Slab BBQ is Now Open on Research Blvd


slab bbq austin

Slab BBQ had the grand opening of their brick-and-mortar on August 14th, and a couple hundred people showed up to christen the new Austin barbecue spot. Turns out free beer, free music, and free barbecue make for a hell of a party. Since then, Slab has been steadily churning out plate after plate of delicious sandwiches and smoked meats. It’s what they do best, after all. They even have a queso-bbq sandwich…

slab bbq menu

In their own words:

“SLAB was founded on the basis of bringing you new flavors that may be a break from your traditional Texas BBQ.We bridge the taste bud gap of the Dirty South from Memphis, to the Carolinas, Alabama, and Texas. For those of you who have tried us before as Sugar Shack BBQ, no worries. We will still be serving up that real. And for those of you who have recently tried us, we wanna give a big thanks.”

Something truly special happens when brisket, coleslaw, beans, and various other meats get together. Located at 9012 Research Boulevard, Slab is the perfect place to grab a beer and some finely seasoned meat. They’ve also got a trailer at 2330 San Antonio Street. For more info, and to read their extensive menu, click here.

Do512′s Restaurant Of The Week: Burro Cheese Kitchen


Cheese + Bread can be a simple concept, but with better ingredients and creative combinations, a grilled cheese can be taken to a whole ‘nother level.  That is what Justin Burro of Burro Cheese Kitchen on South Congress has accomplished.  By layering flavors that one would find on a high class cheese board, Justin has elevated the simple comfort food staple from the dorm room hot plate to a sandwich class of its own. Using bread from Austin’s Easy Tiger and hitting on different sweet, savory, spicy aspects to cut through rich cheeses sourced from Texas, Wisconsin, Vermont, Oregon and Spain, Burro Cheese Kitchen uses the best quality ingredients they can find for their sandwiches. With that in mind, they are Do512’s Restaurant of the Week!

Burro image

His concept began in Seattle over a random client invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner while Justin was designing high-end furniture. All it took was an immaculate cheese selection from this cosmopolitan client for it to all click for Justin. He would take an upscale cheese plate dining experience to the medium of the grilled cheese sandwich.  Using high quality ingredients and creatively combining those ingredients to layer flavors in a way that transcends the common grilled cheese, became his vision. In the yellow container he built from scratch almost a year ago on a vacant South Congress grassy lot, Justin has created a great aesthetic that fits in perfectly on the South Congress strip. This week we headed over to pay Justin a visit to see what kinds of gooey sandwiches he was griddling up.

Burro image (5)


With a menu that features Justin’s custom sandwich recipes along with Build Your Own choices, there are plenty of great cheesy selections to choose from. On our trip to the container, we went with Burro staples the Croque- Madam and the Waylon & Willie along with sides of freshly pickled gherkins and olives. The go-to of Austin Eats Food Tour when they are touring South Congress, the ‘Croque-Madam’ showcases the layering of flavors Justin was aiming for. Savory, sweet and salty, this perfectly rich Gouda grilled cheese balances pesto aioli and dulce de leche with ham and a fried egg; a textbook hangover meal that is quickly becoming a Saturday morning staple on SoCo. The ‘Waylon and Willie’ brings the heat. The sweetness of caramelized onions are balanced with a nice kick from pepperoncinis and spicy maple bacon sauce.

Other choices include the ‘Coppola’, that combines summery Caprese salad flavors, the ‘Via 206’, that brings the cheese plate into a sandwich form, and the ‘Dark Hawaiian’ and ‘Grilled Glory’ for customers with a serious sweet tooth. “Everyone had their own preferred flavor”, Justin says. With 3 bread choices, 6 cheeses, 6 sauces, and 10 meats and veggies, the possibilities are endless on the ‘Step Up & Build It Out’ menu to choose the flavor that piques your own personal interests. Always open to new ideas, Justin has seen the menu evolve over time with clients tastes.

