Air Sex at the Highball

Frustrated with your sex life? Wish you could find a woman with less inhibitions? Wishing you could somehow test drive someone’s sexual prowess without actually having to take them home only to end up disappointed, frustrated, and staring at the ceiling? You’re in luck!

Highball will be hosting an Air Sex competition on the 17th. So flashback to all the times you shredded air guitar solos in your car, and that time when you were forteen and practiced making out with your pillow. Now combine the two memories, get a drink or five in you, and if it’s your thing get out there and make some steamy fake lovin’. Think of it as shopping at the grocery store, only replace “aisles of soup and toilet paper” with “nubile bodies showcasing sexual prowess.”

It’s $7 to join the competition. Here are the basic rules:

Contestants have a maximum of two minutes to climax. Just kidding, two minutes to perform a routine. Within that time limit you may simulate any or all phases of a sex encounter: meeting, seduction, foreplay, or just straight up good old fashioned bangin’. Contestants have to perform to music and may bring their own CDs if they so desire, or choose from Highball’s pre-selected list of bang tunes. Props, teams, and talking is permitted. The golden rule is that all sexual climaxes must be simulated, not real. So by all means gyrate your cares away–but don’t get too carried away, friends.

Yeah yeah yeah. Air sex is probably out of your comfort zone. Douchebaggery may very well run rampant at this event. Then again, what’s life if not a compilation of awesome experiences? You’ve probably got a pretty vivid mental image in your head already, so satisfy your curiosity. Whether you’re a vouyer or an exhibitionist, go out there and have some good clean fun!

Imagine winning a competition like that. “Yeah I won a sex competition. No big deal, ladies.”

Here is a video montage of last year’s Air Sex event:

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