Senses Fail at Emo’s East 11/18

This Friday, Nov. 18, Emo’s East will be giving you a chance to let out all of your stress from the week. Such great people, those Emo’s East cats. They’ve booked a show that will let you spaz out and growl all while getting in touch with your emotions.

Don’t let your Senses FailStick to Your Guns and at least Make Do And Mend with your sense of hearing so that you can keep up with The Story So Far. Wait…what? I don’t know…but I do know that those are the bands that are playing. I also know that Do512 is giving away some tickets!

Senses Fail have been rocking teenage angst-ridden faces off for nearly a decade. With their latest album, The Fire, the band finally feels as though they’ve sort of honed-in on their intended sound. They claim this to be an album that focuses on climbing up and over shit mountain as opposed to just camping out there.

Stick To Your Guns is all about straight edge hardcore stuff. So come out Friday and do that thing where you sort of mosh with straight arms and make that weird face…you know you want to.

Make Do And Mend are the up-and-coming stars of the melodic post-hardcore punk genre. I’m old and don’t know what that means. But I saw this picture, and I’m a fan of anyone who continues to rock even if their face is bleeding.

The Story So Far is a rock band that likes to party and whose influences are, “lucifer on the top of mt. diablo on his 666th birthday,” according to their FB page. Whether you like them or not, that’s clever.

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