Burro image (2)


On Fridays, Burro has put together something truly special. Justin feels that nothing goes better with cheese than a good cold beer…and he ain’t wrong. Joining forces with friends from Austin BBQ staple, La Barbeque, Burro has created the decadent Brisket Grilled Cheese. Using a recipe he learned cooking with his aunt, Justin pairs the sandwich with a spicy serrano pineapple sauce, to cut through all of that rich aged cheddar and smoked meat.  Offering free beer at 6pm ranging weekly from local Austin Beerworks and Independence Brewery, to PBR and Lone Star, this sandwich deal is bringing the crowds of savvy Austinites who crave La Barbeque chopped brisket without the long lines. Sandwiches are limited, though, so get there early!!

Burro image (1)

What just over a year ago was a vacant corner lot, thanks to Burro, has now became a prime location for eating a grilled cheese and people watching. Whether it’s a hoard of tourist bikers, or a random dude doing handstands next to the road, Burro Cheese Kitchen has become a perfect place to hang out, relax, enjoy a great meal, and let the warm Austin evening pass you by. Burro Cheese Kitchen is becoming a staple of the Austin casual food scene. You can find the Burro truck at all the hot local events like Fun Fun Fun Fest, X Games, Trail of Lights and Texas Toast Jam.  Justin has hopes for a brick and mortar location in the near future, and that can’t come soon enough for Austin’s grilled cheese lovers. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @BurroCheese for unique daily specials and visit Do512 for your chance to win a $25 gift card to Burro Cheese Kitchen. Also, for an additional chance to win a gift card, “like” Burro on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win an additional $50 gift card directly from Burro. Enjoy!

Foam Wonderland at the Austin Music Hall

There are times where reading a book, visiting a museum or helping out a local farmers market are top priorities in life. Then there are other times where getting down at Austin’s largest foam dance party is a necessity. This is one of those times. Get all other obligations done with this week, because Foam Wonderland is coming back for two nights at the Austin Music Hall.

The party will feature the world’s largest foam cannon, one of largest light shows in Texas, PLUS some of the best artists playing bass-filled jams, reassuring the Austin Music Hall will be turned into a proper dance destination.

Friday night features The Chainsmokers, Etc! Etc! and Triad Dragons, where Saturday switches out the first two with Caked Up and Protohype. Basically, the biggest names in EDM will be alongside some of Austin’s favorite musicians for a full night of partying. Remember to dress appropriately and be safe, it’s going to get slippery.

The winter addition of this event sold out pretty quick, so make sure you hurry up and get your tickets now for Foam Wonderland Austin at Austin Music Hall 8/29-30. Feeling a little broke? Enter to win a pair of 2-day passes here.

G. Love & Special Sauce and Keb’ Mo’ at Stubb’s

We’re approaching the final weeks of summer. Day-drinking like it is a second job and swimming twice a day will be missed, but it’s safe to say that Austin’s fall schedule has enough partying to keep the town busy. Need a final celebration to end the warmest time of year in Texas? Head on over to Stubb’s when G. Love & Special Sauce play with Keb’ Mo’ on August 29.

G. Love & Special Sauce are all about having a fun time while hanging out with a few friends. The band’s list of hits is almost as expansive as its list of genres (hip-hop, rock, funk, blues, R&B), the perfect thing for a big outdoor party. Drink a cold beer, grab some friends and just relax while having a good time at this one.

Opening for G. Love is none other than award winning blues musician Kevin Roosevelt Moore, AKA Keb’ Mo’. Moore’s career started with backup work in multiple groups throughout the 70′s and 80′s until he started getting a ton of attention for solo work throughout the 90′s and today. The albums Just Like You and Keep it Simple helped Moore win two Grammy awards, and his most recent album BLUESAmericana is already picking up from previous success.

There are still some tickets left for G. Love and Special Sauce PLUS Keb’ Mo’ at Stubb’s on 8/29. For all other info and a chance to snag a pair of tickets for free, check Do512.

