Antone’s Turns 37!

Unlike a middle-aged woman, trying to hide her age, Antone’s is celebrating the fact that they are creeping up on 40-years-old with events all month long.

For Antone’s, turning 37 means carrying on their routine of having big-ass talent playing their venue.

Now located at 5th and Lavaca, when the venue first opened its doors in 1975, they were the first club on 6th street, paving the way for not only great musicians, but also for Austin to become the BIGGEST and BEST live music city, ever. (I said ever.) With the help of Antone’s in the late-70s, Austin gained a reputation for a place that struggling musicians could come launch their careers.

The man behind this venue, Clifford Antone, died in 2006. Upon hearing this news, Austin Mayor Will Wynn was quoted in the Chronicle saying, “One of the primary reasons Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” is because of Clifford Antone.”

Clifford Antone 1949-2006

When he died at 56, headlines like “A Blues Legend Passes” and “Austin Blues Club Owner Helped Launch Career of Stevie Ray Vaughan” ran in newspapers throughout the country. Though he was locked up a couple times, the man was admired by not only club patrons and employees, but also college students – Antone lectured at UT, Texas State and Austin Community College about social change and the history of blues.

This guy was the real deal, and it’s awesome that what he left behind is still raging with success.

This is what’s up for the 37th Anniversary, month-long, party:

July 16 – Hadden Sayers
Sayers is a long-time blues musician, first seeking success in Houston. When he put out his first record in 1995 independently, he was playing 200 shows annually. He has since came out with five more albums.

July 17 – Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison
These musicians are both ridiculously talented. Kelly has been recognized as a country and Americana pioneer and Bruce has written award-winning songs performed by George Straight, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks. Combined, these two are a power house.

July 19 – Dahebegebees, Mingo Fishtrap and Black Owl Society  Though each of these bands sound completely different, each have the most awesome thing in common — they’re all talented, successful bands from right here in Austin!

July 20 – Jimmie Vaughan, The Bluebonnets and The Horton Brothers
Before going solo in 1994, Vaughan was the guitar player in The Fabulous Thunderbirds – the house band of Antone’s that opened for greats like B.B. King and Muddy Waters. While playing along-side these greats, Vaughan learned how to become a musical-genius.

July 21 – Joe King Carrasco and The Original Crowns and Eve and The Exiles
In 1979 Joe King Carrasco decided to start up his own kind of punk band – it’s edgy and dancy yes, but it’s so…. Tex-Mex! It sounds like Hispanic music, but it also sounds like pop, and it also sounds like rock. It’s crazy cool.

July 23 – Austin Blues Society OPEN Blues Jam
This music society is a nonprofit organization that teaches about the past, present and the future of blues music. Everyone’s invited!

July 26 – Bob Schneider, Johnny Copper and Hudson Moore
Schneider has a cult following here in Texas. After being dropped by two different record labels, he decided to go about his music independently and it’s paid off for him. He’s released five albums, hundreds of digital singles while fronting three other bands. This dude’s serious. (And what a hottie!)

Bob Schneider

July 30 – Blue Monday with Derek O’Brien, WC Clark, Denny Freeman, Sarah Brown and Kathy Valentine
This HUGE show is for Clifford, Doyle and Hubert with other musical appearances by Eve Monsees, Mike Buck, Riley Osbourn, Scott Nelson, Tameca Jones, Mike Keller, Cory Keller and Julia Magness.

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