: It’s been good, I’ve been waiting for it to start rolling. We came out with the record a couple of months ago, so it definitely gave us the time to sit and comb over the new material, so we’re playing a good percentage of it. Got some oldies but goodies in there as well. And Gojira and Kvelertak, as you know, we’ve already done this tour with them in April. We did 3 weeks with them in the states. So it’s like no time has passed at all! We saw those guys and said “hey how ya doin’!?” and everybody gave bigs hugs all around. It was a nice little reunion yesterday and jumped right back into it. It was a successful night, everybody seemed like they were having a really good time.

We got through some of the new material that we had never played live before. So we were eagerly anticipating that, but I was a little nervous about it to be honest. There’s one song in particular called “Aunt Lisa”, and I do a majority of the singing on it, and it’s really hard to play on drums anyway. Then you add singing, and it’s quite the challenge! So I was happy we got through that one.

Do512: We’re huge fans of the new record and have been following the band since Leviathan came out in ‘04. How have the vocals in the band evolved since then?

Brann Dailor: Well I wasn’t singing at all on Leviathan. I wrote some lyrics on Leviathan and came up with some ways to sing them, but I didn’t sing on anything until “Oblivion” on Crack The Skye. It’s fun, it’s nice to share the vocal duties. Everyone kind of splits them up, it’s good for everybody’s voices. Troy does a majority of the vocal work, but we all chip in a little bit. Bill chips in a little bit live as well with those big deep screams that he has. So it’s cool! It’s nice to delegate all that responsibility and split it up evenly so that everybody’s voice doesn’t take a beating throughout the set.


Do512: Do you identify with any famous singing drummers from years past?

Brann Dailor: Phil Collins is one of my favorite drummers slash vocalists. So that’s the guy I can point to. The early Genesis stuff is more of my favorite stuff, but I do have a soft spot for Abacab and Duke. Those records are really good, too. Don Henley, you know? Hotel California, undeniable. Classic. Great drummer. Night Ranger and their singing drummer. People get uneasy when they see it happening, but it’s something they are gonna have to live with. It’s like, “The drummer is singing, where are the vocals coming from?! I don’t understand what’s happening!”

Do512: For this tour, how did you go about designing the setlist? Do you all typically meet up before the tour and talk about it?

Brann Dailor: Not really. We usually write up the setlist and put it down at the practice space that has too many songs on it for a set. Like 2 hours worth of material. We just kind of go through everything and rehearse everything, and then throughout the tour we can mix and match and say “hey, this isn’t really hitting the way we want it to, so let’s sub it out for this.”

I think last night it was a pretty good flow of the set. It’s an important thing to pay attention to, your flow that you are able to create with the set. We’ve got some new samples going, so we’re working on that now, trying to put it together and build it and make sure that it climaxes, know what I mean?! High energy in the beginning, then it can dip down a little bit. When you have a headlining set you can really play around a bit. Because you have so much time to work with, you can create some peaks and valleys. We have some slow sexy jams and then we’ve got the crazy fast intricate stuff, and then we’ve got the straight up rockers, and mid tempo stuff. So we can play around a bit with how we build the set.

Do512: Looks like you guys have a day off before you get to Austin. What are you looking forward to doing in town?

Brann Dailor: Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to be there the day before. We’re probably going to be in some parking lot somewhere halfway between our last stop and Austin. There may be a mall close by with a movie theater, so we can go see a movie then go get some Applebees or something.

Do512: We’ve heard you are quite the beer enthusiast. What’s your favorite?

Brann Dailor: I don’t really drink too much on tour anymore. But at home, I like pretty much everything. I really like sours. Dark sours. I really like trappists, belgian whites, pretty much anything…I just like it to be good, ya know? I like barley wines, wild ales, double IPA’s, imperial IPAs, black ales. All sorts of good beer out there in the world. But it’s becoming Fall now, so it’s a nice time to start breaking out the stouts that have been aging in the basement. You know, that Sierra Nevada Narwall Stout is actually really good. And Dragon’s Milk is always good. And also, the Big Foot Barely Wine is good every year. I have a couple of those sitting in my basement.