Five Local Bands You Should Be Listening To

austin local bands

There are a lot of really good bands in Austin. We recently started putting together a list of our current favorites, and after taking an office poll we ended up with a list of like 50 bands. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World, and every single night of the week, all over town, you can find local bands doing their thing. To highlight some of the great talent you should be out there supporting, we will discuss five local bands you should be listening to, and share a new list every week.


Who: Suspirians

What: All-female punk / garage band. Their debut album is out now on Super Secret Records.

When: Their next local show is August 30 at The Lost Well.

“Suspirians’ self-titled album is one of the most impressive debut releases to come out of the local Austin scene this year. In just seven tracks, Suspirians covers a wide range of styles from post-punk to psychedelic, garage and even noise rock.” - OVRLD

“Suspirians’ eponymous debut delivers the goods with feeling. The local quartet’s disjointed guitars and vocal sass of frontwoman Marisa Pool recall impassioned Nineties femme punks Heavens to Betsy and Bratmobile, the seven-song long-player blending raucous rock inspiration with crisp Sixties surf-pop.” - Austin Chronicle

RIYL: Savages, Riot grrrl


Who: Chipper Jones

What: Instrumental post-dance-rock duo. Listen to their Two Rooms EP.

When: Their next local show is September 5 at the Scoot Inn.

“The duo plays a math-rock influenced brand of pop music, but maintains a smooth minimalism that makes the songs accessible. Even though were were drawn into the recordings that Chipper Jones’ new album, their live show offers even greater depth. These busy, flourishing arrangements are full of life.” - Pop Press International

“What separates them is their taste in irresistible rhythms, specifically the impressive drum work of Charlie Martin. Martin creates complex patterns and arrangements, but he’s the rare technical drummer who isn’t flashy, instead sacrificing flair for graceful, subtle flourishes and movements.” - OVRLD

RIYL: Explosions In The Sky, This Will Destroy You


Who: Mirror Travel

What: Female-fronted psych rock band. Check out their album Mexico on Modern Outsider.

When: Their next local show is August 23 at Hotel Vegas.

“Mirror Travel love their reverb, a recurring theme that connects the dots between their dream pop and psychedelia… “I Want You to Know” shows some of the psychedelic touches, grit and darkness that make bands like fellow-Austin-ites Black Angels, True Widow, and Royal Thunder so enthralling. Check out the driving track below before packing the bong on your trip across the desert.” - Noisey

“This group isn’t only about melting your face with their angular guitar sound and kick ass vocals coming from the front woman, but they’re also here to make you dance, as any good rock and roll band should.” - Austin Town Hall

RIYL: No Joy, Black Angels


Who: Spray Paint

What: Post-punk three-piece feat. members of When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth and Dikes of Holland.

When: Their next local show is August 23 at Beerland.

“Spray Paint are a three piece no wave punk attack that will have you on your knees begging for more/mercy. Chainsaw dual-guitars collide with brain-bashing drums and energy-packed gang-vocals for a no-bullshit, off-kilter yet tuneful taste of unrelenting Texas rock ‘n roll.” - Monofonus

“All sorts of post-punk history gushes through the music of Austin’s Spray Paint. Every review I’ve read of them references at least a couple classic bands, and deservedly so: the trio’s frantic rants glisten with sweat generated by decades of post-punk workouts. That sweat also pushes them beyond mimicry. The exhilarating execution of their taut-yet-rubbery songs puts Spray Paint’s music squarely in the present tense.” - Pitchfork

RIYL: Gang Of Four, Sonic Youth


Who: The Young

What: Heavy rock quartet. Their new album Chrome Cactus out next week on Matador Records.

When: Their next local show is August 25 at Waterloo Records.

