Andrew McMahon In The Wildnerness | Emo’s 11/24


You’ve heard Andrew McMahon before, but not like this. Best known as lead vocalist, pianist and primary songwriter for Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate, McMahon is now touring in support of  the self-titled debut album released under his solo banner, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. He’s bringing the show to Emo’s on Monday, November 24th with Fences and Junior Prom.

We’re convinced that Andrew McMahon could release music under any alias and fans would flock to hear it. After releasing three albums as Jack’s Mannequin he needed a change of pace, and that’s when Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness came to be. During a recent interview with Billboard, the singer/song writer expressed that “there were a lot of signs in the making of the last Jack’s record that told me it was time to move on.”

With a new child on the way it was time to enter a new chapter of his life, and in fact his newborn daughter, Cecilia, inspired this album’s hit track “Cecilia and the Satellite”.

Joining him at Emo’s will be the Seattle-based indie rock project, Fences, headed by Christopher Mansfield. In early 2011, Fences toured with Against Me! and later that year toured with Hellogoodbye. Recently collaborating with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on “Otherside” (Remix), Mansfield also co-wrote “10,000 Hours” from Macklemore’s album, The Heist, along with the vocals of bassist band mate, Lindsey Starr.

Brooklyn-based duo, Junior Prom will also be opening on Monday night, after recently releasing their debut EP, “Cheap Thrills” in February. They are now working on their debut LP, Elektra Records, which is due to be released sometime next year. Be sure to check out all of these guys at Emo’s, Monday November 24th! Get your tickets now before they sell out! For more information and the chance to win a pair of tickets, visit Do512!

Alamo Drafthouse presents: The Films of 1999

In 1999, dial-up internet was all the rage, Napster was changing the music industry, and Y2K was the biggest threat in the world. The turn of the millennium was also a great year for film. The Matrix, Office Space, The Blair Witch Project, and Being John Malkovich, just name a few.

The Drafthouse is currently paying homage to the films of 1999, with a 12-film lineup for “The Films of 1999″ that are each being screened on 35mm. Here’s a look at the programming schedule:

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH - November 10, Ritz

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - November 13, South Lamar

RUN LOLA RUN - November 17, Ritz

SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONGER & UNCUT - November 18, South Lamar

EYES WIDE SHUT - November 24, Ritz

BRINGING OUT THE DEAD - November 25, South Lamar

MAGNOLIA - December 1, Ritz

THE BEST MAN – December 4, South Lamar

THE LIMEY – December 8, Ritz

THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY – December 11, South Lamar

THE INSIDER – December 15, South Lamar

ANY GIVEN SUNDAY – December 18, South Lamar

Up next is Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, screening at The Ritz on Monday, November 24. Eyes Wide Shut was the final film Kubrick’s legendary career, which lasted nearly 50 years and gave us Spartacus (1960), Dr. Strangelove (1964), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), A Clockwork Orange (1971), The Shining (1980), and Full Metal Jacket (1987). Throughout these award-winning films he produced images that will be stuck in our heads forever, and ever, and ever.

Eyes Wide Shut is not a movie about likable, easily understood characters or conventional situations. Instead Kubrick and co-screenwriter Frederic Raphael designed the film as a tour of an emotionally barren Wonderland where people have chic-sounding names like Nightingale and Domino, where first impressions are almost always wrong, and unpleasant realities are tucked away inside glittering facades.

Tickets are only $10 for this screening at The Ritz on 11/24, and seats are filling up quick! Head to Do512 for everything you need to know about “The Films of 1999“. The series will continue through December 18. Click here to stay up to date on all things Alamo.

