C3 Presents: Lucero & Ryan Bingham w/ Twin Folks

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Y’all get ready for a night of heartbreak, sing-alongs, and ground stoppin’ because Lucero & Ryan Bingham are coming to town with Twin Forks on  Thursday, March 5th at Austin Music Hall. Lucero is one hell of a country rock band. Fronted by Ben Nichols, Lucero is the type of band where as soon as you hear vocals, you either immediately recognize it, or need to find out who it is you’re listening to. Widely regarded as one of the most hard-working bands in the U.S., Lucero has released seven full lengths, two live performance DVDs, and play a shockingly high amount of shows–something to the tune of 200 a year. Their sound is full of southern soul, heartbreak, and of course songs about the road. Lucero have a loyal fanbase, one that frequently ends up right up front and screaming every word.

Ryan Bingham is an Americana artist known for his hits on Jeff Bridges’ feature film, “Crazy Heart,” which rightfully led Bingham to a Golden Globe, and eventually an Oscar. Bingham perfected his authentic, cowboy-rooted sound from not only heartbreak and personal loss, but also from traveling with a New Mexican rodeo as a kid. With his style of mournful melodies, rusty vocals, (sounds that are widely praised for falling within the realms of Bob Dylan and The Band) Ryan Bingham is placed highly on the Nashville music totem pole.

Twin Fork‘s highly adept frontman, Chris Carrabba, has lead many other renowed bands such as 90’s emo band Further Seems Forever, and early 00’s alternative rock band Dashboard Confessional. With his newest Country music endeavor, it’s clear Carrabba can do a lot of different genres very, very, well. Twin Forks has released just one EP and full length so far, but they’re already label mates with other successful bands like City and Colour, Tokyo Police Club, and The Lumineers. Twin Forks can be described as raucous, clap-along folk music, with both male and female fronted vocals and catchy hooks. Carrabba says “whatever makes the audience stomp their feet and sing at the top of their lungs, that’s what I want to be doing.”

Lucero plays Austin Music Hall on Thursday, March 5th with Ryan Bingham and Twin Forks. Tickets are available here.


C3 Presents: Shpongle and Phutureprimitive at Emo’s

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This one is a HUGE one for EDM and ravers, y’all. Any and all party people need to check out the Shpongle and Phutureprimitive show at Emo’s East on Friday, March 6th. Shpongle is a band that can be described as psybient, psytrance, or the niche sound of Goa trance. They combine the elements of world music, eastern influenced trance, and mystical layered vocals to create a sound that is firmly their own. After all, Shpongle’s main forces, Simon Posford and Raja Ram, are popularly credited as the creators of the psybient genre itself.

With the use of sonic layers and textured effects, Shpongle tries to recreate the feelings and experience of the use of DMT and other hallucinogenic drugs into musical form. Their wide range of sounds include startlingly dark moments to triumphant reprisals that leave crowds smiling from ear to ear.

Opening the night is the bay area electronica act, Phutureprimitive. This guy started his career in the early 00’s as a DJ in San Francisco, gaining quick attention for his complex, beat-driven production work. As dubstep artists strayed away from the typical and overplayed sound of dubstep in the early 2010’s, the big name dub artists ventured into new territory and wandered into the realm of electronic garage/psydub, and that’s exactly where Phutureprimitive found his niche. His music retains some of the griminess of dubstep, but is now more melodic and ambient.

Shpongle’s show is highly recommended for EDM enthusiasts who just can’t wait for festival season, click here for tickets. EDM not for you? Check out the rest of the events at Emo’s!

Do512 Restaurant Of The Week: Abbrev’s

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Austin has become quite the epicenter for fine dining. From communal shared dining experiences and small plates, to farm-to-table culinary adventures; there’s no shortage of quality here. But there’s still a serious problem we are facing even with such minuscule portions. No matter how little we eat, or how fresh it may be, Austinites are simply not offered small enough plates. Opening its doors on Airport Blvd earlier this year, Abbrev’s is the solution to this vacancy. Serving abbreviated versions of food, each dish is less than a bite — not even a morsel. So naturally, we had to crown them Restaurant of the Week this week!

The brainchild of brothers Anthony and Danny Palumbo, Abbrev’s is a restaurant “with a focus on leaving you still hungry, the hope is to create an entirely new dining experience where the eater is only somewhat satisfied but thoroughly intrigued.” The restaurant is open for DINNER ONLY from 7pm – 8pm, Monday thru Saturday, and there is absolutely no parking. Their stellar menu, dubbed “crumbs”, is segmented into dishes that are “not enough” and “even less”. And their cocktail menu, known as “sips”, boasts a selective variety of three drinks, four wines, no beer. Happy hour doesn’t happen  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Danny invited us out to try his brand new restaurant concept that is sweeping Austin.


