Light up your night at Fire Fest Music Festival

It’s hot. It’s summer. And its only going to get hotter. Why not beat the heat and enjoy some summer fun by attending the Fire Fest Music Festival?

Fire Fest Music Festival will take place on private properly near McKinney Falls, about a 15 minutes from downtown!

There’s an outstanding list of musicians lined up waiting for you to dance your heart out! The line up includes Wild Child, The┬áBlack and White Years, Leopold and His Fiction, Peter and the Wolf, Black Pistol Fire, Eagle Claw, The Sweet Nuthin, Eric Tessmer Band, Burning Avalanche, Scorpion Child, Holiday, The Wolf, La Migra, The White White Lights, Purple, The Docs, Human the Robot, Gobi, DJ Swamp. BP Fallon will host the festival.

This is not your usual Austin, Texas music festival. In addition to music, this Fire Fest Music Festival will have a designated fireworks area where you can purchase and set off your own fireworks as well as a water balloon fight with 20,000 water balloons.

And what’s better than a one day music festival? One thats overnight! At Fire Fest Music Festival you can camp on their grounds. The late night entertainment includes fire dancers, glassblowers, and a pyrotechnic DJ. There will be multicultural food vendors serving food throughout the night. And at 2 am, there will be a DJ and a dance party.

The festival ends on the second day at 3 pm. But not after you try a bloody mary that will be available the next day with their build your own bloody mary bar!

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