Texas Rollergirls Tournament: Texecutioners vs NYC, Chicago and San Francisco.

How’s that couch feeling? Feel like you should work out a little more? Summer does that to all of us and sometimes, we all need a little kick in the ass to get inspired.

Enter the Texas Rollergirls who not only are some of Austin’s ultimate athletes, but also one of the hardest working leagues around. Austin is the original home of the resurgence of roller derby, and while it has rapidly increased in popularity all over the world the past couple of years, this tough and tumble filled sport has its roots solidly planted right here in the 512.

If you’ve never experienced a roller derby bout, this weekend’s Star of Texas Bowl is the perfect opportunity to resolve that travesty.

Two days, six bouts, four of the best teams in the world – that’s what you can expect to see this weekend at the Austin Convention Center. Ladies from NYC, Chicago and San Francisco will be flying in to the 512 to rock ‘n roll and there’s no doubt it’s going to get a little rowdy. Tickets for the tournament can be purchased as a one day ticket or a full two day pass.

Also, there’s a raffle for a “Weekender” Fairdale Bicycle valued at $859.00! Tickets available from the skaters directly at the event.  Bring you some Austin pride of place and prepare to be inspired to say “sorry couch, I gotta do some freaking sit-ups at least.”

Rally up and “keep Austin feared.”

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