The 13th Annual Heart of Texas Rock Fest March 14-17

Today is the first official day of March y’all…and you know what that means. South by Southwest is on its way. Every year over 200,000 people and 30,000 industry professionals flock to Austin for ten days of shows, screenings, interactive events, conferences and general debauchery. It is an unbelievably epic event that totally exemplifies the awesomeness that Austin is all about. However, official SXSW badges are pretty pricey and not all of us can afford a badge or have the time to volunteer.

Which is why we LOVE unofficial events. During SXSW week there are a ton of  these cool events going on that will blow your mind. And one of those badass events is the annual Heart of Texas Rock Fest.

Now in its 13th year, the Heart of Texas Rock Fest features the best unsigned talent that Austin, the surrounding southwest region and even America have to offer. The event is strategically scheduled around SXSW so that these rad artists can get the attention they deserve! Every year hundreds of fantastic indie acts perform at venues and bars around Austin, as well as at the Heart of Texas Rock Fest stages downtown.

And this year is going to keep up the greatness. From March 14-17 a bunch of local indie artists are going to take the stage and show the audience what Texas alternative music is all about. Check all the bands out here. THERE ARE SO MANY.

In our music-centric city, these artists really are the “heart” of it all. These are the bands that make the Austin music scene truly great. The Heart of Texas Rock Fest is a fantastic way for unsigned talent, music executives and fans to come together and support the Texas alternative rock scene. Last year alone, 40,000 people came to rock out and show their support for these yet-to-be discovered talents. How cool is that? And Rock Fest really does have great artists that come out to perform. Some past performers include: George Lynch, Blue October, Bob Schneider, Tom Morello, Ghostland Observatory and MORE.

Best of all? This event is totally FREE. No wristbands. No badges. Zip. Nada. Nothing. I honestly don’t know if there is anything better in the world than really awesome, FREE and local live music. It’s like Christmas…only better.  Come see for yourself!

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