Black Label Society w/ Wovenwar at Emo’s 8/1


Nowadays the average music listener probably hovers around 2, maybe 3 genres. And thanks to the radio, be it good or bad, they probably believe rock n’ roll died in the 80′s with Classic Rock. Making a strong case against that is Black Label Society, who will be in town on August 1st at Emo’s with their California cohorts Wovenwar and Kyng.

Kyng is a stacked 3 piece coming from Los Angeles. After they broke onto the scene in 2011 they have gone on to share the stage with numerous big acts such as The Sword, Trivium, and Megadeath. Kyng are currently touring their 2nd full-length, Burn The Serum, which they describe as, “a balance of heavy riffing and these big melodic vocals. You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s just what Kyng does.” Sounds pretty metal to us.

Hailing from San Diego, Wovenwar is, how can we put this lightly, As I Lay Dying without their bat-shit crazy ex-vocalist Tim Lambesis. Instead, they’ve taken the high road and recruited former vocalist/guitarist of Oh, Sleeper, Shane Blay. With a self-titled debut set to drop on August 5th, the band is touring to generate some buzz. And considering it is being produced by Bill Stevenson (Black Flag, The Descendents) and mixed by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Trivium), people are excited.

Zakk Wylde is known worldwide as one of the greatest shredders of all-time. Having filled the void for Ozzy Osbourne, after he struggled to replace the great Randy Rhoads, Wylde has gone from success to success in his career, and Black Label Society is no exception. The band is touring the release of April’s Catacombs of the Black Vatican, their 10th studio album, a feat in and of itself.

In an April interview with New Jersey’s The Aquarian, Wylde reiterated, “whenever we’re playing a festival in front of 120,000 people, yeah, that’s definitely a rush…but [when] we get on stage and there’s 300 people in a packed club, dude, that’s still a rush too. I still love the whole thing.” It’s this kind of passion you won’t want to miss.

See Black Label Society on August 1st at Emo’s. For more information, and a chance to enter to win some tickets, check out Do512.

Los Lonely Boys w/ Texas Tornados at The Backyard


Making plans for Labor Day? Well, you’re in luck because on August 30th, The Backyard has a cure for the working man’s blues with a slew of big name bands that will surely make you appreciate your official day of rest. Get ready to boot scoot with these legendary Texas bands.

Headlining the event will be Los Lonely Boys, San Angelo’s own band of brothers. JoJo, Ringo, and Henry Garza came out swinging in 2003 with their first single, “Heaven”, which went on to reach No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. This power trio hasn’t slowed down, releasing their fifth studio album earlier this year.

Texas Tornados are ready to rock The Backyard for Labor Day as well. These legendary Tex-Mex rockers have been blending tejano sounds with country vibes for decades, and with the release of Esta Bueno in 2010, the Tornados are keeping that flame alive with the help of Doug Sahm’s son, Shawn Sahm.

Also Performing will be Alex Ruiz and The Peterson Brothers:

Dynamic tejano singer, Alex Ruiz, has perfected Texas Tejano rock and a superbly energetic live act. He has recorded with legends, Willie Nelson, Carlos Santana and Del Castillo. Probably most well-known for the single, “Malaguena Salerosa”, that was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 2, Ruiz has stayed busy as the lead singer for The Night Mothers and his movie band alongside Robert Rodriguez, Chingon.

This bluesy duo, consisting of brothers Glenn Jr. and Alex Peterson, will be kicking things off at The Backyard with their renditions of blues standards by artists like Muddy Waters, Junior Wells and Albert Collins. Despite them still being underage, these teens have been a Continental Club staple for over a year and were voted best band under 18 in 2013.

So, go ahead and solidify your Labor Day at The Backyard on Saturday August 30, 2014. Grab your tickets at and find more info on Do512!

Austin’s First Raw Food Delivery Service is Coming


With a busy schedule, eating healthy can be hard. Austin’s first raw food delivery service, Super Natural Food, aims to make it easy.

Owner Marina Zelle first had the idea of a raw food delivery service after noticing that no one around town offers anything like Super Natural Foods. Don’t worry about Zelle’s healthy dishes punishing your tastebuds, though. She teamed up with Executive Tim Bevins, one of the Best Chefs America in 2013, and Leon Gonzalez from Beets Café.

New to the diet? A raw, vegan diet consists of unprocessed, raw plant foods that have not been heated above 118 degrees. Raw or living foods contain important natural enzymes, which aid in digestion. Basically, cooking food makes many beneficial vitamins and enzymes vanish, so it is important to go all natural when nourishing a healthy diet.

