An Office Outing to Blazer Tag

We took a break from our computers a couple of weeks ago to bid ado to one of our favorite interns, Jordan. He’s off to join the big kid world, so we thought we’d give him a very grown-up sort of sendoff by taking an office trip to Blazer Tag.

Jordan and Amanda, Guitar Heroes

Let me tell you, it was the jam. Not only did we all get to have a little friendly competition, but we had the chance to hang out and play as opposed to just sitting at our desks. I mean, we had code names and shot at each other in a blacklight, 3-story haze, talk about Boom Town! Turns out, our account & marketing gal, Rachel, is a skee-ball and basketball badass, and Amanda, our content lady can play Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ like nobody’s business. The things you learn at Blazer Tag…

Jordan's winnings

Blazer Tag is not just for kids. We had so much fun and will definitely be back. What’s really cool is that Blazer Tag has all kinds of Group & Corporate Rates, as well as specially themed packages like the Stress Reliever and Office Fun Lunch. For your next office or group event you should look into Blazer Tag’s Team Building Mission for a full-on Cumbayá  sesh, only instead of crappy singing over a campfire it’s laser tag and video games. They also have a Corporate Charity Challenge where 50 percent of your event fees will go the charity of your choice. If you just want to play with your friends, all you need is 10 people for the price to go down to $7.25 a game. That’s some pretty good fun for less than ten bucks. Your friends can all go and try to not get totally owned by the tweens. Good luck, they’re pretty vicious.

Check out their website and start making plans to get your laser on!
It’s fun, it’s not expensive and drinking beer gets old sometimes…


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