Win Some Money Towards a Bunny – Win Your Own TaskRabbit & Get Your Life Together!

Weird title right? It’s totally, totally relevant. Read on!

Are you bored by chores? Do you find tasks tedious? Do you weep when you have to sweep? Do you get chills when there’s something you gotta build? We could go…all…day but we won’t. If you said yes to any of these questions, then it sounds to us like you need a TaskRabbit.

A whatsthatchusay? A TaskRabbit! Want someone to build you a TV stand because your bum roommate hauled yours out in the move even though you totes went halfsies at the IKEA last September? Call a TaskRabbit.

Need someone to make a really good quinoa spinach dish to impress that vegetarian girl you have your eye on at your next house party? Do you need someone to explain to you what quinoa is? Do you need someone to explain to you what spinach is, perhaps? CALLLLLLL a TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is a mobile app and website that connects people with others in their neighborhood to get everyday skills and tasks done.

They also have a sincere devotion to keeping the site safe and secure and all of their rabbits go through an extensive background check and interview process. Also, folks who have used certain rabbits can rate them so you can see what others in the community think about their work as well.

Really, truly, you can call them for anything. To prove it, TaskRabbit gave our general manager, Kristin, a gift card to put towards her very own task rabbit.  While the office was more than willing to give her a vast array of suggestions on what to use it on, some more appropriate than others, she decided on using it to have her rabbit build her a custom jewelry board for her new condo. She posted the task as this blog post was being born, and within the hour her very own TaskRabbit texted her to get rolling. We’ll update you on the progress so stay tuned. Here’s how it’s gonna work:

Cue you: “HELLO?! Where’s MY TaskRabbit jewelry board maker?” Ok, ok we’re getting to that, little homie.

We are going to be holding a two week contest where we give away $50 gift cards towards a TaskRabbit. To enter, post what you would use a TaskRabbit for if you had one. Starting next Thursday, we’ll be giving away one gift card a day to our favorite task posters. Winners will have one week from the day they won to use their gift card. Afterwards, you should write us a blurb about your experience and we’ll publish it on our blog and launch you to Google FAME! Not really, but we will publish it so others can hear the magic of the Rabbit.

Hanging that hammock or mowing that lawn doesn’t seem so daunting now does it? Feeling better about making that bunt cake? Feel inspired to get that random airstream in your backyard totally redone? Hey, get a TaskRabbit. It ain’t no thing.

What’s the most cliche ending for this post? Wait for it……

Hop to it! (ba doom pssh!) Find out more about how they can simplify your life on Twitter and Facebook.



6 Responses to Win Some Money Towards a Bunny – Win Your Own TaskRabbit & Get Your Life Together!

  1. Jen Bertrand says:

    I would totally use this to get someone to fix our backyard fence that is falling down. My husband and I just adopted a puppy, so a secure backyard is of utmost importance!

  2. Margot says:

    I would love help assembling the Adirondack chair and stool I got last weekend. (But if it’s between me and the new puppy, help the puppy have a safe yard instead!) :)

  3. Kathryn says:

    Id love some help getting organized. My parents just sold the house that I grew up in and now I have to make room for all the important stuff – like all those Halloween costumes that my mom made me.

  4. Do512 says:

    Thanks for the entries! In the future please post all on the contest page on Do512 or you may not get entered! We added these ourselves.

  5. [...] week we introduced you to TaskRabbit–a website/app and that connects people with others in their neighborhood to get everyday [...]

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