There Once Was a Clothes Horse Just Searching For Her TaskRabbit

I know there’s a lot of girls who have a lot of clothes. I’m not saying I’m special. This is not me soul searching and looking for a deeper rooted issue behind the origin of the clothes. This is not me using my affinity for hair scarves and exaggerated phrasing to try and seem like I’m any different than any 20-something who’s not as good with her money as she should be. I mean, I buy like food and stuff, but I have a lot of clothes, ok, because yeah, I needed a kelly green asymmetrical skirt because all my other clothes were dirty and I am going out on this lovely….Wednesday night… gosh darn it.

“You got a lotta clothes too whaddu looking at, this shirt is vintage!”

Oh, yeah let’s talk dirty. I had this really rad washer and dryer type deal in my house. It was great. Then there was a changing of the tide (ha little laundry joke there) and a roommate swap. There was nothing really wrong with my roommate (weeeell…) except that he took the washer and dryer and the wine opener. MY CLOTHES! I had a firey rage equal to that of the burning Austin sun for a few days and I couldn’t even sip it away with a chilled chardonnay. What would I do?

In steps a co-worker with a friend of a friend who has a washer and a dryer and a trampoline that she tells me to take. I can tumble while my underoos are on the spin cycle!? Life is magic.

Co-worker in process of stepping

“Can you pick it up tomorrow?” she asks. I took a look at the vehicle my life has dealt me, a 2004 Cavalier that looks like it’s about 30 years older than it is and has been nicknamed party wagon, and said..

“No, I cannot.”

Cue TASKRABBIT! Clothes Horse says what? Clothes Horse says TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is this awesome site that allows people to post their needs and chores up in a community space along with a price they are willing to pay for them. Bing bang boom  and a background checked, fully secure TaskRabbit will pick up the job.

I go on there with visions of clean socks and a bouncy backyard in my head, and post that I need someone with a truck and some muscles to move a washer, dryer, and trampoline from a fancy schmancy house in Travis Heights to my little bungalow on the east side. 25 minutes later, I get a text saying my job has been picked up and in 24 hours the laundry system would be MINE!

Meet my rabbit, Scott. He did not look in any way like an actual rabbit.

Haaay Scott. Scott is a firefighter in Plugerville and does TaskRabbit on the side. He literally would not let Amanda or I help him with his task at all so we did what any good employer of bunnies would do which was…

 flips and flips and flips and flips.

Within an hour, I was hooking those puppies up to my laundry room pluggy thingys (you see why I need help) and Scott was done. I hit task complete on my phone he got his money via TaskRabbit. The whole thing felt pretty fancy.

It was honestly one of the easiest services I’ve ever used and it was kinda fun meeting a total stranger who wanted to help out. If you want to hire your own TaskRabbit for garden help, IKEA furniture building, babysitting, grocery shopping or whatever else, check it out and get registered.

I think the lesson here is pretty obvious: If you want something done right, hire a rabbit to do it. Also, always have a spare wine opener.


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