Do512 Restaurant Of The Week: Cuvée Coffee Bar


Austin is a city rising up the ranks of leading American cafe scenes. This is an Austin industry full of passionate people that are nuts about coffee, and their hard work and dedication to their craft has been paying off. Cuvée Coffee is leading the charge, earning national recognition for what they have done with beans and water.  As recently as 3 years ago, the Austin coffeehouse scene was seriously lacking. Once monotonous, things have changed for the better. Working off of seeds planted by Café Medici, the Austin coffee scene has transformed into something special, becoming a hotbed for coffee creativity and ingenuity in the South.  Do512 headed to the brand spanking new Cuvée Coffee Bar on East 6th to see how their team is combining the art of roasting coffee with state-of-the-art science and technology.


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Cuvée Coffee Roasters officially opened its first retail location two and a half months ago matching a modern coffee menu with a modern interior in the warehouse space that they now inhabit in town. On a blustery night, we met with Lorenzo “Lorenzepedia” Perkins, who manages the chic new storefront, as well as running Cuvée’s training program. We can tell you first-hand that this dude seriously knows his stuff.

There have been high expectations for this spot being a widely recognized locally-owned brand (their roasts have appeared in top cafes across the city for years). There’s a just reason for the buzz; these roasts are truly special. Cuvée owner Mike McKim’s ethos has been to maintain relationships with international growers, allowing them to keep growing great coffee at a sustainable pace for the growers. Cuvée wants to be able provide good coffee forever and, in order to do so, Mike visits farms once a harvest spending over two months a year traveling Latin America, South America (namely Brazil) and East Africa. The coffee he finds from cultivating relationships and direct trade is what they provide on their rotating menu. Scrapping the Italian names we have become so familiar with, “It all comes down to how much milk you are putting in anyways”, Lorenzo tells us, the Cuvée Coffee Bar will always have ‘House Blend’ along with a featured single-origin offered in a pour over that can be brewed several different ways. These pour overs are made with two black Curtis Seraphim batch-brewers that monitors how long, how hot, and the turbulence of each pour allowing the baristas to mold the flavor of the coffee how they want it. This tool is still a prototype, but was super awesome to watch in person.  We settled up to the steel countertop bar taking in the very cool space featuring metal pipes and concrete floors warmed by reclaimed wood throughout the store, and dove into Cuvée’s coffee offerings.


We started with the Ethiopian Cuberow. Described to us as drinking “a bowl of peaches”, this coffee bean is dried on raised beds for even drying and uniform ripeness. This is the sign of an attentive farmer and has resulted in a crazily sweet cup of coffee. We loved it.

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With the cold polar vortex winds blowing in Austin, there will inevitably be a rise in batch brew and Americano orders, but their bread and butter will always be the draught cold brew coffee. This is the unique coffee product Austin is craving.  Cold brew coffee, out of all of the standard coffee beverages in America, is seen as hot coffee’s red headed step-child. With the goal in mind being to make cold coffee not taste like the cold coffee we’ve come accustomed to, the Cuvée team created Black & Blue. This is the crown jewel; nitrogenated kegged coffee. With a nitrogenate head, much like a Guinness, this is a heavenly brew.   

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Black & Blue was the product of a ton of hard work. Started as a “boredom project”, the team spent a summer playing around with how to improve cold brew coffee using different brewing styles, methods, and temperatures. They needed to get to the bottom of why cold brew coffee tasted like gym socks and had such a short shelf life, which effects the flavor. Taking advice and know-how from “cross country coffee nerds”, they started home brewing, fermenting, filtering and getting rid of the oxygen. The end result was coffee that doesn’t need cream or sugar. This coffee is naturally sweet and has a full body. This coffee fills our evolutionary desire for sweet and fat without the added calories. It was awesome!

We even got a firsthand look into their keg room, almost like peeking behind the curtain in the ‘Wizard of Oz’.

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If you really need a little cream in your coffee, try the “Teddy”. Simply Black and Blue, vanilla, and half and half, this is one hell of a cold brew coffee drink.

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Black & Blue cold brew coffee was the first ever Cold Craft Coffee infused with nitrogen and served fresh on tap. Now Black & Blue is the first ever Cold Craft Coffee served in a nitro can. This can puts out the same beautiful head on the cold brew coffee as the draught, and kept the product really consistent. We raved over it and can’t wait to find it around town starting in 2015.

