Band of the Year 2012!

If you are like me than every time someone mentions “battle of the bands” you probably immediately think of School of Rock. It’s undeniable that Jack Black’s performance in School of Rock helped increase people’s awareness of how amazing Battle of the Bands are. If you have ever wanted to see a Battle of the Band competition live, now is your chance!

Formula Expo is presenting the semi finals for Band of the Year 2012 competition in Austin! Band Of The Year 2012 is set to become the premier US competitive event for bands of all genres. This competition provides bands the opportunities to promote their music, reach new fans, and be recognized by a select of international panel of judges from across the entertainment industry.  The winning band will be crowned “Band of the Year 2012″ and will receive $1,000 cash prize, free gear, extensive press coverage, and the opportunity to play during race week of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix in Austin! Come see the semi finals at Stubbs on June 5th! Special guest star Nakia will perform as well!

The line up for the Band of the Year 2012 are

BK & Mr. E
Samuel Davidson Project
Soul Track Mind
Karl Morgan Band
Little Brave
Jess & The Echoes
and Nakia

tickets for the show are $10.00/$12.00 and can be purchased through

Come to Stubbs and support the Band of the Year 2012! Maybe if your lucky Jack Black will be there too!

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