Win Your Own TaskRabbit!

Last week we introduced you to TaskRabbit–a website/app and that connects people with others in their neighborhood to get everyday skills and tasks done. Convenient stuff! We’re holding a two week contest where we will be giving away $50 gift cards towards a TaskRabbit. To enter, post what you would use a TaskRabbit for if you had one.

This Thursday we’ll announce our first winner, and will choose one winner every weekday until Thursday June 14.  Hop to it! Make sure to submit at at this link, otherwise your entries won’t be included in the contest.

Here are our entries so far:

Margot - I would love help assembling the Adirondack chair and stool I got last weekend. (But if it’s between me and the new puppy, help the puppy have a safe yard instead!) :)

Kathryn - Id love some help getting organized. My parents just sold the house that I grew up in and now I have to make room for all the important stuff – like all those Halloween costumes that my mom made me.

Jen Bertrand – I would totally use this to get someone to fix our backyard fence that is falling down. My husband and I just adopted a puppy, so a secure backyard is of utmost importance!

Angela Walter – I would use them to mow the lawn and organize my closet!!

Tina Dufner – I am a girl with no knowledge of how to do normal ordinary thing. A task Rabbit will teach me crafts and hobbies Ive always wanted to get into, and now I can because I just graduated college and waiting to join the military.

Troy Olney - Housecleaning (particularly sweeping and mopping floors; dog hair is a bitch), and lawn maintenance/landscaping.

James Zimmerman – I  have been wanting to build levels in my condo, so I could certainly use a task rabbit to help me with that. Also, if someone could teah me how to barbecue really well, that would be stupendous. I will likely move out of Texas after graduation from UT (despite my overflowing love for the 512 and TX in general), so I would love to be that cool Texan who can BBQ well!

Leyla Kanafi – I work two internships and am out of the house from 9:30am-6:00pm. I just got a brand new kitten that requires insane amounts of attention, and I’m heartbroken that I leave him home alone for so long without anyone to play with him. If I hired a TaskRabbit, I’d ask them to play with my kitten, Bentley. He deserves a play partner :)

Matt Bradshaw – planting a garden!

Victoria Alvarez – I need a TaskRabbit to help/teach me how to cook. Qualifications:Be able to do a Paula Dean impression. Thats all.

Jillian Newman – I would love to have a knowledgeable soul to help me grow my garden. I have been trying to plant some tomatoes and herbs but as someone with a notoriously black thumb (I have even killed a Rosemary plant, which is essentially a weed…three times) I could really use the help.

Jessica Pollard -  need a task rabbit to mount my flat panel tv on the wall of my living room!

Reagan Evans - Hanging a swing for my two kiddos & a hammock for my wife in the backyard – perfect for watching me barbecue as we all celebrate Memorial Day this weekend!

Kathryn Rosenbluth - Replace broken window & the busted screen in garage

Juliette Buck – I would use it have a bookshelf put together.

David Scott – Help do errands the day before and day of my wedding. Too much to do and so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lesley Epperson – I had back surgery 6 months ago, and while there are a lot of things I can’t do now, the biggest thing I need help with is weeding my overgrown yard and carrying some potting soil, compost, and mulch bags to my back yard.

Rebekah Trevelise –  Wiping down all baseboard and shutters. Landscaping small backyard area.

Rachael Clawson - My exboyfriend and I were together for 8 years. He moved in with me last October and would rarely help around the house. Since he left me two weeks ago I haven’t really been in the mood to do any cleaning or clean up the mess he left. I would use the task rabbit to help get my apartment back in the order it was before he moved in.

Travis Austin – I  need someone to hang up and arrange pictures for me and my wife – else if we try it ourselves, it could possibly end in divorce. We don’t work on projects very well together. :)

Lance McNeil - I would try and get business for my small business coaching service.

Galia Farber - Hire movers – I’m a first-time home buyer and moving the end of June!

Sharlene Eaton - I would like to learn how to sew cute skirts from my TaskRabbit!

Ashley Fremer - I really want a custom built nail trim headboard made!!

Brandi Buller - Help me do housework!!!! I’m a single working mom and could really use a hand :)

Leslie Davis - To clean the family minivan before our summer trip. :> That would be much needed!

Josh Miller - I have a small storage shed that I bought more than 6 months ago. It’s been sitting in my backyard waiting to be assembled with all of the yard tools that will eventually go in it scattered around it.  I would LOVE to have a task rabbit come put it together for me! Please and thank you!!!

Kim Alexander - I’d love it if a Task Rabbit could show me how to do a French braid and a couple other
“up do” hair styles. Since the ’60′s (!), I’ve worn my hair long and hanging down. I’m ready to try something new! In addition, if I could learn a 10-minute max makeup routine for senior eyes, that would be terrific. Years ago a generous soul tried to give me $20 thinking I was homeless, which was embarrassing for both of us. But a recent attempt to look more “well-groomed” was nearly as humiliating and made it clear that I need some help. A Task Rabbit doing this project will work because I’ve got a million questions and four right thumbs. Thanks for this opportunity.

Tawney Gibson - This is the first I’ve heard of Taskrabbit so I’m not really sure what I would use it for. Right now I am using it for Austin Bike Zoo’s performance of A midsummer night dream.

Nick Galusha - I would love to get my lawn mowed, because my lawn mower no longer mows. Which begs the question, how much lawn could my lawn mower mow if my lawn mower could mow lawn? (3x fast challenge)

Kelsey Love - I would use my task rabbit to help me re-rig my oil pan on my car. My oil is leaking but can’t afford a new oil pan, so it needs to be looked at and fixed another way! I believe it can be done!

Kira Foster - Getting a costume for Otakon sewn!

Cleveland Dear - I need someone to run my dog around while I grind a few levels in the new StarWars MMO…or if you can level my main faster than I can, I will run the dog around.

Jennifer Sullivan - to keep informed

Jessica Meyer - Pick up dinner so I wouldn’t have to cook that night! :)

Courtney Mankin - Change out the LED lightbulbs in the fancy lighting over my sink.

Carol Underwood - I would like – first – to have a ceiling fan (I found one on freecycle) installed at an existing light fixture. I can’t do it, I have balance issues. The dogs would be so much more comfortable with it installed.

John Zamora - I would use my Task Rabbit to clean my backyard!

Liz Elam – I need a task rabbit to help me with my move. I am currently living in a friend’s house. I got very little notice that they are moving back from China. They have graciously agreed to let me store my stuff on their garage for a month. My lease won’t be ready until august 1st. I need help moving heavy stuff and arranging it in a thoughtful way. I can’t do it alone, I need help! Thank you for considering me, now pick me!

CJ Frick –  I’ve been stranded in my Round Rock apartment due to a broken ankle so there are dozens of around the house tasks I *should* use taskrabbit for…but really I would kill for some of my downtown Austin favorites, like mmmpanada, Franklin’s, Hill Country Pierogi, Torchy’s etc. I’d happily pay $50 for a delivery of any one of those to tide me over until I can break free from these crutches & get back to eating food that’s not from the freezer.

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