Jesse Woods TONIGHT at Lambert’s!

My first experience with Jesse Woods occurred back in 2007 when, on a patio of a friend’s apartment, he would nestle in and sing a few songs. As his harmonica began to sound and guitar strings strummed, he would hum out tunes late into the Texas starlight. As if unaware of the captivated listeners about, he would sing from his soul, with each melody an unmistakable emotion pulsing throughout. With simplistic complexity and a laid back attitude, to compare Woods to another artist wouldn’t do justice to all that he has to offer.

Jesse Woods sings songs that in some way hold the words you already feel but could never quite explain before. His voice is the parting of the clouds after a long hard rain or that endless summer sunset with colors you can almost taste.

It’s hard to imagine a world without the talent or passionate ease of this guy. From California to Texas and stops in between he has begun to make his impact on the music world. Including Austin City Limits Music Festival, Snowball Music Festival, and SXSW, Woods is no stranger to the stage. He will have your mind entranced in his words and your heart inflated by his sound. You owe it to yourself to listen to his music, or at least taste it and see how you feel.


For tickets to Lamberts TONIGHT: C3Presents

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by Ashley Gregg

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