Need To get something done? helps you do it.

Ever stared at your cluttered garage and thought to yourself, “I’d pay ___ dollars for someone to organize this thing.” Or maybe that garage of yours is totally pristine, but that website you’ve been working on needs a few tweaks, or you need someone to teach you how to dougie. What ever you Need To get done, can help you do it.

Here’s how it works:

Need To get something done? Click and type where it says “I need to…”  on the front page and finish the sentence with your Need(s). Provide a short description of your Need, as well as your location, time frame and budget, then click “Post Your Need” and wait for the offers to roll in. Pick the offer that suits you best and get your Needs met on your terms.

Looking to make some money? It’s easy. First, create a profile and equip it with your name, contact info, a fabulous photo, and a quick rundown of who you are, what skills you possess, and what you’re looking for in terms of work. Next, click the “Make Money” button on the front page to check out all of the Needs in your area. When you find a job or project that you can do with a budget that works for you, click the “Make an Offer” button and name your price. The rest is all fun and games.

The site is a popular go-to for people with around-the-house Needs, but in a city as busy as Austin there’s always potential for BIG and EXCITING opportunities to pop up on the NeedTo feed. For example, TabbedOut is currently looking for talented and outgoing individuals to promote their mobile app during SXSW at designated TabbedOut venues. They’ve posted a budget of $375, and anyone with an Iphone or Android who’s used TabbedOut at least once is eligible for the gig (offer now!).

SX is hectic by design, which means there’s always something needing to get done to keep up with the craziness. So whether you need a last minute photographer, clean up crew, bartender, driver, door man, promo girl, marketing whiz or creative genius, might be just what you need to take care of business.

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  1. Tonia Boyd says:

    Need help loading furniture into rental truck on May 8, 2012.

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