Do512: Tell me about the new record. It’s your 6th album now, right?

Brann Dailor: I think of it as the 7th, but a lot of people tell me it’s the 6th.

Do512: Oh right! You do have Call Of The Mastodon, too.

Brann Dailor: Yea. That’s a full length album pretty much. It’s got all Mastodon songs on it. So, why shouldn’t it count? BOOM. 7th album.

Do512: What was the inspiration for Once More Round The Sun? You focused a lot on the four elements with the first few records. Was there a certain direction you were going for with it? Or did you just jam together to see what would come of it?

Brann Dailor: That’s how we’ve always done it. We never really go in with any kind of preconceived anything. For a few of the records, like I remember with Leviathan, we thought “we want to do a water record.” We were unsure what to do there, so then we came up with the Moby Dick theme and that seemed to click and everybody liked that. It seemed to reflect where we were at the time. And then with The Hunter, we wanted to abandon all that and just make an album that was fun. And with Once More Round The Sun, we’re sort of edging ourselves back to the proggier stuff, and we’re not selling a cohesive story or anything but there’s definitely a thread that weaves the whole piece together. People can tell there’s some deeply emotional songs, and that’s how we operate. That’s how we deal with life, is through music.

Do512: What’s nice is how the band offsets the deeply emotional themes with some really hilarious music videos. I mean, you had girls twerking all over your video for “The Motherload”…

Brann Dailor: We’re from Atlanta, you know? That’s kind of our life almost, ya know what I mean?! Well, it’s not our life, but it’s what surrounds us on a daily basis. And it’s not to make fun of twerking in any way shape or form, but it’s more of an all-inclusive type of deal. Where I feel like metal can leave certain people out, know what I mean? And I’m saying let’s bring ‘em all in, let’s hang out! We really thought it’d surprise people to have twerking and it had never been done before. And we’re not making fun of the dancing at all. Once it started all happening we thought “man, we’re going to have a kick ass dance video!”

Do512: You guys also had a hysterical cameo with The Coathangers in their newest video. How do you guys approach the ideas for your music videos?

Brann Dailor: We’ve never been super serious about our music videos. We did a couple videos, one for March of The Fire Ants and for Iron Tusk, that we did early on that were other people’s ideas that were fine, and they came out cool and everything. But we started to feel like “who wants to watch this ultra serious video?” It has to be something fantastical and wild to get people’s attention. We did that Deathbound video with all the crazy muppets blowing shit up and killing each other; and the Blood And Thunder video playing for 150 clowns and the bearded woman and Elsa Mann getting drunk at the bar. We use that medium of music videos to round out our personalities and bring out our more humorous side. Because we aren’t sitting around being serious all the time, we’re more so sitting around trying to figure out how to make eachother laugh most of the time.


Do512: What’s in store for Mastodon in the future? Any big plans?

Brann Dailor: Oh, I don’t think that far ahead. We’re going to write another record. Keep touring. That’s the most of this next year and a half is us being on tour. From now until next summer at least. Who knows what’s on the horizon. But, we’ve got music. It’s sitting there waiting to be put out. We also have plenty ideas for the next one. While I’m here on the planet, I want to try and put out as much music as possible and play as many killer rock shows with my friends as possible. And just enjoy it!


Catch Mastodon at Stubb’s on Monday night, with Gojira and Kvelertak. If you don’t have tickets already (which you should), click over to Do512 for your chance to win a pair to the show.

- Contributed by Matthew LoCoco

2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival | Pan American Recreation Center

Musical festival season in Austin is in full swing. Great weather, food and music is the perfect combo, but it is even better when you can bring the whole family along. For something that everyone will enjoy, check out the 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival at Pan American Recreation Center on October 25.

