Yep, more free concerts: Of Monsters & Men, The Pierces, and more!

Have you heard about this thing called SXSW? Evidently, there are a ton of bands that come into town that play free shows. Because you’re reading this and not attending pretentious “networking brunches,” I’ll assume you’re badgeless for this week. In that case, here’s the deets on a pretty sweet show going down at Haven this Thursday:

Bands: Of Monsters & Men, The Pierces, Cris Cab, Electric Touch, and various artists on the Red Bull Soundstage.

                                                              Time: 1-5 PM

Of Monsters & Men is a really, really cool folky outfit from Iceland. They’re responsible for a #1 track on Iceland’s music charts, which is judged by whatever song makes the most people climb out of their igloos and dance in the permafrost streets. What’s even better is that their name is an easily pronounceable literary reference, which is much simpler to talk about than, say, Músiktilraunir (the musical competition they won to garner all their fame). Check out their song, “Little Talks,” and do your best not to smile and tap your foot along-

The lineup only gets more eclectic from there. The Pierces are a sister duo that sing songs that alternate between 70s folk vibes and more modern acoustic sensibilities. Cris Cab is a 17-year-old that rose to fame doing reggae-tinged covers of pop songs. If you’re curious to see what a white teenager covering Wiz Khalifa’s stoner anthem looks like, here it is-

Finally, rounding out the bill is Austin’s own Electric Touch. I was lucky enough to see them at a Do512 Lounge Session awhile back, and they put on a show as charged as their moniker. Plus, the event features the musical stylings of the well-known group, “Open Bar.” This band has been featured all across the country and has such hits to its name as “Free Booze” and “Pour Me Another.” Open Bar is known for its incredibly broad appeal and its ability to make people dance who would otherwise have no inclination to do so.

We can’t force you to check out Universal Music Group’s Artist Showcase on Thursday, but we can shame you about choosing to stay in and stream the Jay-Z concert again. Don’t make us shame you.

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  1. Jen Wilkinson says:

    How can I get all the great shows without a pass! xo :}

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