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We did get a chance to talk with Lorenzo about the elephant in the room: the lack of Wi-Fi. He told us that this decision came down to being different than the myriad of other coffee houses around town. Cuvée wanted to create a place where you could actually hold a conversation. It might be waxing on a little poetic, but they based their idea off of ‘Penny University’ from the 18th century. Instead of paying for drinks, people were charged a penny to enter a coffeehouse. This environment attracted an eclectic group of people who met and mingled with each other at these coffeehouses. Austin already has a saturated coffeehouse market so this helps sets Cuvée apart. The goal with the shop is to create an experience where everyone isn’t just look looking down at their respective screens like zombies. While sitting down at the bar with Lorenzo that night, it was refreshing to have multiple groups of customers holding conversations behind us. We really dug the vibe.

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At night, Cuvée transitions seamlessly from a café to a chill bar setting. They might be coffee nerds, but they are beer nerds too and have built a strong beer program as a result. They work with great local breweries that they have established past relationships with including Austin Beerworks (which uses Cuvée to make truly unique Russian imperial coffee oatmeal stout called ‘Sputnik’), Live Oak (who helped with the nitrogenation process for Black and Blue), and Hops and Grain (somewhere the Cuvée team just likes to hang out) to provide a beer selection full of challenging, unique flavors. They rotate beer out once a month, but always have their staples. Wine is also available on tap, with Lorenzo having become a fan of not only how the wine draught system operates, but how it preserves freshness as well.

What’s really is exciting is the addition of food at Cuvée. While stopping in for a coffee, make sure to snag a delicious sandwich courtesy of Walton’s Fancy & Staple, a taco from Taco Deli, or a dessert from their array of Austin pastries!


Stop in for their Reverse Happy Hour on weekdays from 7pm – 9pm for $3.50 craft beers! The café will soon host Wednesday and Thursday events with Austin Beerworks, so keep your eyes peeled for specific dates.

Cuvée also hosts Coffee Education Classes at their Spicewood training facility. The half day or full day classes are a true coffee lovers’ boot camp. They are looking for critical, thoughtful and thorough students wanting to advance the industry; turning “shot monkeys” into coffee professionals. Find them on Facebook or on Twitter.

Cuvée Coffee is here to get you excited about coffee. This isn’t something you’ve had in Austin even just a few years ago. This is a unique and exciting experience that provides Austinites with a truly unique coffee experience. Stop by Cuvée Coffee Bar on East 6th and grab a temperature brewed, nitrogenated coffee, served cold on tap. Black & Blue takes you a step beyond conventional cold brew coffee. We think it’s time to go see for yourself what everybody is raving about! And better yet? We’re giving away a $25 gift card on Do512!

– Contributed by Drew Nordstrom –


Spots You Have to Hit for the East Austin Studio Tour


This Saturday and Sunday (11 a.m.-6 p.m.) make up the second weekend of the 13th East Austin Studio Tour, during which—a la ACL—if you missed the first,  you have a  chance to redeem yourself, quell those FOMO fears, and check out the awesomeness going down during round two.

And the best part? Said awesomeness is free.

East Austin Studio Tour (E.A.S.T.) is unique in the sense that it gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with 400+ artists like never before. But you don’t have to stumble blindly around the East Side (like you may or may not do, for other reasons, every Friday night), during this technically self-guided event, because we’ve got some pretty solid guidance for you here. Below you’ll find a list of collectives, studios, exhibits and events that warrant special attention and a definite spot on your East Side Studio Tour to-do list.

Because while Austin certainly has a lot of starving artists, you can’t see and support ‘em all…at least in one weekend.



Hosted by Blue Genie Art Industries at their headquarters, this derby is one of the wildest parties of the weekend, and takes place Saturday night. Come out early to view pinewood “art cars”—constructed by Austinites like you—on display all day, then head there in the evening to watch those cars battle it out on a track that’s 20’ tall, 100’ long, and equipped with hazardous obstacles that may or may not include fire. (They do include fire.)

