Sweetmeat @ The Highball 06/16

Everyone knows Austin is The Music Capital of the World. People hit the nail right on the head with this prestigious title. Not only is Austin known for having more concerts than any music lover could dream of, but the Austin-born talent is through the roof!

Opposite Day, Invisible Czars, Mostly Dead, and Mistress Stephanie are all local Austin bands who collaborated their efforts to make a power band — Sweetmeat. Locals love locals, and Sweetmeat is the epitome of local. The Meaters, as they call themselves, consist of Gina Holton, Sam Arnold, Leila Henley, Andy Nolte, Pat Kennedy, and Greg Yancey.

The music produced by Sweetmeat is a sort of transfusion of soul, R&B, Latin, Reggae, and Pop Ensemble. I know, whaaaaaat? Their website┬ásays it best: “Lauren Hill meets Jenny Lewis, Sade meets Selena, Billie Holiday meets Fishbone, B-52s meets Funkadelic — Nelly Furtado, Nelly McKay and Nelly all in one.”

I don’t know how they do it, but Sweetmeat has the talent to combine that jumble of genres into really good music. Their sound is unlike any other band and they rock it. “Sweetmeat blends heart-wrenching melodies, raw booty-shaking energy, 3-part harmonies, detailed instrumental arrangements, agile musicianship, and tasteful experimentation to create an essential musical flavor with little direct precedent.”

You’re intrigued now, aren’t you? Check ‘em out for yourself. Once you think you’ve got music genres figured out, BAM! Sweetmeat challenges that. They’re unique, they’re fun, they’re talented.

Sweetmeat will be playing this Saturday, June 16th, at the Highball with Whitney on the Moon. Locals, good music, AND it’s free? What are you waiting for?! Mark this event in your calendar…now!


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