Ben Kweller Makes His Way Up North

On Saturday afternoon with a cool breeze and some delicate sunshine, Ben Kweller took the afternoon stage to perform for the music loving, and good time having patrons of New York City as part of the ‘Music on the Oval’ series at the Stuyvesant Town community in the East Village.  Apparent by the many request for songs both old and new along with the various Texas gear scattered throughout, Kweller brought his music to a crowd cluttered with native Texans getting a little taste of home along with fans from all over.


From Austin to New York, and everywhere in between; Kweller’s unmistakably fun loving self performed an amazing line up of songs Saturday ranging from “Jealous Girl” to “Penny on a Train track,” and even appeased a shout out from the crowd with “I’ve Gotta Move” the likes of which have not been performed on stage in years.  His casual but confident presence on stage has been updated over the years but kept the same charm, becoming better than ever.  While performing “Full Circle” it’s easy to see how Kweller is still around after over 10 years of touring, creating, and performing.  Ben Kweller combines lyrics of love and life effortlessly expressing the emotions and truths we all feel but at times cannot come to realize.

His blues, rock and roll, guitar picking, light tickling of the ivories, and classic country style settled in the air like morning dew.  In this New York City park, Ben Kweller struck a chord in the hearts of the families, youth, and music enthusiasts around and did what he does best; belted out tunes with talent, emotion, and a bit of serendipity on this sunny summer day.


Ashley Gregg


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