And because the people at Blue Genie know that danger makes you thirsty, you’ll be able to enjoy the derby while sipping on beverages from Tito’s Vodka, Thirsty Planet Brewery and Austin Eastciders. The first heat starts at 7 p.m., so come out to watch the action ensue! (Want to upgrade? VIP tickets are $50 and include some pretty sweet perks. Call 512-444-6655 to purchase.) 916 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 4, #102



Canopy, a creative community set inside a warehouse, serves as the headquarters for E.A.S.T., and boasts 45+ studio spaces, three gallery spaces and more, meaning—if you’re looking for a reliably awesome artistic destination to check out this weekend—this is a pretty safe bet. While the plethora of studio spaces provides you the opportunity to see the work of plenty of artists—in their own element, nonetheless—one aspect of Canopy that’s particularly worth checking out is the Big Medium Gallery. A non-profit organization with the mission to support visual arts and artists in Texas, Big Medium is actually the driving force behind East Austin Studio Tour.

Last weekend was the opening of the exhibit featuring the work of Hungarian-born artist Barna Kantor in a display dubbed Barna Kantor: 40Hz. Involving mirror, light and video installations, the exhibit is described in the artist’s words as “time-based art that allows us to experience our very own internal perceptual limits.” Whether you want to explore all the art on offer or just check out the amazing work of Kantor, Canopy has got you covered. (Want more Big Medium? Check out their other space at 5305 Bolm Rd., Bays 9-12) 916 Springdale Rd., Bldg. 2, #101




Craig Newswanger and Sally Weber may be a team in the sense that they’re married, but each is an accomplished artist—with a very different style and vision—in their own right as well. Weber, who has exhibited nationally and internationally, focuses on light as her primary medium and constructs gorgeous installations. Newswanger, meanwhile, is a self-proclaimed holographer, inventor and maker who specializes in…well…making things. Resonance is the couple’s personal studio, and this weekend you can check out a number of interactive exhibits and even try your hand at Newswanger’s drawing machine. 1406 Smith Rd., Ste. D



If you’re pressed for time and want to see as much as possible, as fast as possible, Artpost is a virtual one-stop shop where you can explore over 30 open studios and exhibitions. From metal sculpture to jewelry, oil painting to woodworking (and much, much more), you’ll likely find pieces in every medium imaginable, assuring you’ll get your art fix even if you don’t have time to investigate all of East Austin. 4704 E. Cesar Chavez St.



Bright and airy, this refurbished home serves as the perfect canvas for the art on display—which, currently, is that of Adrian Landon Brooks and Megan Kimber. This two-artist show features mixed media paintings that incorporate ancestral artifacts and are crafted around the themes of legacy and heritage.

While this particular exhibit and gallery doesn’t give you the behind-the-scenes sensation that you get when visiting artists in their actual studios, the grayDUCK facility is gorgeous and sophisticated, and—as the 23rd marks the last day of this particular exhibit—it’s your last chance to see Brooks’ and Kimber’s art on display. 2213 E. Cesar Chavez St.



You’ve surely heard of the expression “and oldie but a goodie,” and Gallery Shoal Creek epitomizes that premise: not only has the establishment been around for five decades, but it features phenomenal work from some of the city’s most talented creatives. And if you haven’t been before, there’s no time like this weekend to step into what’s essentially an institution in Austin’s art world.

The gallery is housed—along with the spaces of many other tenants— in the 18,000 square foot Flatbed building, and is filled with the work of Austin-based artists. While you’re in the building, be sure and check out Flatbed Press, a publishing workshop and art gallery, and the other studios as well! 2832 E. MLK Jr. Blvd.



