Moving Hips to Scrounge at Gypsy Lounge

A wise wizard sage told me

If one were feeling lonely

One could find entertainment for free

At the fabled Lounge of Gypsy.

Control in Tejas moves lips to quiver

As Ancient VVisdom has new songs to deliver-

Acoustic songs that urge Satan to engender.

And The Wells’ rock makes spines to shiver

With Buffalo’s music to open this bender..

One musn’t miss this Friday event’s splendor.

Further weekend’s fun sees no cessation

With a CD release by Black Eyed Vermillion-

“Pleasure Tide” will herald punk and blues’ combination.

Openers Wino Vino‘s gypsy anthems deserve ovation

As do Nefesh’s Balkan dance creations

While VaNa MaZi‘s folk tunes will inspire hip gyration.

So come one, come all

To the Gypsy Lounge to have a ball!

Both events promise a grand time at The Gypsy Lounge. Control In Tejas begins at 10 P.M. on 6/1/12. The CD release party for Black Eyed Vermillion’s “Pleasure Tide” begins at 8 P.M. on Saturday, 6/2/12.

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