Start your day on the right foot, and end your night the same way. Super Natural Food offers week-long meal plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will be constantly switching things up, so your diet will never get boring. Start (conveniently) eating healthy, Austin!

The Paramount’s Summer Classic Film Series

paramount theatre2

photo via the Criterion’s interview with series programmer, Jesse Trussell

The classics are classics for a reason. The film industry pumps out a lot of movies every year, and we’d be naive to state that most of them are worth your time. We live in an age of multi-million dollar disposable entertainment.

Sure, it’s fun to go see Transformers 7, or whatever iteration of the “more than meets the eye” franchise Michael Bay is unleashing on the public. We can only sit, turn our brains off for an hour and a half and vaguely remember something cool Optimus Prime said while we leave the theater. But chances are, the latest popcorn movie churned out by Hollywood isn’t likely to really stay with you. Again, classics are classics for a reason.

Paramount Theatre wants you to see some movies that stay with you. That’s why they’re putting on their Summer Film Series. Flops, duds, and busts are not allowed. These are great movies that everyone deserves to see on the big screen at least once in their lives. If you didn’t have the opportunity to see Field of Dreams when it was released in theaters in 1989 (you might not have been born yet), this is your opportunity to see a true classic in its intended viewing medium. If you screen it, they will come.

Speaking of classics, you better have already seen Back to the Future Part II. If, like every good student of film, you have seen it, why not go back to the movie theater? Apologies for that weird pun. Really though, wouldn’t it be nice to see Marty Mcfly in full screen movie theater glory? We think so. Warning: seeing this film may have the unintended side effect of making you mad that we still don’t have hoverboards.

Other than these two cinematic gems, Paramount Theatre will also be showing screenings of ParenthoodRoger and MeDo the Right Thing, and Road House. Did we mention WE HAVE FREE TICKETS for these movies?

That’s right, just enter our giveaway contest and you’re automatically in the running to see these movies at no cost. Pretty sweet deal if you ask us. Summer is the time to see movies, and the Paramount Theatre is the place. For the full schedule, click here.

Fall Out Boy & Paramore at Austin360 Amphitheater


For those of us who hopped on the bandwagon later than others, it all started with a taxidermy-filled room and an amorous reindeer boy. Yes, we’re talking about the “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” music video from Fall Out Boy. The Boys have made their way up the totem pole since the anthem dropped in 2005, and they’re making the ultimate comeback with the MONUMENTOUR alongside fiery red-head Hayley Williams and her band, Paramore. They’ll be at Austin360 Amphitheater on Saturday, August 2.

Fall Out Boy emerged from the Chicago punk-rock scene in 2001, when they recorded their debut album, Take This To Your Grave. Soon thereafter, From Under the Cork Tree released, hitting double platinum and standing ground as their ultimate claim to fame. Fall Out Boy’s image and sound has evolved in a pretty big way since the original dorky ginger, Patrick Stump, and eyeliner hottie Pete Wentz reigned the stage, but they’re still ever-so catchy.

Paramore is a three part rock band who hails from Franklin, Tennessee. The band’s popularity began with their album All We Know Is Falling in 2005. Their most recent and self-tilted album hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. Believe it or not, lead singer Hayley Williams was only 15 when she gathered the original bandmates to form the female vocal band of the decade.

Joining Paramore and Fall Out Boy is the dance rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, New Politics. It may be your only chance ever to catch the bands we’ve been hanging on to since the early 2000′s, so head over to for tickets.

Austin Aztex Battle For PDL National Championship!


After another very successful regular season in 2014 that ended with 35 points, the Mid South Division crown and the top conference record, the Austin Aztex (11-1-2) are set to play in the Southern Conference Playoffs to begin their run at a second straight USL PDL National Championship. First stop: the Southeast Division runner-up SW Florida Adrenaline (7-2-5). The clash between these two teams will occur at House Park in the second semifinal game this Saturday, July 26 at 7:30 p.m.

Throughout the regular season, the Aztex built a stronghold at House Park. They finished 5-1-1 at home, scoring 23 goals in the process. After a smashing season finale victory of 5-0 against the Houston Dutch Lions, the Aztex welcome the Adrenaline to Austin looking to build on that strong performance and advance to the Southern Conference Championship game on Sunday.

