Lights & Music’s “Silent City”

Freakin’ laser beams and fog machines, y’all!

Yes, you heard me. Plus a truckload of badass tunes playing straight to your braaaain!

Okay, maybe not directly to your brain, but the headphones you get to wear will constantly be pumping multiple waves of music for your listening pleasure. You can even change the channel on your headset and listen to another DJ’s mix.

Here’s how it works:  buy tickets, get there this Friday (May 25) at 9 pm, receive headset, grab drink at the bar, and then get down on the dance floor. Tired of that song? Change the station. Need a break? Take headset off and enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere while watching others jam out in their heads.

Having been to an event like this, I know first-hand how amazingly awesome this event will be… It will be the most chill DJ’ed event you’ve ever been to, yet, at the same time, the most ingenious.

Joining us for an evening of bass-pumping goodness at The Eastern will be Joel Albers (The Burning Ear), apollo zeitgeist, uLOVEi, DJ KB and Feature Cuts.



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