Just a Girl and Her Guitar: Happy Hours With Melissa Engleman at Hole in the Wall

The only thing better than Saturdays is mashed potato and gravy volcanoes, flying squirrels, and bar tabs that are miraculously paid for as good music is being played in the distance. Ah. You’re on your own when it comes to the potatoes and flying squirrels but Do512 can take care of miraculous bar tabs on Saturdays and really good music for you.

Melissa Engleman has taken over happy hour at Hole in the Wall on Saturday evenings with just her guitar and firecracker vocals leading the way. Not only that, but there’s a chance to win a $25 bar tab for the same time that she will be playing which is a sufficiently good way to kick your weekend festivities off right.

Embracing a sense of pure Americana, Engleman is known for her lyrics that capture the charm and wistful sense of community and folksy sound.

Seeing is believing and in order to fully appreciate the talented strums from Engleman it’s advised that you find her at the Hole in the Wall every Saturday. For your chance to win the bar tab prize, it’s also advised (and necessary) that you click “I Like It.”

4 Responses to Just a Girl and Her Guitar: Happy Hours With Melissa Engleman at Hole in the Wall

  1. Christal Rosa says:

    Things that are cooler than gravy mashed potato volcanoes and flying squirrels (IMO) …

    Action figures holding hands
    Tiny lizards who protect the number buttons on your phone
    Hidden hula-hoops behind your office door
    Pictures of your dog on your desk instead of your boyfriend
    Cat-head-shaped piñatas
    Homemade Willy Wonka hats
    Stuffed monkeys guarding binders
    Half-deflated beach balls
    Old-school metal slinkies
    Happy Meal toys
    Number 13 Skip-Bo cards
    Pipe-cleaner flowers

    Why are all of these things so cool? Because they are probably the last things you’d expect to find in someone’s work office, but yet they are in mine! :)

  2. Jon Hershey says:

    1. Live music.
    2. Living in Austin
    3. Happy hour PBR’s
    4. Free PBR’s
    5. Do512

  3. Do512 says:

    Your office sounds like ours!!! Awesome! Christal you our our winner! Email Rachel@do512 to claim your prize and thank you for entering Jon!

  4. Christal Rosa says:

    Hooray!!! Thank you!!! I’m excited to her rock the uke. :)

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