Opening Bell at Brew Exchange 2/16

Consider the thrill of the stock market: fluctuating prices, the exhilaration of a big win, an excuse to wear a power suit and pretend your name is Mortimer. Take away the risky high-stakes pressure of important things like the price of gold and frozen orange juice, throw 72 of the best beers into the mix, and voila! You’re at Brew Exchange. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the opening of the newest bar on West 6th, whose opening its doors on Thursday, February 16th with the Opening Bell at 7pm.

Brew Exchange offers 72 beers on tap, each with a constantly fluctuating price depending on supply and demand. I don’t know much about the money biz or stock market, but I know the same ideas apply here – so in theory, if a bunch of people order a certain beer, the prices of other beers will drop. I imagine this will provide endless joy and entertainment, especially when a beer that you love dearly but costs an arm and a leg at other bars (take Lindeman’s Framboise, for example) suddenly drops down into your price range. In fact, you’ll likely find a lot of your standard go-to-brews on draft and I guarantee you’ll discover new favorites as well. Locals, imports, crafts, light beers, fruity beers, heavy beers, beers that’ll put some hair on your chest, beers that are served in fancy glasses, beers with hints of molasses. Beers with names you can’t pronounce, beers too good to share with your spouse. They thought of everything, including a real-time price ticker on the wall showing the changing values of the drafts.

After the huge success of the soft opening last weekend, the official Opening Bell is sure to be the place to be on Thursday night.

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