Five Shades of Frunk with Bob Schneider the Busy Bee

If you have yet to see Bob Schneider live DO NOT WORRY, you have several chances to redeem yourself this month on his ATX Tour-Five Shades of Frunk. He is no stranger to the Austin scene as many of you may know. This Americana & Folk singer has gained notoriety throughout Austin with his diverse history in former bands. Not only has Schneider released albums through Universal Records and Vanguard, he also works with his own label, Shockorama Records. As if Bob hasn’t been busy enough he will also play all over Austin this month. Don’t miss a chance to see him perform his latest album A Perfect Day alongside some of his greater hits like “40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet)” from his album Lovely Creatures.

Bob Schneider's "A Perfect Day" released 2011

You can catch Schneider’s eclectic musical styles of funk, country, rock, and folk at the Saxon Pub twice this month. On Monday June 18th & 25th he will play with Lonelyland, Graham Wilkinson and Texas Guitar Women. Bob will also be playing at Antone’s twice. First with Nelo and The Orbans on Thursday June 21st. In between, he’ll be hosting a dinner party at Verde’s Mexican Parrilla on June 26th and on the 28th he will join TX Bluegrass Massacre at Threadgills. Lastly, back at Antone’s, Schneider will be reuniting with The Scabs to play alongside Black Pistol Fire and Leopold & His Fiction.

Bob is known for his strong husky voice with a scruffy good looking beard to match. His lyrics also take on more serious subject matter like drug addiction, alienation, and sadly lost romance. Yet his style wins the hearts of many, also taking a more positive turn with happy riffs and gentle tones. Seeing Bob solo is the key to any romantic evening with the one you love. Luckily, Verde’s on Bee Cave will be the perfect date. Just think of it, Bob will romance that special someone with his beautiful voice as you dine on a fancy meal that includes tequila lime butter bacon wrapped shrimp for starters. Yum!

Come out and become apart of Bob Schneider’s national fan base. His modern take on music, reminiscent of 1970s artists like Paul Simon and Neil Young, will surely gain your favor no matter what generation you come from.

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