The festival, held at the Pan American Recreation Center, helps raise money and awareness for Easter Seals Central Texas, the largest disability services nonprofit in Central Texas helping 8,500 children and adults with disabilities to live productive lives.

Last year, the festival attracted over 1,500 visitors who enjoyed a full day of Dia de los Muertos cultural experience with live music, arts and crafts, a kid’s zone, food and more. This year might be better than ever.

Headlining the festival is A.B. Quintanilla and The Kumbia Kings All Stars, but Texas favorites Son de RayQuimikoz Del Son and many others are joining in on the fun. Basically, you get to see over ten awesome bands for the cost of admission, and the best part is that kids 12 and under get it for free!

Advanced tickets are only $15 for adults, and that gets you a lot! Get your creative side on by designing an altar for their Altar Contest. Let the kids hang out with their friends while enjoying face painting, Dia Mask making, a piñata party and much more. And, as an added bonus, food vendors Juanita’s, Don Maria and Top G will provide the essential festival grub.

Tis the season! Don’t miss The 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival at Pan American Recreation Center 10/25. And, because we love you, check out Do512 for your chance to win FREE VIP passes.

Official Art-Outside Pre-Party at The Parish

On October 24-27, Art Outside’s “immersive, intentional, and innovative experience” will be taking place at Apache Pass. Art Seen Alliance, a sponsor of the festival says “Art Outside is our baby –we love it, care for it, and have enjoyed watching it grow!  Seriously, it is our signature event that we pour tons of love and energy into every year.”

This year they have paired with the Parish to start the party with the Official Art Outside Pre-Party at the Parish on Thursday, October 23rd.


They’ve got Orgone.

or·gone (ôr’gōn) 
1. A universal life force, a cosmic unit of energy, the creative force in nature. 
2. Eight souls from Los Angeles who will move your ass and melt your face. 

This heavy, raw, adrenaline-fueled funk and sweat-inducing soul group from Los Angeles rocks music that grabs you by the collar, pulls you to your feet, and shoves you onto the dance floor.

Orgone has become a staple on the festival circuit while gaining a reputation among fellow artists as one of the baddest go-to backing bands on the planet. Always evolving musically and cosmically, Orgone continues to connect with kindred musical spirits throughout the universe with relentless touring and the upcoming release of their fifth full-length album.

The heavy NYC dirty funk 4-piece TAUK is hitting 2014 with their unique blend of experimental melodic prog rock and sexy grooves. As their producer puts it, ““What’s compelling is the raw power of the band, from their light moments to full-out jamming. Music is a language that some feel and others speak – and TAUK do both very well.”

 This show brings talent from each coast as well as Austin’s own Mingo Fishtrap. Their sound dances between gutbucket soul, N’awlins grit-down funk and horn fueled Motown pop. With a new 11 song EP, In The Meantime, featuring music from a recent show in Austin, TX as well as some new studio tracks, adding to their catalog of CD releases, Mingo captures a musical conversation, which speaks with reverence about the past and with hope about the future.

For a limited time use promo code “DO512″ and save $10 on tickets! Get your tickets and find out more here!

Alamo Drafthouse Sing-Along: Little Shop of Horrors 10/23

Action Pack Presents an Alamo Drafthouse Sing-Along!

Thursday, October 23
7:00p | Ritz Location 


A singing plant. A daring hero. A sweet girl. A demented dentist. And one of the most outrageous Action Pack Sing-Alongs in years! You may have seen the musical on stage, you may have seen this film version before, but what can really compare to an Alamo Drafthouse Sing-Along experience?

Sing along to Suddenly Seymour, Dentist, Skid Row, and all of the other now classic songs from this masterpiece of a musical.

For the sing-along at the Drafthouse they’ll have all sorts of great props for everyone, too, including a custom Smell-Along card you can inhale from every time Steve Martin’s dentist breathes in his gas, candy blood to eat whenever Seymour is feeding Audrey II, and more. See all of the details on Do512!

