They Are the Tide – Catch Blind Pilot at La Zona Rosa

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Despite their name sounding like a surefire winning combination in the hit game, Apples to Apples, Blind Pilot is in fact a reality that we’d insist you familiarize yourself with. Dismiss your reservations about aircraft being operated by the visually impaired right here right now because we’re about to clarify. Blind Pilot is really, frankly, quite simply one of the grandest bands in recent years. (Rachel, writing is supposed to be objective…) Right. Ok. Redo.

Can’t…do it. Love..too much.

Imagine a college senior addicted to run on sentences and 3 Rounds and a Sound humming Oviendo throughout the grocerystoregymcoffeeshop for a year and a half somewhere in the utter batshit crazy that is West Texas. Let’s not mention the the fuzzy, anonymously shot Youtube video of the glorious, not yet recorded “We Are The Tide” track watched 37 times in a weekend thinking she had at long last found her secret soul animal band. What…..a loser *cough.*

But a very very cute soul band animal

Loser fans aside, BP is a Portland based band that has the chamber music genre on lock. Their tracks are consistently simple, yet sturdy. With eloquent lyrics and acutely timed swells that at times reach heart soaring proportions, there are songs that we’d go so far as to say make you want to go out and change the whole entire world. You at least want to grab a bike and that really handsome boy you are such a doofus around and ride around some mountains. It at least makes you want to do exactly that.

Apparently, the secret was never really a secret at all. In 2008, Blind Pilot’s debut album, 3 Rounds and a Sound reached number 13 on Billboard’s Digital Albums chart and earned them glowing testaments from critics, twee lovers and music bloggers the land over for their hauntingly beautiful sound. Three LONG, PAINFUL years later, We Are the Tide was finally released and did not disappoint. The very first track, Half Moon, was the perfect reprieve from the years spent waiting. Blind Pilot was back ya’ll. Presents: Blind Pilot “Half Moon” from Blind Pilot on Vimeo.

 The last time these guys were in Austin was a packed show at the Parish and the fans were devoted and singing along to every word. The gentleman I wound up standing next to smelled vaguely of canned meat, however, the dancing and the tunes were enough to distract me from it entirely and THAT my friend ought to be damn well proof enough for you to go.

Due to the huge response, it would make perfect sense that the doors of La Zona Rosa will be opened up to these guys this round. Tickets to their July 13th show are available here and the assurance that I will do my best not to smell like meat if I stand next to you at the show can be found here. <— that sentence is it, basically.

Don’t take my word for it – go see them for yourself! After all, you got a quick flash of what a loser I was in college. You shan’t be disappointed.


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  1. Lala says:

    this is like, the best review I’ve ever read. seriously. I, too, am full of love for Blind Pilot. I have been listening to them since 2008 and have seen them live several times/met them a couple of times. I feel very protective of them for some reason! I’m going to see them again this weekend and I just want to…bake them cookies

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