Kashmere Stage Band At Antone’s with Hard Proof

What happens when you mix together the teachings of Conrad O. Johnson and the music of Otis Redding? You get the sounds of the award winning Kashmere Stage Band.

The award winning Kashmere Stage Band will be performing with the Hard Proof Afrobeat at Antone’s on June 30th.  Kashmere Stage Band’s roots date all the way back to 1967 when music teacher Conrad O. Johnson attended an Otis Redding concert. After attending this concert Conrad O. Johnson was inspired to translate Otis Redding’s music into a concert program for his high school musicians. Johnson hoped that his Redding inspired high school band program would provide opportunities for his student musicians.

Johnson’s decision to translate Otis Redding’s music into a music program that could be performed by a high school band, proved to be successful as the Kashmere Stage Band has received countless awards.  Kashmere Stage Band‘s numerous national championships wins for high school band competitions gained them the reputation as being unbeatable. Notable KSB alumni includes jazz drummer Bubbha Thomas. The Kashmere Stage Band has produced a total of eight albums

Hard Proof, who will also be playing June 30th at Antone’s, are a local Austin band with international inspirations. If hard heavy horns and funky polyrhythms with tropical and mystical undertones are your thing, you will fall head-over-heals for this notable Austin band.

Come to Antone’s on June 30th and be ready to groove to the beats of the Kashmere Stage Band and Hard Proof!

image from Hard Proof’s website.



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