A Guide To Longhorn Tailgate Parties in Austin

Texas Longhorn Tailgating 01

When it comes to sports, the Texas Longhorns are king in Austin. And there is nothing bigger than Texas Football. The Texas Football program is one of the most storied in history, ranking in the top five in all-time wins in the history of college football.

With any good football game at Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium comes an even better tailgate party. For every home game, fans, student organizations and local businesses show up early to plant their flag for a long day of drinks, food and football. You can find tailgate parties from Guadalupe all the way east of I35, and from 15th Street all the way north Dean Keaton Boulevard.

With the help of Vineyard Vines we have compiled a list of tailgates you should stop by the next time you’re heading out for a Longhorns football game. Find those details below. If you would like to submit your tailgate to this list, please send all details to Hook ‘Em Horns!

Remaining home games:

  • October 18, 2014: Iowa State 7 p.m.
  • November 8, 2014: West Virginia TBA
  • November 27, 2014: TCU 6:30 p.m.


Local Radio Tailgates:

These tailgates are promotional events, often featuring give-aways and local on-air talent and live radio broadcasts.

- Free entry, a variety of food and beverages available for purchase from Sholz Garten.

- Free entry, a variety of food and beverages available for purchase.

- Free entry (21+ ID required) if you follow KLBJ on FB or Twitter, beverages provided by Real Ale Brewing.

- Free entry (21+ ID required) with beverages provided by Southern Comfort and food provided by Raising Canes Chicken Fingers.

101x tailgate


Semi-pro, Wristband Required Tailgates:

These seasoned tailgate veterans put on larger, open-to-the-public tailgates with more production value than your average weekend warriors, offering both single-day and season-long memberships that get you all you can eat/drink privileges.

- Free admission, donation required for food/beverages. $25/game or $150 for season.

- Free admission, if you help set up the tailgate on Saturday mornings. Or a $25.00 donation, per adult, gets you entry, access to open bar, Rudy’s BBQ and more. You can make your donation at the tailgate or online.


Amateur Tailgates:

These friendly tailgaters welcome fans of the Longhorns and opposing teams alike, providing a variety of food and beverages. While some are technically free, donations are encouraged, and others require a low flat fee per tailgate. Some also offer beer pong, flip cup challenges, washers, karaoke, and other fun stuff.

South/Southwest of Stadium

North/East of the Stadium


Membership Required Tailgates:

These events require either you or someone you know to have a membership in the organization, and offer food and beverages for purchase.

- members may bring one guest at no cost, additional guests $5/person, beverages and food offered for sale


If you would like to submit your tailgate, please send all details to!

Do512 Restaurant Of The Week: House Pizzeria


For a city hundred of miles away from the Northeastern US and Italy, Austin surprisingly is home to a plethora of pizzerias. Some specialize in deep dish, some in thin crust. But only a few specialize in authentic Neapolitan style wood-fired pies, and fewer yet perfect it. Thankfully, there is a haven for those who crave exactly that: House Pizzeria. Located at 51st and Airport Blvd., owner and pizza extraordinaire Scott Talkington opened House Pizzeria’s doors 5 years ago and has been cooking up some of the best rustic Neapolitan pies in town ever since.

Right off the bat, what separates House from typical pizzerias are the ingredients. Everything is made from scratch! Each morning the dough is prepared in house and the sauces are concocted from fresh crushed tomatoes and spiced on premises. But what really gives everything that extra bit of magic are the toppings. Scott believes the key to a perfect pie is simplicity without sacrificing creativity. The toppings are light, balanced and well thought out. Throughout the year, many ingredients are sourced organically and locally from Richardson Farms and Johnson’s Backyard Garden including meats, potatoes, squash, onions, garlic and much more. They even spice their own sausage in house! To boot, most cheeses are from the famed Antonelli’s Cheese Shop just down the street in Hyde Park. In addition, since House uses seasonal ingredients, their menu constantly changes with new innovative pies each month. They regularly have circulating speciality pies on the menu as well as some house favorites (pun intended!). The Arrabiata is a particularly delicious specialty pie that you must keep on your radar. An unrivaled marriage of Arrabitata sauce, dry Jack cheese, pepperoni batons and fresno chilis finished off with garlic, this is a pizza that you won’t soon forget. Keep an eye out as well for their upcoming Croque Madame this coming week!


