Stay In Shape In Races and Runs Around the ATX!

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It’s no secret Austin is one of the fittest cities in the country. With numerous hike and bike trails, yoga and fitness options, and healthy eating shops and restaurants, we Austinites pride ourselves on maintaining healthy lifestyles. So naturally, there’s also plenty of opportunities to get out there and participate in runs, races, and marathons all year long. Some are very well known events, while others might be more low-key, but if you’re ready to run, Do512 has you covered.

Maybe you prefer to travel on bike or some other wheel-based contraption? Our Races and Runs In Austin list not only gives you upcoming footraces, but bike and ATV events as well. Whether you’re looking to dominate a 5K or complete a challenging mountain trail on your 4×4, we’ve got the scoop for active Austinites looking to race and run in the sun.

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Check out Do512′s Races and Runs In Austin page today for all the info on upcoming events happening all over the Austin area! And crank up the Rocky theme and start training today!

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