Joel McHale @The Long Center 05/19/12

I kind of have a thing for men with strawberry blonde hair and comedians. So, to say that Joel McHale is my dream man is an understatement. I may have shed a tear of excitement when I saw he would be performing in Austin on May 19th at The Long Center. What can I say? I am a sucker for sarcasm. While he might not be your definition of a dreamboat, he is without a doubt an amazing comedian.

You may know him from his hosting gig on E! or his staring role on NBC’s Community, and if you don’t, shame on you! There’s much more to Joel than his mischievous smile and sense of humor. He also happens to be a husband and father (to my dismay), making him a pretty average guy, yet with the ability to give you a laughing cramp. You know kind – where you can’t catch your breath and your abs start to ache. So, if you’re a huge fan or just looking for a good laugh in a Saturday night, make sure to check out Joel McHale on May 19th at The Long Center. Click here to buy tickets in advance or here for a chance to one of two pairs of tickets!

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  1. Jewlie says:

    Just so the world knows. . I will some how be at this show. That is all. Even if I have to cry at the doors as my friend Joel’s doppelganger tries to convince the door dudez that he is Joel. #makingthingshappen #brokelife

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