JB and the Moonshine Band at Cedar Street

Grab your cowboy hat and your cowboy boots and two-step down to Cedar Street to hear JB and the Moonshine Band.  If country music is your thing, then this is one honky-tonk performance you will not want to miss!

JB and the Moonshine Band are a group of four musicians started by front man JB Patterson who founded their band in an unorthodox manner. JB quit his job in the advertising industry to follow his dream of becoming a songwriter. He realized the best way to become a successful songwriter was to start a band and sing the songs himself, and JB did just that. JB held an open casting call for musicians in his community. As fate would have it, only three people showed up to the casting call. After having an impromptu jam session with the three, JB realized three applicants was all he needed to form this infamous country band known for their outlaw attitude.

Photo from JB and the Moonshines Band’s  Facebook page

JB and the Moonshine Band‘s motto was “if anybody offered us a gig, we would play it. We were going to play every show we could whether they offered us a thousand dollars or a hundred… or sometimes nothing at all”.  Their passionate drive for success was how this East Texas band got their big break. The band’s big break came when they opened up for Colt Ford in March of 2010. After their concert, Colt Ford’s label Average Joes Entertainment saw unpolished, raw, real sounds in JB and the Moonshine Band and offered them a record deal.

The band’s first album  ”Ain’t Going Back to Jail” debuted in September of 2010. The album showcases Gabe Guevara on drums, Hayden McMullen on lead guitar, Chris Flores on bass guitar and JB providing lead vocals, banjo, and acoustic guitar.

Scoot on down to Cedar Street on July 26th to see JB and the Moonshine Band perform live. We promise, that this will be a performance you will not want to miss!

photo from JB and the Moonshine Band’s Facebook page 

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