The Final Blue Tuesday @ Antone’s 5/29

We all recognize Antone’s as one of the most legendary blues venues here in Austin, so it makes sense that their Blue Tuesdays would be so popular among fellow blues lovers over the past few years. However, the time has come to say goodbye to these famous Tuesdays because this upcoming week’s will be the very last one. We know… it almost brings tears to our eyes thinking about it too, but you know that since it is the final one, it will be unforgettably awesome!

The Final Blue Tuesday will host Austin blues legends Derek O’Brien, Malford Milligan, Denny Freeman, and more! If you enjoy blues music, you seriously don’t want to miss out on these fantastic artists. Derek O’Brien is quite the guitarist who has graced the Antone’s stage many a times over the decades for good reason. But you won’t see why until you check him out yourself!

Malford Milligan is a great Austin-based blues singer who believe it or not has been compared to both Otis Redding and Al Green! If you feel like moving to some bluesy tunes, he has the perfect voice for it.

Denny Freeman, who has played with greats like Jimmie and Stevie Vaughn, is primarily a guitar player but also plays the piano and organ. He has also toured with Taj Mahal and the Phantom Blues Band, so trust us when we say he is exceptional.

Opening for these legends is Thee Unseen Eye. So, join us this Tuesday 5/29 in saying farewell to Blue Tuesdays at Antone’s. You don’t want to pass on this event because you won’t have another chance to see what these famous Tuesdays are all about! Tickets are $10, which can be purchased here, or click “I like it” here for a chance to win a free pair of tickets. Doors open at 7pm. Happy Blue Tuesday!


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  1. Derek OBrien says:

    Many thanks for the kind words about Blue Tuesday. Wanted to make sure that everybody knows we are not quitting, but just moving to Mondays. It will be every other Monday starting June 11th. Also, Denny Freeman is not scheduled to be on the bill this Tuesday (he played with us last Tuesday) but hopefully will be a special guest on upcoming Mondays.

    Derek O’Brien

  2. Scott McMillan says:

    Derek, I wish I could drive down from Lubbock to see that show. You’re an inspiration. I loved the shows you did back in the 90s with Lou Ann at Billy Blues in Houston and the work you did on her CDs and Snooky Pryor’s CD. I wish you’d make an instruction video about Texas blues.

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