“From the undeniable riff of album opener “Metal Flake” to the squalls of feedback in “Blow The Scum Away” that end the record, you’ll be hard pressed to find an album that both reinforces and revitalizes everything that is great about American Rock Music in 2014.” – Matador

“Austin’s The Young return with Chrome Cactus on August 26th, their sophomore effort for Matador and third long-player in four years. Mixing elements of psych, krautrock, shoegaze, and simple rock n’ roll, Chrome Cactus is the band’s most direct and accessible record to date.” – Noisey

RIYL: Dead Moon, True Widow

Back-To-Back Brass at Parish on Thursday


We’ll come right out of the gate and say it: not enough music has horns these days. No, we don’t mean the cheesy, synthesized horns you might hear on a Top 40 pop song. We’re talking about real, honest-to-goodness, real McCoy horns. The kind that annihilate whatever foul mood you might be in at that moment, travel through your ears to your brain and tell you it’s dancing time.

It’s unclear why horns have taken a backseat in popular music over the past few decades in favor of soulless features like auto tune and bass drops, but it’s kind of a shame. There’s something life-affirming when a saxophone and some trumpets get together and do their thing.

Horns are still around though, you just need to know where to look. Stooges Brass Band, as the name very accurately suggests, is jam packed with ‘em. Hailing from New Orleans, one of the places where horns are as much a part of life as say, gumbo; Stooges Brass Band are a seriously funky force to contend with.

These guys can guarantee you the opposite of a quiet night out. With soulful vocals and a formidable brass section, you won’t find yourself sitting in the corner. You may in fact find yourself having the best Thursday night in recent memory. Austin’s own Boss Street Brass Band will open the show.

Horns aren’t as common as they used to be, which makes them all the more special when you can find them. Stooges Brass Band plays the Parish on Thursday, August 21st. Tickets available here


TXRD: Holy Rollers vs. Hellcats this Saturday!


Even if you consider yourself a pacifist, there’s a certain gut-level satisfaction in watching close quarter combat between competitors. Thankfully, to-the-death gladiator matches are a barbaric part of a bygone era. What we’re left with in 2014 is the vastly more civilized sport of Texas Roller Derby. Don’t kid yourself though, this sport is as cutthroat as they come without actually having anybody’s throats being cut.

The women of Texas Roller Derby are modern day warriors, engaging in fierce hand to hand combat all while preserving their balance on roller skates. Think about the last time you were even on roller skates. Chances are, the memory includes you falling unceremoniously flat on your derrière. Fancy French words for ass aside, we’d like to also point out that you probably weren’t competing in a high-stakes extreme sports game when you fell. You simply lost your balance.

These girls are, without a doubt, tough as nails. As the video above quite clearly demonstrates, Texas Roller Derby is brutal, fast paced, and fun as hell to watch. On Saturday, August 23rd, the Hellcats will square of against the Holy Rollers. It’s a match guaranteed to be filled with the battles legends are made of. The action goes down at 7pm live at the Palmer Events Center. Again, all on roller skates.

For tickets to Hellcats vs. Holy Rollers, click here!

Red Bull Air Race Championships Viewing Party


Our friends at Red Bull are at it again. The Red Bull Air Race World Championships are headed to the Texas Motor Speedway September 6th & 7th. Red Bull sports created the event in the hopes to provide folks with the most advanced aerial challenge in the world and it is safe to say that they have exceeded their goal. Since it was officially launched, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship has become globally renowned as the fastest and most exhilarating motorsport on the planet. A combination of high speed, low altitude and extreme maneuverability make it only accessible to the world’s most exceptional pilots.

There will be 12 pilots competing in the Master Class category in eight races across the globe for the title of 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Champion. The objective is to navigate an aerial racetrack featuring air-filled pylons in the fastest possible time, incurring as few penalties as possible. Pilots can win World Championship points at each race and the pilot with the most points after the last race of the season becomes the Red Bull Air Race World Champion.

Can’t make it to the big event in Fort Worth? No problem. Red Bull will be hosting an Red Bull Air Race Championship viewing party at The Hangar on September 1st. It’ll be the happiest happy hour you’ve ever been to with awesome super cheap Red Bull drink specials. So, come on down and watch one of the coolest events in Texas.

