Befriend the Bears EP Release, 1/22 @ The Parish

According to their website, you have no choice but to Befriend the Bears once in their presence. Formerly known as A Likely Few, they went through a bit of a lineup change which caused them to go through a bit of a sound change as well. They went from folksy charm-induced music to jazzed up psychedelic rock. They’re releasing their debut EP so, naturally, they feel like celebrating! They’ll be sharing the love Sunday, Jan. 22 at The Parish and are bringing their friends Shakey Graves, The White White Lights and Rikavista.

They must be pretty pumped about this EP because they are throwing quite the party. The first 50 people who show up will get a free Lone Star and they will be giving away an iPod Shuffle completely stocked with all the artists that are playing the show. We are pretty pumped too, because if you RSVP to this event from our site, you will be given a chance to win free tickets as well as the chance to win an ultimate prize bag with two free tickets, one copy of the EP, one T-shirt, two stickers, two buttons and one commemorative show poster. Holy balls we’re sweet! Still not excited? They’re going to have a frickin’ photo booth too. That’s hours of drunken fun so commit to this event, dammit!

The White White Lights are fans of some rockin bitches such as The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Pixies. With influences like these it’s no wonder that they’re known for their stage presence and their ability to remain sexy while singing angsty-type lyrics. Gaining attention from the likes of the Austin Sound and the Austin Chronicle, The White White Lights are a must-see.

Shakey Graves “is a gentleman from Texas,” according to his facebook page. And really, what more is there to say? Him and his guitar are sure to make you swoon.


Rikavista is an alt-rock indie band (I know that’s such a vague term these days, looks like you’ll just have to check them out yo’self) who have been best buds for most of their lives. After one of their Granny’s offered her entire upstairs to their musical production endeavors, the band had the chance to hone their skills and become a popular act here in Austin. Door at 8, don’t be late!!

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