Das Racist at Emo’s East 10/28

Dude, Wonder Shozen is weiiiiiird stuff. Yeah, I’ve seen it. I also may still have copies in my purse that I rented months ago for a kitschy evening in with the crew and yes, I have been charged sufficiently for them. Through the haze induced by giant vodka soaked gummy bears (we were being intentionally lame, ok?) Beat Kids made me laugh, Tim & Eric like skits made me cry and once distinct small child was given his 2.7 seconds of fame where his only job was to yell “DAS RACIST!”

Hello, band name.

That freaking child carried out his legacy before he was four and where…am…I? But I digress. Das Racist is known for their obscure references, their odd sources of inspiration and, their innovation in the world of rap. SXSW has done them well and, if you recall, last March seemed like there was a Das Racist show happening at every venue on every corner all during SX. No one can say they didn’t work hard that’s for sure.

Hey look! They’re on SPIN. Das rad. Giggle issue worthy too.

The band attracts a wide audience and is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and innovative bands hitting the studio today. Brain power in music is always awesome.

Be sure and check out their own wonder show here in Austin at the new, swankadoo Emo’s East this Friday! Das awesome.

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