National Margarita Day is February 22!

National Margarita Day 2012 is February 22! Why February 22? Why not! There is much debate as to the exact individual responsible for inventing the classic margarita, although it was during the 1930’s or 1940’s. Frozen margaritas were invented later in 1970’s when an inventive bartender converted a soft serve ice cream unit into a frozen margarita machine. Whether you prefer a classic margarita on the rocks or frozen, it is the most common tequila based cocktail in the United States today.

National Margarita Day was started to celebrate the margarita, plain and simple. Friendship, good times and memories of somewhere warmer are all great reasons to enjoy a margarita. If you’re looking for good Margaritas in Austin, we know where to find ’em! Whether you like it frozen or on the rocks, Silver, Gold, or Añejo, with salt or not, check out our list to quench that thirst!

Also check out Margarita Town, our Spotify playlist for all things Margarita!

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