Dancinatra CD Release at the Parish

Dancinatra makes you feel all sexy like when you dance to them. Pretty much like dancing on a cloud in a dream. There music puts you at a very peaceful and serine place yet it’s still exciting and new. Speaking of new, Dancintra will be having a CD release party at The Parish on Wednesday July 25th. That’s the perfect day to go downtown and the perfect venue for a dance explosion. Think of it…no traffic, the venue is very intimate, and it’s only $6. If you haven’t heard of Dancinatra, let me educate you. This progressive and experimental group is comprised of Texas natives Jesus Salinas and Michael Gonzalez. They pride themselves on making their audiences dance while they enjoy a dreamy feeling inspired by their sound. They’ve already established two EP’s which you can download for free here, and now their full length album is up for grabs for only $5.

Dancintra will also be joined by their friends Holiday & Mixed Used Media. Holiday is a very simple and sweet group with vocals led by Kent Arnold & Maggie Leyenberger. There music has a fun and refreshing twist to Austin indie-rock, which is sure to keep the feel good feelings rolling into the night. They were recently picked up by Township records and are well known for their record, ‘Things Can Be Different.’

Mixed Used Media is also very intriguing with their soft electronica and unique beats. They will be sure to get your body moving. Check them out below playing at Stubbs, as well as Dancinatra. This night is sure to be enjoyable, relaxing, and all around fun. The music speaks for itself, so come out and celebrate good feelings and vibes by dancing the night away.

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