Last week, we were invited by Scott himself to visit House Pizzeria for lunch to try some of these Neapolitan treats. As soon as we walked in, we could smell the sweet rustic aroma of the house-made dough and fresh toppings baking to perfection in the wood-fired oven lit each morning and tended to regularly by hand. This is authenticity at its finest!


We sat down and decided that we’d go with some of House’s flagship pies. Scott quickly brought us out one of the finest pizzas we’ve feasted on; the Potato and Goat Cheese. The flavor of the goat cheese mixed with the fresh mozzarella is spot on, but when met with the rosemary infused potatoes, it’s absolutely spectacular. We noshed until the entire 12″ pizza was history, but it didn’t end there. How could it?


The Sausage and Mushroom pizza was next in our Neapolitan journey and was a more than welcome contrast to the Potato and Goat Cheese. And in typical Do512 fashion, we finished the entire thing! Could you blame us, though? This pizza was loaded with in-house spiced Italian sausage, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and mozzarella atop House’s savory tomato sauce. The crust had just the right amount of crunch, the sausage had a well balanced kick and the mushrooms melted in your mouth along with the fresh mozzarella putting us in an almost euphoric state. It hardly gets better than that!



Aside from a stellar menu of “good ol’ rustic Italian cuisine” as Scott likes to put it, House Pizzeria offers a scrumptious variety of appetizers, salads, desserts and a fantastic selection of local brews. Happy Hour is weekdays from 3-6pm featuring $1 off pints, $3 off pitchers, $1 off glasses of wine and $4 off bottles of wine. And as if you couldn’t beat that, stop by for $2.50 local pints on Tuesdays ALL DAY. Sharing an Antipasta and Roasted Olives with some friends over a tall pint and quality conversation? We can’t think of a better way to spend a Tuesday evening after work.


What’s also admirable about House is their dedication to helping the environment. The entire restaurant is a green, zero waste establishment. Unused ingredients are composted, materials are recycled and the rest of the waste is discarded using only one residential garbage can per week! And during construction, Scott even made sure to use an old gym floor from an Austin school, the cedar is from recycled fence pickets, and the square beams on the porch used to be massive shipping pallets for machinery and jet engines. Truly a green operation indeed!

Whether you are looking for a quick slice and a pint at happy hour with your pals or a full on dinner adventure, House Pizzeria is one of the best authentic Italian experiences in Austin. Grab a seat outdoors on the patio or indoors amongst the wood-fired oven and prepare to feast on some seriously delicious rustic Italian cuisine. Make sure to visit Do512 for your chance to win a $25 gift card! Buon appetito.



Art Outside at Apache Pass – October 24-27


Now in its 10th year, Art Outside is a unique three day festival combining visual and interactive art, performance, film, as well as a wide range of music bridging genres, from bluegrass to experimental, hip-hop to dance music. Art Outside started with the idea to bring art out of the gallery and into a unique setting where different forms of art can connect and be enjoyed by all. Art Outside has a rich history, world class performances, magical art installations, and provides a setting where artist and guests alike can interact to share their passion and creativity.


Art Outside from The Art of Bohl on Vimeo.


Every year, artists from all over the world bring their works and their presence to Art Outside. From dancers to painters to new media makers – Art Outside is teeming with creativity of all forms. You are sure to meet some of the most talented and amazing artists here. Some of the artists this year include awesome art installations by Charlie Smith and Shine On, as well as amazing visual art by Emily Kell, Dizzy Bee, and Andy Reed. There will also be performances by Mingo Fishtrap, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Desert Dwellers, Digital Antique and many more. So, don’t miss out!

Use promo code “DO512″ and save $10 on tickets: