World Cup Final Preview

From the organization to the exuberance, the people of South Africa have enhanced this World Cup and made it one of the best in history and this Sunday’s final between the Netherlands and Spain will add yet another chapter to the tournament’s history book.

For the first time since 1978 a country that has never won the World Cup will take the thirteen pound gold trophy back to their people. The Netherlands are making their third appearance in the final, the game they have yet to win which has earned the Dutch the onerous distinction of being the best team to have never won the World Cup. For Spain, this is the first time they’ve progressed past the quarterfinals, earning them the title of “consistent underachievers.” But now, with this team, hoping against hope, the people of Spain feel their team can do more, they can bring home the trophy that says their team is the best in the world.

Saturday’s game for third place has just as much national pride at stake. Uruguay, the South Atlantic country of less than 4 million people, was the first country to win the World Cup and brought the trophy home twice before Germany’s first. Since then, it’s been all Germany with three. While the gold isn’t at stake, the pride of their people is. Both teams play a fast-paced, offensively oriented style. This should be a great game to watch.

The global audience watching Sunday’s final on television will run into the hundreds of millions, far exceeding the number that watch any other sporting event. Careers will be defined and immortals will be made.

Here’s your schedule in Texas time and a few places you can go to watch history being made:

Uruguayvs.Germany -Jul 10 1:30pm on ABC

Final: Netherlands vs.Spain-Jul 11 1:30pm on ABC

The Lion & Rose (

Fado Irish Pub (

Third Base (

Black Sheep Lodge (

Opal Divine’s (

Article courtesy of Earl Lundquist and his blog This Is Soccer.

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