The Dark Knight Rises Feast at Alamo Drafthouse

The Dark Knight Rises Feast at Alamo Drafthouse

The third and final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is upon us.  There’s a new villain, Tom Hardy, a new heroine, Anne Hathaway, and Christian Bale reprises his role as Batman in an effort to save Gotham City.  Alamo Drafthouse is taking everything we love about this series (intensity, sex appeal, suspense, action) and recreating those sentiments in the form of a five-course foodgasm.  We all know that Alamo has some of the best food around on any given night, but the dark knight calls for a special gourmet menu, filled with caviar, cured duck breast, crusted roast lamb chops and a bunch of other fancy stuff.

This exuberant affair will be one that Bruce Wayne wouldn’t miss.  Your $10 ticket will guarantee a seat for The Dark Knight Rises on Monday, July 23.  You will then get an email confirming your intention to purchase the feast portion, which will be $55.  Although you are not required to purchase the feast, this Food & Film event will not offer the normal Alamo menu for the viewing, but there is another showing if you are craving some fried pickles and Porky’s Pizza.

If this is indeed the last film of the beloved Batman series, then you should go down in style with a multi-course, chef prepared feast that indulges all of your Dark Knight inspired food fantasies.

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  1. John Shep says:

    That menu looks mouth watering. We have a reservation at a local steakhouse before the movie ourselves. But I don’t think that roasted lamp chops are in the menu.

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