Abstract Emotions @ Austin Art Garage 05/31

Abstract art integrates lines and color in a form that when combined with a viewer’s imagination creates an artistic masterpiece. The swirls, the geometric shapes, and the not-so-random color blotches are painted in a manner that surface stories and emotions. This Thursday, Austin Art Garage presents Abstract Emotions featuring the works of Jessica Erickson and Gabe Langholtz.

Jessica Erickson is an abstract artist who exhibits “a free-spirited, yet controlled approach.” Erickson uses a lot of bright colors that attract a ¬†viewer’s eyes. Her brush strokes convey images that are deviations from reality. However, her art is still controlled in a way that portrays a solid and specific representation.

Gabe Langholtz is one of Austin’s very own abstract artists. Work by Langholtz has been displayed in multiple galleries in Austin, as well as published in many print publications. Langholtz paints with an open mind and allows his paint to surface ideas, rather than beginning to paint with an idea in mind.

Both Erickson and Langholtz have unique styles of abstract art. Erickson uses smooth curves and a structured flow, while Langholtz uses shapes and strong lines. However, both ultimately create quality abstract art.

So head out to Austin Art Garage tomorrow, May 31st, to view and experience the works of these two fine abstract artists. Interpret their works for yourself, and be enveloped in their painted emotions.

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