Sunday Funday Boat Party Marathon July 8th

The only good thing about July 4th being in the middle of the week is that you may get the day off from work AND you have two weekends to celebrate our country’s independence.  With temperatures soaring into the 100′s, the “Sunday Funday” boat party marathon will be the only place to be cool- pun intended.  This is no average boat party: the best DJs in Austin, 8 party barges, 3 bands, provided transportation, and one helluva after-party. Also, don’t even THINK about worrying about transportation. They are providing charter buses to cart you around so your mobile needs are taken care of.

The party starts at check-in at 11am on the corner of 5th St and Colorado with More Cowbell, Vinyl Dharma, and Devin Baize.  Remember it’s a marathon, right?  That means you have to pace yourself and actually make it to the boat at 4pm.  Once on the boat (like Leo), there will be sponsored “refreshments”, entertainment (bikini contests) and some of Austin’s hottest DJs.

We’re still pacing ourselves, here…for the after-party, of course! Get your night cap on with VIP access into Haven on 5th and Colorado for Larkside, Toddy B, and DJ Dan.  If you think you can hang, grab your party flip-flops and get your online tickets now.  You can’t buy them at the door (it is a boat, after all)

5 Responses to Sunday Funday Boat Party Marathon July 8th

  1. Tyler Dirden says:

    1) The fact that only 1 ticket can be purchased at a time is lame and is going to hinder and limit your ticket sales significantly.

    2) Why don’t you guys sell tickets for only a few boats at first, and add more on as they fill up? What if I buy a ticket for one boat and it turns out to be lame? Then I’m stuck on that boat for the entire time? Otherwise, you should make it so that patrons are allowed to go from one boat to another, especially the patrons buying tickets for the VIP boat…

    Just a few suggestions that I believe will enhance the overall experience for all parties involved…

    • Sholtis says:


      I know the guys putting this party on; I let them know about your comment and they have already opened up group sales on the website because of your comment. Also, if certain boats do not fill up they assured me that boats will be combined to make them full and keep the party up.

  2. Scott Burger says:

    Actually registration has been opened up to groups and we will obviously condense down the boats if they don’t fill up but that shouldn’t be an issue. We have it set so you and your friends can sign up for the same boat this way. If we sold one boat at a time then you wouldn’t be with your friends.

    Thanks for the input!

  3. albert rodriguez says:

    let me know if i can go somewhere and buy them in person

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