Austin’s Full of Alcohol Enthusiasts!

Wicked job, Austin.

The last couple of months the Austin American-Statesmen has done amazing reporting about the record breaking alcohol sales in Austin. We’re talking by MILLIONS of dollars per month. Recently they reported alcohol sales in May 2012 was at about $50 million, $9 million more than  in May 2011. That a ton of booze!

The Statesmen reported that the W Hotel sold about $449,000 in May, putting it in first for alcohol sales during that month.

What the hell does this have to do with why you came to this site? Because, dude, we have ALL the drink deals listed for all the bars in Austin! That’s what we do here. Part of our job is to make sure you know where to get drunky for cheap, where to get delicious libations for not so cheap, and where you to go get many a drink while watching cool performances. You’ve spoken with your entertainment dollars, and the winner is booze!

Chupacabra also made it in the Top 10 list for alcohol sales in Austin. Click this picture for their Happy Hour specials!

Bars, venues, restaurants, hotels — this is also a plus for you. Check out your page on Do512 to see if your happy hours and other drink specials are accurate and up-to-date. If not, let us know! We want to let people know where to go spend their hard-earned money on some good ol’ drinking fun! If we don’t know about your specials, we can’t do what we do best, send people out to your bar! Remember that brand new happy hour special you came up with? How come know one knows about it? There’s no way for them to find out! Help us help you people, send us your specials!

We also make lists of places that are open on holidays, and believe it or not, they’ve become some of the most visited pages on our site. We send the list around to Austin-area hotels because they know what’s up around the holidays. It’s apparent and easy to understand why people want to get sideways during that time of the year. If you plan to stay open during any holiday, let us know, we’ll no doubt help plenty of folks make their way through your doors.

Have fun, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE — and hell, let’s keep breaking records!

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