Bacardi Plus Wants To Throw You A Girl Talk Party

When you live in a city like Austin you have so many things to distract you from your professional life.  Live music is everywhere, our bar scene is notorious, and Austinites are always friendly and social.  So yeah, we can safely say we have an outgoing, crazy subculture in Austin.  And yes, that involves social drinking.

Now when I say the word “Bacardi” what comes to mind?  Beautiful bottles of vodka and rum?  Flashbacks to some of the best nights of your life?  Dancing the night away, meeting new people, letting some inhibitions go straight out the window?  Or does nothing come to mind because you had way too good of a night?  Either way, the internationally famous Bacardi has a new product, “Bacardi Plus” and they are launching a contest too big to pass up.

Bacardi Plus’s new contest is for any music lovers dream.  And guess what?  First prize gets a free show with Girl Talk as the performer.  If you don’t get first place don’t sweat.  Second place wins their vary own outdoor DJ set up, and the following places can win tickets to various music festivals including Austin’s very own ACL FestivalThe contest consists of earning points through various methods.  You can share the contest with friends and get points for any referrals you can get.  Also, you can share promotional Bacardi Plus videos, answer any questions about Girl Talk or Bacardi Plus, and pretty much show Bacardi Plus why Austin is the perfect hometown to bring Girl Talk.  So come on Austinites, if Girl Talk came to Austin to play a private party for you, where would you take this crazy guy out?

Pittsburgh’s own Girl Talk mashes up any song that will make you dance, bob your head, or just go buck wild.  Girl Talk is certainly in a music category of his own.  He has played in music festivals across the nation including ACL in Austin, Cochella in California, Ultra Fest in Miami, Lollapalooza in Chicago and many more.  He is definitely a DJ to see.

So Bacardi Plus, what is it exactly?  Bacardi Plus is a premixed cocktail with two new enticing flavors Torched Cherry and Arctic Grape.  Torched Cherry is Bacardi’s own Torched Cherry rum mixed with cola and Arctic Grape is Bacardi‘s Arctic Grape rum mixed with lemon-lime soda, so take your pick guys.  Both flavors are 8% of Bacardi‘s award winning rum, premixed so there is no need to deal with the drink making process.  If you’re a fan of cocktail drinks and Bacardi, then Bacardi Plus is a drink to try.

Bacardi Plus is a huge supporter of responsible decision making.  Please drink responsibly.  Find out more here.

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  1. Judy fisher says:

    Dang! Sounds like A heckuva good time ! Sign me up.

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