On the other hand, the SW Florida Adrenaline collected 26 points in their regular season, playing especially well on the road, where they went 4-1-2. They will go into House Park trying to impose their will, as they did while visiting other teams during the season. As the visitors, they scored the same amount of goals as the Aztex did on the road with 14. They closed out the regular season with a 1-0 win over Orlando City U-23.

Austin’s squad is no stranger to the postseason, as they have qualified in every postseason since joining the USL PDL, becoming National Champions in 2013. Their experience could prove to be a valuable asset and ultimately a key advantage against the Adrenaline, whose appearance in the 2014 Southern Conference Playoffs is the first time they have made it.

In other words, The Austin Aztex are in for a fight. If they win, they will advance forward and play in the finals on Sunday. Individual admission to home games can be purchased at the gate at House Park: adult tickets are $10; kids 10 and under are free! For tickets and additional information, click here.

Do512′s Restaurant Of The Week: Odd Duck


Austin is a hot spot for restaurants and bars. Some focus on light fare, others on European. Some want to be the king of burgers, others the titan of Thai. But why limit yourself? After all, the Texas Hill Country is full of ripe lands that produce the most luscious tomatoes, the sweetest melons you could bite into, the healthiest farm raised meat, and much more. Why not utilize this to craft something eclectic and unique? Odd Duck, founded in December 2013 and known for making farm fresh cuisine accessible to the masses, has done just that. Jason James, GM of Odd Duck, puts it simply as “it’s whatever you want it to be; call it locally inspired cuisine.”

Nestled at South Lamar and Lamar Square Drive adjacent to the Gibson Bar and Gibson Flats, Odd Duck got its start as a gourmet food trailer serving dishes crafted from only the freshest local ingredients from Texas farms. All it took was one year and the fame of this “farm to trailer” operation (especially the pork belly sliders) before Barley Swine would open its doors just a stone’s throw away. It was chef Bryce Gilmore’s first brick and mortar endeavor that would allow him to experiment and further develop his culinary repertoire. As a result, Odd Duck would serve its last pork belly slider but reopen on the same lot.

Gilmore and his partners Sam Hellman-Mass, Jason James, Mark Buley, and brother Dylan Gilmore have given birth to the newest incarnation of Odd Duck, a 110-seat restaurant with a beautiful outdoor patio that overlooks the Austin skyline. The rustic sister to Barley Swine, Odd Duck maintains the same sophisticated and gourmet approach, but in a very casual and relaxed environment. Seating is open-style, lending itself to conversation with new faces, and the menu regularly features new plates based on what is in season. They even close their doors every Saturday morning to pick up fresh produce from various farmers markets who repay the visit mid-week to drop off another run of fresh ingredients to Odd Duck.


We were invited to dine at Odd Duck this week for dinner and were blown away at not only the flawless execution of each dish, but the sheer craftsmanship between each offering.

We were greeted by Jason James himself and treated to one of the most relaxing and delicious multi-course culinary adventures we’ve ever had!

The cocktail menu was the first place our eyes went. After being well educated on Odd Duck’s home brewed ginger beer and learning that it is the perfect time of year for melons, we kicked things off with the Melon Margarita and the Draft Moscow Mule. A perfect fusion of house ginger beer, citrus and vodka, the Moscow Mule was refreshing with just enough bite while the Melon Margarita had that rich summer vibe; a perfect accompaniment to the patio seating.


The Heirloom Tomato Salad came next. Also in season, this tomato plate was prepared with peaches, shishito, croutons and our favorite ingredient of the night: goat feta cheese. You’ve never tasted anything quite like it, we promise!


Then we moved onto the Cajun Grilled Shrimp which was finished off in an okra stew with hush puppies, bacon and dabbed with spicy mayo. These are, more often than not, shared plates. But we found this one tough to share!


One thing we absolutely advise you AGAINST doing is leaving without having dessert. Carefully crafted using honey, cream and port, the Fig Napoleon was the single most satisfying ending to a meal we’ve had. It’s light on the stomach, well balanced and let’s face it, purely addicting. We’ll be making a repeat trip just for another nosh on this dessert.



Dinner at Odd Duck is a great opportunity to really dine and appreciate the company around you as well as the atmosphere of the restaurant. The focus is on small, shared plates coursed out from light plates to entrees.  But if you are craving Odd Duck mid-afternoon, they offer a different approach to lunch. More fast paced, patrons can visit Odd Duck, have a gourmet sandwich and be on their way 30 minutes later!

