The Action Pack presents 80′s Dance Party!

God I love the 80s. For some reason, all other decades don’t stand a chance when compared to that tubular time period. Maybe it’s all the neon colored spandex or that fried crimped hair that won our attention. One thing is for sure, like totally for sure, the music! There are so many different genres that captured our hearts. You’ve got goth, dark wave, rock pop, new wave, hair metal, and hip hop. To name a few, and I mean a few, you’ve got The Cure, Billy Idol, Dead or Alive, Warrant, and Run DMC-it’s all 80s and we can all fight for our right to party to it.

 You Spin Me Round- by Dead of Alive                                       Do not google us to see what we look like now…it’s scary.

Every Friday night at 11pm, the Highball hosts the Action Pack  80s Dance Party. It’s FREE! Dress up in your finest zebra prints, wear your sunglasses at night, and crimp your hair. What?! You threw out your crimper in 1990? You fool! Luckily you can use your straightener to get the same effect.

Ok, now that your hair looks radical and you look pretty in pink it’s time to get into the groove, boy you’ve got to prove your love to me. What? Also, don’t forget to practice break dancing, slam-dancing, and the electric slide. Don’t have a dance partner? Bring Teddy Ruxpin. He’s been waiting for this moment.

Take me dancin' girl



It’s an 80s dance party ya’ll-what else do you need?! More inspiration? Here you go…

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