William Fitzsimmons with Noah Gundersen @The Parish 03/03/12

William Fitzsimmons is a neo-folk musician whose profound lyrics and simple, yet delicate melodies would captivate any audience. His songs are honest and beautifully detailed, resembling more of a poem than a song. Fitzsimmons was raised in a household where music and storytelling were crucial to his family’s ability to communicate with one another. That is because both of Fitzsimmons’ parents were blind. So, for Fitzsimmons, songs were much more than lyrics set to a melody, but a way to describe the world around him and a means to tell a story. As a result, Fitzsimmons became an amazing musician!

Fitzsimmons is loyal to the folk genre, but he also mixes folk music with electronic music, which makes for a new and interesting sound. He has been compared to Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and Elliot Smith. To say that he is in good company is an understatement! His 2008 album, “The Sparrow and the Crow,” was named iTune’s Best Folk Album. It looks like that this singer-songwriter is poised to have an amazing career. So don’t miss William Fitzsimmons and Noah Gundersen this Saturday at the Parish! Click here to buy tickets in advance. For more information, click here!

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