Win Tickets to Outside Lands Festival!

Known for its thriving art scene, beautiful architecture, and hefty histo-cultural significance, there’s no getting around the fact that San Francisco is an amazing city. Loathe as we are to admit the cool factor of any city which isn’t Austin, San Fran’s style can’t be denied. Not that the two are comparable. Austin’s music scene is abundant and rich; a city that just about any musical act will tour through. Bearing that in mind, it’s easy to get comfortable in our little city bubble and forget to broaden our American horizons Kerouac style. So here’s what we’re gonna do for you, darling Austinites, because we love music and we love you. We and the awesome people at Do415 have put together a contest to send you and a friend to San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival.

Outside Lands is a music festival held yearly in Golden Gate Park, with a killer line up that includes Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Passion Pit, Explosions in the Sky, Jack White, and Metallica. There’s also a comedy stages featuring the likes of David Cross, Neil Patrick Harris, and Adult Swim. Word on the street also is that Outside Lands is also pretty big on art installations, food, and (most importantly) wine.

The full line up

Here’s how it works. Like this Facebook page. Click “Enter to Win” and  install the Outside Lands app. Next, you have to  select a minimum of your favorite three bands who are playing the festival–only then can you click submit. The deadline is July 26, which is fast approaching–so get on it, yo!

Winner gets a trip for two to the Outside Lands Festival (August 10-12). This includes VIP passes, flight vouchers, and a hotel. An all expenses paid VIP trip to San Francisco? Yeah. Heeeeeiiiilllllllllll yeah! In addition, here’s what VIP ticket status means: Exclusive lounge seating, special viewing areas of the stages, special restroom facilities (no weaving though throngs to get to a port-a-potty wooooohoooooo), access to booze services, and a commemorative poster. Sounds like an amazing experience.

No big deal

Whoever wins will be one lucky bastard. Not only will you get to check out some amazing music, comedy, art, and food, but you’ll get to walk the streets of the Mission, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Haight-Ashbury district… It’s getting damn difficult not to drool as this is being typed. There’s no shortage of stuff to do in the Paris of the West, and should you ever find yourself overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to look to Do415 for help.

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