Make a Weekend of it at Frontier Bar

Rot Rally is this weekend, so you know what that means…It’s going to be extra loud and crowded downtown.  What to do? What to do? Maybe this weekend is the time to venture out into the east side. Maybe some place fancy and new like Frontier Bar. This one year old venue is hosting a medley of artists this weekend that you can’t miss.

Friday 06/08/2012-As in TODAY, Frontier Bar will host a fusion of 4 awesome bands-Kalu James, Rusty Vein, Well Dressed Thieves, and Morgue City. There is no cover tonight and the show kicks off at 9:00pm. Nigerian born Kalu James is a folk rock singer with a vivid and unique style of vocal delivery. Rusty Vein rocks out with his guitar-straight up. Well Dressed Thieves share their talented alternative rock and folk tunes with the help of the violin. Morgue City is also sure to inspire with their dark themes and beautiful tones.

Friday June 8th

Saturday is the CD Release Party of Amanda Lepre’s debut album “Beneath the Forest of Error.” Her music style has been described as Progressive Pop Metal, and who can disagree with her pounding acoustic rhythms and signature voice.  Chemical Grove & Da’Shade Moonbeam will be the special guests of the night, bringing some trip hop & hip hop to the table. There will also be a happy hour special starting at 7pm with Miss Izzy Cox. This album is four years in the making, so come out and support Amanda Lepre for all her hard work as she performs the entire “Beneath the Forest of Error” from beginning to end.

Saturday June 9th

Sunday, Frontier Bar has yet another enlightening show to help you close out your rot rally-free weekend. Nautical Almanac hails from Baltimore and stands by their vision- “We are 2 people, except when we are more. We do things, accept when we do no-thing.” So with that you get some artistic videography-filled experimentation with electronica mixed noise. Venison Whirled also offers their local bizarre streak and WTC gets you in the dancing mood with live dub. Also playing, Ichi Ni San Shi is local and loveable with their easy listening electronica, evolved with Bill Jeffery on the trumpet. Only $5 for this artistic and mind blowing performance.

Sunday June 10th

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