The Rocket Summer w/ The Scene Aesthetic and States

Start your weekend off right at The Parish.  With a heavy summer touring schedule, The Rocket Summer, The Scene Aesthetic and States pull into Austin this Saturday night.

The Rocket Summer is the solo project from Bryce Avary.  With five full-length albums under his belt, all receiving critical acclaim, this is not your average one-man-band.  Avary writes, records and produces every one of his albums, playing every instrument.  This guy just exudes massive amounts of talent.  His last album, Of Men and Angels, debuted on iTunes in the #1 position.  His latest creative masterpiece, Life Will Write The Words, was released only a week ago.

Remember MySpace?  The Scene Aesthetic surely does.  The duo gained much recognition after posting some of their first demo songs on the website.  Comprised of  Andrew de Torres and Eric Bowley, the Seattle- based group has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone magazine.

Members of the former bands Lydia and Copeland, came together and formed the magical collaboration known simply as States.  Don’t let singer Mindy White’s  small frame fool you.  This lady is a vocal powerhouse.  Their album, Room To Run, will be released next week, featuring seven bonus tracks.

If you are looking for a place to bob and weave to some sweet indie-pop tunes, get yourself to The Parish on Saturday.




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