Make sure to visit Odd Duck for Happy Hour from 3-6pm Monday through Friday for $5 Melon Margaritas, $5 Moscow Mules, $3 Texas Drafts and 25% off bottles of wine. And you’ll want to go ahead and add them to your collection of weekend brunch spots while you are at it; brunch is Sundays from 10:30-2:30pm.

If you haven’t tried Odd Duck yet, gather your pals up and head over for one of the best farm to table experiences in Austin. Complimentary valet parking should make the trip painless, as Odd Duck makes sure to provide this for their customers. ANd don’t forget to enter to win a $25 gift card on Do512. Bon Appetite!

US The Duo w/ Caroline Glasser at Emo’s, 7/31


Us The Duo is an emerging folk-pop duo who became Vine’s first major label signing, after receiving over 18 million YouTube views and releasing a popular series of 6-second covers of Vine. Just three years ago, the two solo artists from opposite sides of the country randomly collided, fell in love, and combined their talents to form a band that has been topping charts across the country. 

Michael and Carissa Rae Alvarado were simply trying to promote their just-released album “No Matter Where You Are” via YouTube videos and covers of popular songs. They just happened to find a massive audience. Their cover songs began picking up steam, which helped draw attention to their original, harmonious material.

Their successes have led to scores of press from just about every major outlet, a record deal with Republic Records, and a dedicated fan base. Check Billboard, for more details about their unconventional path in the modern music industry.

The band is currently on a summer tour of North America, and you can experience Us The Duo in Austin on July 31 at Emo’s. Don’t miss your chance to see these rising stars in person. Win tickets on Do512!

Ways to Celebrate National Tequila Day in Austin!


There’s no denying that National Tequila Day is a holiday worth celebrating. It happens to fall this Thursday, July 24th, and in honor of this momentous occasion we’ve put together this little Austin guide to tequila.

Read below to find some great tequila-related advice from local bartenders, three local bars and restaurants that offer a wide variety of tequila, and three unique margaritas you have to try in Austin. If you’re not thirsty by the time you get to the bottom, check your pulse!


Tequila advice from a couple of our favorite bartenders…

-Favorite Type of Tequila: My go-to’s have always been the Añejos and Extra-Añejos. I love the taste of liquors aged in different types of new oak barrels, or ones that have been used for whiskeys, bourbons, cognac and port casks. Some would say that that it takes away from the purity and most forceful expression of a blanco.

However, I say, “Good things come to those who wait.” There are some good Jovens (blend of blanco and extra anejo) that I enjoy, and—if someone else is buying—I would never turn down a glass of Casa Dragones.

-Recipe For a Perfect Margarita: Some people would consider the margarita to be a craft cocktail. There is no actual origin to the original recipe. There are a handful of stories of where the original recipe came from, but nothing is set in stone, so why argue or try to complicate the drink?

While I enjoy the IBA standard of 7:4:3 (tequila: Cointreau: lime juice), I prefer to sweeten the drink with the plant that gave birth to the product: the blue weber agave. Four parts tequila, two parts lime, one part agave, and one part water. It’s a simple and sound margarita.  It’s not over-thought or complex; it’s just a good drink.

-Best Tequila Drink at TnT: As far as the margaritas, I recommend the Orange Noir or the Spicy Cilantro. If you want a cocktail, I have to say that the Añejo Old Fashioned is my favored drink on the menu. If you are into Mezcals, Ryan Artus made a great version of the classic Blood & Sand with Del Maguey’s Crema de Mezcal.

However, if you come on in, there’s a list of drinks the bartenders know that aren’t on our main menu. Just talk to any of us, and we’d love to see what you like and give you some guidance.

-Go-To Toast: “¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’dentro!” If not that, I cheers to anything that is good in life at that moment.


-Favorite Type of Tequila: I’m a huge fan of the brand Tapatio, or sipping on El Tesoro Añejo. Both are made by master distiller, Carlos Camarena, and exemplify generations of experience in the art of making tequila.

-Recipe For a Perfect Margarita: Classic proportions are always a great place to start. I recommend starting with a 2:1:1 ratio: 2 oz. Silver tequila, 1 oz. Cointreau, 1 oz. fresh lime.

Most people adjust the sweet portion to their own liking by substituting or combining with things like simple, agave nectar or Curaçao—all of which are acceptable and keep the quest (or debate) for the perfect margarita ever present.

