The Boxing Lesson w/ Megafauna and Residual Kid @ the ND on May 10th

It is well known that Austin has a long and rich history of producing seminal psychedelic rock bands.  Starting with the godfathers of the genre, Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, the city quickly became a mecca for hippies and cosmic cowboys in the late 1960s.  Clubs like the Vulcan Gas Company and Armadillo World Headquarters featured groundbreaking acts such as the Golden Dawn, Red Krayola, Moving Sidewalks, Shiva’s Headband, Bubble Puppy, and Cold Sun, amongst many others.  In the last decade there has been a renaissance of psychedelic music in Austin, spearheaded by modern day psych warriors The Black Angels.

One of the most unique and innovative bands to carry the torch in recent years is The Boxing Lesson.  Mixing swirling, soaring guitars with synthesizers instead of bass, the trio is able to expand minds beyond the boundaries of what other psych rock bands have been doing.  If the Legendary Pink Dots teamed with the Cult, you might get somewhere near the intensity of what The Boxing Lesson has to offer.   Coming off a wildly successful SXSW stint and the release of a brand new 7” EP “Health Is the New Drug,” the space-rockers will be stopping by east side hot spot The ND at 501 Studios on May 10th.  From experience, it would be highly advisable to bring a set of ear plugs to this show, as both the band and the PA at the venue are notoriously LOUD!

Opening the show is local experimental grunge punk outfit Megafauna.  Led by powerhouse guitar heroine Dani Neff, Megafauna redefines the boundries of the standard indie rock format.  The band layers gorgeously serene vocals on a rock and roll foundation which seamlessly alternates between blasts of garage rock and moody electronic textures.  Local poet laureate Thax Douglas has proclaimed that they are “one of the best bands on the planet.”

Also on the bill is Residual Kid, comprised of musicians well beyond their years, Ben Redman (13, drums), Deven Ivy (13, guitar) and Max Redman (11, bass) have a penchant for face-melting alternative rock.  Brothers Ben & Max Redman met Deven Ivy in 2009 during a summer Rock Camp and forged a friendship through their musical interests and talent, playing venues in and around Austin, TX.  So head over to the ND on May 10th for an evening of music that brings together the rich musical heritage of Austin’s past with the next generation of rock and rollers.

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