When it comes to describing this graphic design and screen-printing studio, the best explanation is also the simplest: it’s just cool. Owned by a UT alumnus and run by a team of photographers, artists, musicians and designers—including a Louis Eastman, who, when not in the studio, hilariously claims that he “hones his skills as a Jewish rapper while maintaining a strict taco diet”—Rural Rooster was founded to serve as an all-in-one resource for musicians, artists, entrepreneurs and businesses.

During E.A.S.T., check out the awesome goods on display, from gig posters to sweet t-shirts, and invest in local, edgy art that you can opt to show off on your wall or on your body. 2602 E. Cesar Chavez Rd.



We’re going to go ahead and assume that Michael Sieben doesn’t have a business card—namely because he’s doing so much that there’s no way it can all fit on a 3.5 x 2-inch piece of cardstock. Professional designer and illustrator, managing editor at Thrasher Magazine, co-founder of Roger Skateboards, writer, husband and dad…the guy does it all, and counts companies like Adidas and C3 Presents among his clients.

This weekend, however, you can throw all that extra info to the side and just focus on him as an artist. His whimsical (kinda weird…but in a good way) work will be on display as stop #238 on the Art Tour—along with his building mates, Arts and Recreation. And the best part? This promise, found on Sieben’s website: “Bring a koozie, and we’ll plop a beer in it.” Okay, if you insist. 2604 E. Cesar Chavez St.



Another artist commune of sorts, Up is comprised of 21 studio spaces and a 1,600 square foot gallery. Relatively new on the scene (it was established in 2011), the collective doesn’t just feature visual arts, but music, theatre performances and yoga as well.

The members specialize in different media, resulting in works ranging from contemporary jewelry to ink work, video and even skateboards and surfboards, and if you’re looking to enjoy an array of art all under one roof and meet the minds—and hands behind it—Up is a must-do this weekend. 2326 E. Cesar Chavez St.



Illustrator and artist Sophie Roach claims she discovered her love of drawing when doodling non-stop during her classes at University of Washington (a practice that anyone who’s sat through a monotonous lecture–or even a particularly dull conference call–is sure to find relatable). Since her student days, the work of the self-taught artist has made the transition from notebook paper to…well…almost every other surface imaginable.

Her intricate yet playful designs–which are equally impressive in color and black and white–have adorned skateboards and guitars, the walls of student lounges and SXSW venues, and even tennis shoes. That said, if your kicks need customizing, you should consider coming by. 1401 E. Fourth St.




Stylized SprATX (and pronounced spray-tee-ex), this collective consists of street artists, muralists and general creative forces in the Capital City. The force between #ATXFreeArtFriday–for which they create and hide art in the community each Friday for people to discover and claim–and a positive presence at festivals like Fun Fun Fun, SprATX will open its doors this weekend and offer  “cool art, good drinks, a funky photo booth and awesome people.” Sign us up. 501 Pedernales St.


Know another must-see spot to hit during EAST? Let us know in the comments below!

Contributed by Sam Sumpter

Minnesota w/ G Jones, Jackal | Empire Garage 11/22

Empire Control Room & Garage is one of the most inviting venues in Austin for electronic music of all varieties. This Saturday, November 22, they are bringing in one of the most innovative electronic producers to come out of the West Coast bass music movement, Christian Bauhofer, also known as Minnesota.

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Christian Bauhofer moved to Santa Cruz, CA when he was 18 and quickly immersed himself in the emerging EDM culture led by Bassnectar, Pretty Lights and the Glitch Mob. He has since released a string of albums, performed at nearly every major festival nationwide, and performed with the likes of STS9, Big Gigantic, MiMOSA and Gramatik.

Joining Minnesota on his current tour are like-minded electronic producers G. Jones and Jackal. G. Jones has been known to battle with Minnesota at certain shows, and collaborations the two have done are on point. Jackal, originally from England, is another established producer and DJ in the electronic dance music scene, with his beats often finding their way into the sets of artists from Skrillex to Diplo.

Need last minute tickets while a little low on cash? Head to Do512 for all other info and a chance to win a pair of tickets to Minnesota, G. Jones and Jackal at Empire on 11/22.