Halaska, Three Leaf with Brandon Callies Band and Strangelove @ The Parish 4/18

Texas bands unite! Austin may be the live music capitol of the world, but some musicians aren’t just passing through – they’re engraining their sound into Austin’s music scene week after week, garnering a concentrated fan following while getting the most out of the musical facets of the city. I’m talking about bands who live right here in Austin and surrounding Texas towns – bands that you have the potential to run into at the supermarket, laundromat or record store.

Wednesday at The Parish, come see an intimate homebase show featuring Texas bands Halaska, Three Leaf, Brandon Callies Band and Strangelove. What could be more important for a music fan than supporting local artists? These guys work hard, jumping around Austin from venue to venue and also participating in SXSW and other Austin-based music events.

Halaska is comprised of members with very different musical backgrounds, and as a result, their collective sound is interestingly experimental and edges upon an avant-garde style with looming, airy guitar riffs and ever-changing tempos. Halaska works hard to structure songs in a fresh way that is characteristically odd but always entertaining.

San Marcos band Three Leaf has a nice mixture of heavy guitar riffs alongside melodic wails set to upbeat tempos that escalate to high levels of awesomeness. With hints at folk and bluegrass, with occasional banjo-use, these guys utilize many different styles to produce a warbly, feel-good sound.

The Brandon Callies Band also balances a fair amount of acoustic-based tunes with a strong guitar sound. Dallas’ Strangelove is a group with an echo-y, otherworldly and darkly intriguing sound that is said to have been inspired by early Radiohead tunes.

These bands all reside in familiar Texas areas, and are warmly welcomed in Austin. These guys are great examples of local acts that rock under the radar. They may not be hugely famous just yet, but they have styles and catchy tunes that have the potential to throw them into stardom – catch them in a the small, intimate venue of The Parish on Wednesday before they hit the big time and sell out arenas. Do512 also has a pair of free tickets up for grabs, so make sure to enter to win!

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