The Re-Purpose Project Contest & Giveaway!

LOOK OUTSIDE! There’s a 98% chance you’re seeing a sunny gorgeous day out the window. Because you’re in Austin, Texas dammit, and perfection isn’t too much to demand. You’d like to take advantage, but you’re not sure where to go or what to do. Where could you find a list of Austin’s finest patches of land for you to love all up on? A comprehensive listing of parks in Austin might help. Easy peasy.

In honor of National Park Week April 21 – 29 and Earth Day April 22, we want to give back to you for giving back; recycling. Re-purposing, more accurately, with our Re-purpose Project Contest!

To enter the contest in which one lucky winner will get a killer prize pack, take something you found or something you already own and re-purpose it! Then use Instagram to take a photo of the end product, tag it with #do512 and explain what you’ve got there. It’s a way of making use of something you might have otherwise thrown away, while getting creative, while saving the planet, while winning lots of great free stuff.  Example:

Take that ratty old coffee cup you found on the lawn:

You realize you shouldn’t be drinking out of it anymore, so instead of throwing it away, you RE-PURPOSE IT!

Hey! That coffee cup looks fantastic as your new plant holder!

Or a play phone! Classic!

That’s just silly, but you get the point. Instead of buying something new, re-purpose something old and share your photos/ideas with us!

THE WINNER gets all this great stuff:

Get creative!
Contest ends April 30 at midnight. We’ll pick a winner Tuesday, May 1st. 

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