Justin Sherburn Scores the Silent Film “Man with a Movie Camera” @ Alamo Draft House South Lamar

Have you ever tried watching really scary movies on mute? Spoiler alert: it sucks. The dark, eerie music makes the movie scary. No matter what the plot, the music is what will have you squeezing pillows and hiding under blankets.

My point is, music is vital to films. I’m sure composer Justin Sherburn would agree. Join Sherburn on July 8th at 2pm or July 11th at 7pm as he performs LIVE at Alamo Draft House South Lamar. Now, this isn’t just any regular performance. Sherburn will be scoring the silent film classic “Man with a Movie Camera” with his new six-piece group, Montopolis.


“Man with a Movie Camera” is a 1929 film by Russian cinema pioneer Dziga Vertov. This unique film does not have a story nor actors. Vertov actually didn’t even have a storyline in mind before he started filming. It presents urban life in Odessa and other Soviet cities simply portraying citizens at work and their interactions with modern machinery — a machinery over man type ideology.

The film was finished with a very avant-garde style. Vertov used many technical achievements such as fast and slow motion, freeze frames, double exposure, etc. that all you cinephiles and film dissectors can and should appreciate.

If the history of the film process and the summary of the film only fills your ‘I want to go’ meter by 50%, get this: Alamo Drafthouse will have composer Sherburn himself playing the score live as you watch the film. Justin Sherburn is an Austin based musician and composer. He has produced multiple scores for award-winning shows, films, and theater.

You can listen to an excerpt of the score for “Man with a Movie Camera” by Justin Sherburn here.

Music is arguably the better half of movies, and you get to listen to it live as you watch the movie?! What more do you want? Food and a drink? Alamo Draft House has it all.

Seating is limited, so buy your tickets here for only $15!

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