Alamo Drafthouse On Slaughter

As you may have heard the Drafthouse has a new location and it opened this past week! I was lucky enough to snag a couple of tickets to Hunger Games midnight release, but I won’t bore you with that awesomeness ($200 Million in the first weekend, yeah go see this movie). I want to talk about the new theater! Now, you may not realize this but every single Alamo Drafthouse is different. More often than not they reflect the community that surrounds the theater, along with a little bit of Alamo wonky-ness.

The Slaughter Lane location is closer to the suburb side of South Austin, and it’s reflected in the theater. Everything is shiny and new, you wouldn’t weird out a soccer mom by taking her here, and it hosts a very hip little side bar called 400 Rabbits. The seats are little different too, there’s tables for every two patrons so that people don’t need to worry about ducking under the family style benches at other locations. The side bar also allows for a full bar, when you’re not feeling like beer.

Image via the Digital Texan

Another new innovation that is also being tested at the South Lamar location is priority and grouped seating. You can pay a little extra to be in the first wave of 20 patrons to be seated and then people allowed in in groups of twenty according to your ticket number. The system still has some kinks to work out but I got general feedback that people liked it. The only problem that I’ve seen so far is when people from around Austin are trying to meet up for a movie. If one person has paid for the tickets they need to run down to the theater, which may be across town, to grab them early to get a good group number. There was also a bit of a mob waiting to get in when I saw another film at the South Lamar location this Sunday, which always feels like more of a hassle than a nice line of people, but maybe that’s my British heritage.

If you live in South Austin the new Slaughter location is definitely a great option now when you want to see a mainstream movie or you want a nice casual drink without the noisy restaurant in the background.

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