Black Sheep’s 3rd Anniversary Party 5/19

Black Sheep Lodge has been dishing out some of Austin’s finest hamburgers, beer and buffalo wings in a welcoming, picnic-style front parking lot beer garden for almost three years now. In honor of the delicious food and beverages regularly wielded by Black Sheep, all humans from far and wide are cordially invited to Black Sheep’s 3-year anniversary party on May 19th!

Black Sheep gained some immediate notoriety when they first opened in 2009, not yet approved for a liquor license. Black Sheep parters Troy Moore, Keith Sandel and Brian Pacheco decided to give away free beer with food orders until the liquor license was approved. Needless to say, the grand opening of Black Sheep was overflowing with people that day. Free beer can really draw a crowd.

Today, Black Sheep hasn’t lost popularity. It’s classy yet man cave-ishly awesome, with amenities like a full bar, pool table, air hockey and many TVs tuned to ESPN. The front beer garden is a quaint area ideal for friendly get-togethers. The food is that hit-the-spot bar food that we all crave so much – The Black Buffalo burger was named a Best Burger Pick by Texas Monthly in 2009. Black Sheep also offers a cute but seriously awesome slider dish, as well as the Greenbelt Vegetarian burger. There is something for all tastes at Black Sheep. Don’t forget to indulge in their appetizer menu as well – they have fried cheese curds . . . yup, my life has been made.

And, let’s not forget the drinks. Oh, yes. Black Sheep seeks out the finest local breweries, offering local varieties as well as many options on tap. The plethora of fine drafts offered by Black Sheep has marked them as one of Austin’s most well-supplied taverns. They offer daily drink specials that are mighty reasonable price-wise. In fact, come Saturday, May 19th, Black Sheep’s drink specials are as follows: $3 Well Drinks and $2 White Trash Cans including Lone Star and PBR Tallboys, Schlitz, Pearl and others. There is also going to be hourly drink specials all day long, which will feature a new beer or liquor every hour on the hour! Sounds pretty awesome to me. Also, the guys at Black Sheep will be tapping their last keg of Sierra Nevada Rouge 66, which is a beer they brewed themselves. Not only will there be tons of drink options and delicious food, but amazing prizes given away just for attending and hanging out. Lastly, and what I’m most excited for, there will be a snow cone bar on the patio with lots of flavors to choose from and alcohol to add to the tasty treats.

So, now you know why Black Sheep is awesome. Grab your friends and hit up Black Sheep on South Lamar Saturday, May 19th starting at noon for their special 3rd anniversary party!

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