That being said, there are a few crucial things that will certainly make your margarita fall flat if you are not paying attention. Here are some simple tips to get the most out of your margarita:

  1. Buy good tequila.
  2. Always use fresh lime juice. No sweet and sour.
  3. Good ice. We’ve all had a watered-down margarita. It’s definitely not good, and somehow makes it feel hotter outside.
  4. Effort. A hard shake is what makes this one of the best drinks of all time. Give it at least 30 seconds to a minute. You will be glad you did.

-Best Tequila Drink at Garage: I would definitely recommend the margarita at Garage! Or, if you want something a little more potent, try the El Finito.

-Go-To Toast: Hmmmm. I’m usually pouring the drinks, which means someone else is doing the toasting. Just make it quick, will ya? Sentiment is for occasion, tequila is for drinking!


Three Austin bars flush with tequila

Not only does Iron Cactus have over 100 tequilas on their menu (and an awesome patio downtown on which to enjoy them), but they’ve also been named one of the top tequila bars in the country—meaning there’s a definite focus on quantity and quality.

If somehow you haven’t managed to come out yet, make it a point to stop by this Thursday and try at least one new type of tequila. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Boasting a catalogue of around 40 families of tequila—which combined, account for the 140 types on offer—TnT is the indecisive imbiber’s worst nightmare, but in the best way. Ask the knowledgeable staff behind the bar what they recommend or—hey—make it a personal mission to try them all.

(Bonus: To commemorate National Tequila Day, they’ll be serving up $1.99 house margaritas, which are always an excellent option as well.)

With a sweet location right across the street from Stubb’s and around 90 tequila choices available, there’s no better place to stop for a pre-concert—or, hey, post-concert— craft cocktail than 508.

This year, they’ll be commemorating National Tequila Day with a tasting from 4-10 p.m., where representatives from 10 tequila companies will be present. And if that’s not a way to find your new favorite, we don’t know what it is.


Three unique ‘ritas you have to try in Austin…

While this establishment offers nine interesting varieties of “fruity margaritas” to wash down their Interior Mexican cuisine—think coconut, peach, mango and more—we’re totally sold on both the unexpected aspect and the refreshing factor of the Cantaloupe, which is a cold, tasty way to wash down spicy samples from their famous salsa bar.

For an industrial-strength option, look no further than the potent Purple Margarita at Baby A’s. The stuff of legend, if you haven’t enjoyed the brain freeze and buzz resulting from this delicious drink, you’re essentially required to go to one of the five locations in town to try one out.

And for those who’ve already been there, done that, and had the hangover, word on the street is that they’ve also added a new margarita flavor to the menu in the form of Watermelon Crush, which might call for a second visit.

Tex-Mex lovers have been pairing guacamole and margaritas for years, but Curra’s took this killer combo one delicious step further in the form of their famous Avocado Margarita. A creamy, green concoction, it pairs two of our favorite things for an insanely addicting drink that, based on nutritional science, has gotta be somewhat healthy, right?


For more ways to celebrate National Tequila Day in Austin, pick a place to enjoy a cold margarita from our extensive list of margaritas in Austin!

Contributed by: Sam Sumpter

Future Folk is Coming to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz


The History of Future Folk is a feature length film about two aliens who come to earth from the planet Hondo and discover a mutual, deep love of folk music. Through a serious of charmingly zany hijinks, the two Hondonian aliens find themselves in a host of hilarious situations.

Whereas the temptation might be to make this movie as silly as possible, it actually has a lot of heart. Even though the scenario is inherently ridiculous, you end up feeling a real connection with these characters.

The History of Future Folk bears all the hallmarks of a future cult classic. With critics and fans showing equal amounts of adoration (winning an award for Best Screenplay at Fantastic Fest 2012 and an Audience Award at Philadelphia Film Festival 2012), this endearingly goofy film is destined to be discovered by many people for many years to come.

Future Folk’s incredible nationwide Earth Tour comes to a glorious conclusion on Thursday, August 7th at our very own Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz. If you’ve yet to feast your eyes on the bizarre, intergalactic musical majesty that is Future Folk, you are in for a rare and special treat.


In addition to a screening of the movie at The Ritz, the two aliens that comprise Future Folk will be performing their hits live on stage. Hear bluegrass songs about being a simple worm farmer on a distant planet, along with other equally strange subject matter. Don’t let the outfits fool you, these guys have been playing together for over ten years and know how to entertain a crowd. 

Finally, the event also boasts a self-described “awkward Q&A”. Two dudes in space suits answering questions from earthlings sounds like a good time to us. This event is free with RSVP, so be sure to go ahead and do that here. For more info on Future Folk, visit