First, we dove finger first into the Raw Tun, a tuna tartare served in a 1/4 tablespoon measuring cup before noshing on the S.S. Crab, a seafood platter served inside a mesh tea ball infuser.


Raw Tun. Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.


S.S. Crab. Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.

Still famished, we moved on to the micro micro green salad complete with a few flower petals and a piece of arugula before moving on to the P Sup, a savory dish boasting a green pepper drizzle and 3 single seasonally sourced, farm fresh peas.


Micro Micro Green Salad. Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.


P Süp. Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.

At Do512, we are big fans of food made with truffles. It’s difficult to imagine any dish finished off with a delicious truffle aioli that isn’t absolutely addicting. So why not eat JUST truffles? Thankfully, Danny specializes in exactly that and offered us up our final treat, the Just Truffs. A mound of only black truffles, this dish gets right to the point and was the perfect way to round the meal out.


Just Truffs. Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.

As we felt the hunger pangs persist, we knew that we had enjoyed a truly innovative meal.


Make sure to stop by Abbrev’s for their hour long dinner service, succulent cocktails, and indulge in the smallest seasonal plates that Austin has to offer. Danny also has some awesome tatts.


– Contributed by Matthew LoCoco — 


Courtesy of Abbrev’s Website.



Stewart Copeland & Jon Kimura Parker: Off The Score

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Being the drummer of an internationally famous band is a pretty sweet gig, but not cool enough for Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Stewart Copeland. In addition to providing the beats that gave UK band, The Police, their funked-out reggae groove, Copeland has been credited with composing over 75 films. Distancing himself from the pop genre at large in 1984, Copeland is obviously no stranger to playing the skins outside of the pop/rock genre. In order to showcase his immense knowledge of music, Stewart Copeland is premiering Off The Score on Friday, March 6th, at the Bass Concert Hall. Copeland will be joined on stage by fellow maestros Jon Kimura Parker, Yoon Kwon, Marlon Martinez, & Judd Miller.

In partnership with radio show Eklektikos, on KUTX 98.9 Fm with John Aielli, and The Butler School of Music, “Texas Performing Arts presents… a new cutting edge chamber music project that features Copeland’s compositions as well as standard classical repertoire including Parker’s brilliant suite based on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Copeland and Parker explore the role of improvisation in classical music while providing room to move past the notes on the page. Instrumentation includes piano, violin, double-bass, and drums/percussion. Judd Miller, the extraordinary proponent of the EVI(Electronic Valve Instrument), adds a collage of brass, wind, and electronic sounds.” (Courtesy of TPA)

Jon Kimura Parker is a local all-star and world-class pianist. He teaches at The Shepard School of Music at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Not only has he been recognized all over the world for his incredible skills, but his students have also won competitions and performed major recitals, as well. Jon Kimura Parker has recorded music of; Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Chopin and PDQ Bach for Telarc, Mozart for CBC, and Stravinsky under his own label, further proving the diversity of his knowledge of music.

Check out our page to enter to win a pair of tickets & get all of the information on this once in a lifetime stage composition.





The Expendables | Emo’s | March 5th

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On March 5th, The Expendables, will be bringing their brand of California reggae rock to Emo’s for an awesome showcase of their popular annual Winter Blackout Tour alongside friends Ballyhoo! and Katastro. If sunny days, sandy beaches, and carefree tunes are your bag, then this show will likely agree with your vibe.

Since 1997, The Expendables have staked their claim in the California surf/rock genre by headlining venues from coast to coast blending reggae, punk rock, and 80’s style dueling guitar solos. These four lifelong friends, Geoff Weers (Guitar and Vocals), Adam Patterson (Drums and Vocals), Raul Bianchi (Lead Guitar) and Ryan DeMars (Bass), grew up in Santa Cruz, CA where surfing, skating, partying, and playing music were commonplace and those laid-back vibes obviously influenced the music they made.

In the near two-decades since their formation as a band, The Expendables have seen their influence, as well as fan base, grow at a steady pace. It’s fitting that such a chilled-out band would avoid any kind of unsteady, meteoric rise through the American public’s consciousness. Indeed, they’ve seen the slow, healthy kind of growth that keeps bands together and not freaking out over how their latest single is doing.

You can catch The Expendables, as well as openers Ballyhoo!, and Katastro on Thursday, March 5th at Emo’s. Be sure and grab tickets here!