Learn more about the event here.

We Interviewed Israel Nash | Listen to “Rain Plans”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

Never has one’s environment been so tangibly impressionable. Israel Nash’s newest LP Rain Plans is drenched in Texas Hill country sensualities thanks to his new stomping grounds in Dripping Springs.

The calming Americana vibes throughout the album make you feel sun-drenched and longing for a thick patch of grass to lay upon as you stare at the passing clouds. The pedal steel guitar lifts you through a dreamy countryside while Nash’s powerful, wailing vocals give it a gritty, Neil Young-esque hull.

“A glorious neo-psychedelic masterpiece.”—KEXP

You can stream “Rain Plans” here.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

After relishing in Nash’s ethereal chops and smooth guitar solos, we chatted with Israel before his album release party on Wednesday, August 20, at Lambert’s Downtown BBQ. Get to know him and join the celebration before he kicks off his European and North American tour to spread a little Texas love with “Rain Plans.”

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10 ACL Late Night Shows To Freak Over

acl - late night

This morning ACL Festival organizers announced the Official Late Night Shows for 2014. It’s a chance to see some of the biggest bands of the festival, including Beck, Temples, Mac DeMarco, tUnE-yArDs, My Brightest Diamond, Interpol, and The Head and the Heart, without the massive crowds, at some of Austin’s best music venues. Tickets for these shows go on sale to the public this Friday, August 22.


Here are 10 of the Late Night shows we’re excited about:

1. Beck is playing at Stubb’s on Thursday, October 2nd. Need we say more?

2. Temples are playing at The Parish on Saturday, October 4th. The British psych-pop band has been invited to play just about every major festival since they released their debut album, Sun Structures, in February of this year, and are regarded as the best new band in Britain. The Parish will be jumping for this one.

3. tUnE-yArDs is playing at Emo’s on Sunday, October 5th. If you haven’t seen this wild stage show with saxophones, ukulele, loop pedals, samplers, and a kick ass bass player, do it here.

4. Spoon are playing at Stubb’s on Saturday, October 11th. The only Austin show they have played lately was a surprise show at Hotel Vegas, and the last time they played a ticketed show at Stubb’s, they played three nights in a row.

5. Mac DeMarco, the king of “slacker rock”, will perform at the Scoot Inn on Saturday, October 4th. His jangly, off-kilter pop songs have been described as The Kinks as filtered through Kurt Vile or Bradford Cox, and his shows always come with some interesting shenanigans.

6. Diplo, the founder of Mad Decent and co-creator of Major Lazer, who constantly works on projects with dozens of the biggest names in the biz, is doing Emo’s on Saturday of the first weekend, October 4th.

7. Jenny Lewis is at Stubb’s on Friday, October 3rd. The Hollywood child star-turned-songstress, and former front woman of the rock band Rilo Kiley, just released her best album yet, The Voyager. And she’s awesome live.

8. The Head and The Heart are playing Emo’s on Friday, October 3rd, with Lucius opening. Described as “the missing link between Arcade Fire and Haim”, Lucius have a signature ’60s-pop sound praised by Rolling Stone, NPR, and even TIME Magazine.

9. Skrillex is presenting an OWSLA BBQ Stubb’s on the Friday night of Weekend Two. The last time Skrillex hosted a ‘BBQ’ in Austin he brought a bunch of friends with him. Expect a surprise or two.

10. Interpol is playing a headlining show at Stubb’s on Sunday, October 5th. Turn on the bright lights.


Check out the full schedule Official Late Night Shows here, which also includes J. Roddy Walston & The Business at Stubb’s indoor, Fitz & The Tantrums with Max Frost at Stubb’s, Polica at The Parish, Roadkill Ghost Choir at Holy Mountain, and more.

A pre-sale opportunity will be available to members of the official E-List on Thursday, August 21 from 10am – 10pm. In order to be eligible to receive pre-sale passcodes, you must confirm subscription to the list by TODAY, August 19.

acl late night