Ditch Fridays on Lake Austin

Dang! I don’t know about you but a vacation sounds awesome. Awesomely expensive. Maybe we should focus our efforts on a stay-cation. Stay-cations are great because you get to tap into what your city is well known for and you get to relax while saving money. One of the most favored attractions in Austin is the lake. Yeah, it may be at a lower level than we’re used too, but it’s still amazingly swimmable and each sunset is uniquely beautiful. It’s no secret that it will be hot this summer, so the lake is a perfect spot to cool down and enjoy a refreshing margarita on your boat. Wait, you own a boat right? You’re really good friends with someone who owns a boat? You mean, you don’t have unlimited resources?! Don’t you worry, we’ve got a guy. Not only do they have a party barge but they have a party bus! They have party friends and party drinks and party hair and party pants. And you know it’s not a party till its Friday! But lets not wait till after 5 to listen to Montell Jordan. Ditch Fridays Austin¬†wants to take care of you starting July 13th they’ll be having a WEEKLY party barge bash on Lake Travis!

Ditch Fridays Austin has sponsored parties at the Palms in Las Vegas and is now coming to Austin. From noon to 5pm EVERY Friday the hottest DJs will play while you enjoy fun in the sun on a boat! You can literally say “I’m on a boat!” Who cares if that joke is played out, people will still laugh at you. There will also be fun games, prize giveaways, Bikini contests, team challenges, and sponsored drinks & snacks. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. So get a group together and have a fun and safe time for only $25!

If you enjoy first class, the finer things in life, or if you have an extra $20 you can upgrade to VIP. We all know what that means, you’ll be a very important person. Very important people get to ride dirty in the Cherry Bomb Party Bus¬†and drink complimentary mimosas. The bus will pick you up on West 6th Street-location TBA once you purchase your ticket, and it will drop you off around 5pm. That means drinking and NO driving! Tickets can be purchased through the website only and you must be 21+ to purchase, so hurry before the bus/barge fills to capacity. It’s time to start requesting Fridays off at work so you can have yourself a nice stay cation on the party barge.

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